Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday again

The weekend seemed to go in a blur!

George and I are still alone this week, Izzy is now at my (mad) in laws, she's loves it, she comes home at the weekend, I'm really missing her but I know that by Tuesday I will be moaning on my blog! We do have a 2 day honeymoon period when she's missed her brother but quite soon afterwards everything goes back to normal.

I have had really bad PMT, it was that bad that I recognised it and warned my husband! I managed to inhale a large bag of peanut m&m's over the weekend, the scale had already started creeping up and went up quite high, I'm back down to 14st 6.6lbs (202.6) part peanut part period gain I think, hopefully the 2 will go once my period has gone, I feel ok today, back on track.

I went out for lunch yesterday for a friends birthday, I really struggled to choose what to eat and ended up with a mezze with flat bread, feta, huomous (I can never spell that!) and other bits, terrible choice as it turned out, I thought I was careful but ended in the bathroom twice and the food looked completely untouched, no one there other than my friend knew about my band and I don't think that she really understands it.

It's looking really unlikely that I'll get to 13st something this month now, 7 pounds to loose in 6 days! Will make good food choices and do my best to be active, maybe it will be in August but it will happen.

Have a good day.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Starving today

Is there a full moon? Have had breakfast, did some chores, went to the supermarket to food shop and came back starving, it was so bad that I was eating dry cereal whilst unpacking the shopping, have just made some crackers and the cereal has kicked in (along with a few pringles)and I'm not hungry! Bizarre.

Scale was slightly up today, despite me eating well and doing a couple of hours walking whilst pushing a heavy boy in a pushchair, it's only up 0.2 of a pound so just a tiny fluctuation, nothing to worry about. I do think that I'm approaching the time when I don't tend to loose followed by the time when I gain for no reason, can't wait for that!

Onderland isn't really a big thing in the UK, if you told someone you weighed 199 pounds most people would have no clue how much that was until they converted it. But after reading blogs for the last 18 months I know what a big deal it is so it's important to me, being 13st something is more important to me though.

I'm also tired, perhaps that the reason for the hunger? Anyway, enough moaning from me, wonder if I can convince George that we should have a sleep?
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I can eat toast!

I am eating toast, it's the first time I've tried in a long time, I've left most of the crusts but have managed half a slice and it feels ok, I have my husbands homemade blackcurrant jam on it and it's lovely, not too sweet. Isn't it weird that you can't eat the foods that you just took for granted like toast and pasta and potato's, I can't say that I really miss most of it either but I'm lazy and toast is very easy to prepare.

Loved the scale this morning, 14st 4.8 (200.8 lbs!!!) a pound down from yesterday! I stuck to about 1000 calories yesterday, I normally have about 1200, I did still have chocolate but halved a bar with my husband so that was 100 calories rather than over 200 so I'm sure that that helped. I have 11 days to loose 5 pounds. Seeing 13st something on the scale will be amazing.

George and I are taking an elderly neighbour who has just had a hip operation to church today, we have to bring her home so we'll stay for the service, this is a tiny church with not many people attending, I'm going to try and convince George to be quiet, wish me luck. Then we're going in to town, George will love me! He isn't a shopper! I need to take some stuff back and a go to the library and we'll probably go to the park if the weather stays nice. I will park out of town, shove George in the stroller and have a long walk which will do me good.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Am down 0.4 of a pound to an all time low of 14st 5.8lbs (201.8) will onderland ever be mine? I have 12 days to loose 6 pounds, half a pound a day, eek.

I think that it is doable IF I forgo my evening chocolate treat (has been peanut m&m's for the last 3 nights but have run out now) they are about 220 cals, could I make do with an 100 calorie yoghurt instead? I don't want to but I will try my best!

I could also do with some exercise, George and I have been to visit my sister today which has meant 3 hours in the car and hardly any walking but tomorrow we'll be more active.

Probably means nothing to most of you but I am transfixed by the whole News Internation/Murdoch/hacking business. The Murdoch's have been in front of the Select committee this afternoon and I've just witnessed Rupert Murdoch get a custard pie in the face, his wife was most impressive and whacks the attacker. I don't know where it will all end and think that the Prime Minister is in for a rough time.

Happy Tuesday, can't believe that it's only Tuesday!

Monday, 18 July 2011

A tiny weeny new low!

Thank you all for admiring my ring, not a great photo I know, the sticker book is at my side at all times along with a 3 year old shouting "Lets do stickers!" I'm all stickered out!

