Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Post fill update

Ooh, that sounds very official doesn't it? There is actually very little to report but here we go.

I went last Tuesday and had a fill of 0.2 to take me up to 9cc's in my 14cc band. I did 3 days fluids more or less along with some chocolate, well it turns to liquid doesn't it? Went on to soft food and was starving, I didn't think that the fill had made any difference at all and if anything I could eat more than normal.

The fill kicked in on Sunday evening of all times, am eating less, just need to cut the chocolate! Had such a busy day yesterday that I didn't have time for eating things I shouldn't and woke up to 14 0 on the scale today (196 lbs) this is my lowest low. My scale is fluctuating quite a lot before settling (ala Biggest Looser) but I jumped on twice and got the same number so I'm taking it. 13 stone something for Christmas would be amazing.

George is poorly again, big sigh, I'm actually wondering if he takes after his paternal Grandmother and is a hypochondriac! I've brought him downstairs early and managed to get him to drink some juice and have a biscuit, he didn't eat or drink at all yesterday when I was out.
I wouldn't be so bothered, he's not much of a morning eater anyway, but we're going in to London today to the BT Tower (tall and famous building in London) to meet Santa and then go up in to their revolving restaurant, this building isn't open to the public anymore and we're lucky to be able to go, just hope that he perks up, will give lots of meds! I would skip it and stay at home with George but Paul is scared of heights and high speed lifts so there is no way at all he would go up to the revolving bit which is the most exciting thing for the kids, Paul could stay with George and I'd take Isobel but it's to do with Paul's company and they wouldn't let me in without him, as it is I have to take my passport as the building is thought to be such a terrorist risk. As ever we have no option of leaving him with anyone so lots of don't moan/don't be sick/have a lovely time vibes would be appreciated!

Have a lovely Tuesday all xx


  1. Hope you have a lovely day in London - what fun to be going to the BT Tower!
    Sorry to hear George is poorly - these toddlers go round literally hoovering up the bugs, don't they?
    Also hope your fill has more effect than mine has - I've managed to gain 6lbs iin 6 days! Say wha?!?!

  2. These childhoood illnesses always seem to pop up at the most inopportune times, eh? Both my girls seem to be catching something. Possible something from England made it all the way over here? Probably not. Hope he feels better for your outing.