As my title suggests I'm at a new low of 14st 6.2 pounds (202.2 lbs) this is the lowest I've got to, am really hoping for a new low again tomorrow. I seem to be a bit tighter this last couple of days, I can still eat but not so much which isn't a bad thing!

George and I have been to the hell that is soft play, he chose the most disgusting one to go to (we have a new one in this town where a poor woman goes up and down a 60 foot long slide cleaning it with spray and a cloth not her behind!) the one we went to is smelly but George thinks it's great fun and will probably have boosted him immune system lots! He is exhausted, I on the other hand sat drinking bad coffee and reading my book (new Dorothy Koomson which is really good and much better than her last)

Am anticipating an early night for George and I'm going to disinfect the floor of my downstairs toilet, having a boy who insists on standing up when using the toilet isn't so good, my floor is a really rough tile which destroys the mop if I try and use it on it so it's a hands and knees job!

Exciting life for me hu? Have a good day all x

Sunday, 17 July 2011

(not very good) ring picture!

Excuse my sausage fingers and chunky thigh!

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Today is a good day.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Today we went to a village in Suffolk called Lavenham, it's a typical English village with old medieval buildings and lovely shops. I found an antique shop and spent some of my inheritance from my Grandmother on an old platinum and diamond ring, it's lovely. I had wanted to get some jewellry as she loved it and loved antique shops and sales. I need it resized but it does fit my wedding finger so I'm wearing it on there for now, as I'm hoping to loose more weight I think that I'll hold off getting it adjusted. My wedding and engagement rings are getting way too big.
We had a really nice day, Isobel is away at my Aunt's so it was just the three of us.

The scale was good today too, 14st 6.8lbs (202.8) am really hoping to see a lower number in the next couple of days.

Am trying to get out to do some walking but the weather here is awful, sunshine one minute followed by torrential rain!

Friday, 15 July 2011

After moaning today we're having a lovely day out and they're behaving ok!

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Gah, school holidays

We're on day 3, I'm ready to run away, at least I would be if I hadn't hurt my back. Moaning kids and bad back's do not go together.

The main problem is that for the last 2 days they have woken me up at 5am, 5am, this morning it was Isobel whistling that woke me, yesterday it was George shouting. It's just before 8am and it feels like I've been awake for days.

The scale isn't great, I've not actually stood on it today but yesterday was 14st 8lbs (204 lbs) so now 9 pounds away from my goal with 16 days to go, not sure that it looks so good, I really fell of the wagon, tiredness and frustrations are my reasons but I'm to blame.

Sunshine is on the horizon! My daughter is off to stay with my Aunt tomorrow, she then goes to my in laws so she's away for 2 weeks, I'm really looking forward to a break, she and I just argue, she has such a terrible attitude especially towards her brother.

The school meeting was incredibly patronising, apparently I must be careful what I watch on the television around her as you may assume things would go over other childrens heads but not hers. I pointed out that there is never ever anything other than childrens programs on the tv if they're here and it's on, the only thing I have on is the radio occasionally in the kitchen, apparently I should be very careful of this, I pointed out that it's mainly radio 4 and there is a real world out there! Stupid woman, I took a friend as I hate doing these things on my own, Sarah has known Isobel all of her life and is a teacher and she was astounded.
I rebelled slightly yesterday by letting Izzy listen to Woman's hour on Radio 4 yesterday, she might turn in to a radical feminist! (Radio 4 is quite middle class, quite proper I suppose for those that don't know)

Anyway, off to argue with my kids!
Have a good day.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Down a bit more

Good morning all,

It's the start of a rainy weekend here. We have nothing exciting planned, kids swimming lessons this morning which Paul now does solo! I'm going to stay in bed and do nothing whilst they're gone, I should really be at the gym but lets not dwell on that!
This afternoon we have yet another party! this must be the 12,000th this year, I hate them so! Still, I think that this will be out last before the kids go back to school in September and rumour has it that there will not be all class parties after that, I really hope not, it takes up so much time.

Scale down a little today 14st 6.6 lbs (202.6 lbs) so down 0.4 of a pound which will do, I really struggled with head hunger yesterday and really wanted to eat rubbish but I kept myself in control just about and only had a few small marshmallows and a tiny piece of my home made banana cake, it's Izzy's favourite and even though I quite like it I can't really eat it as it's so dense that it gets stuck.

Only need to loose another 7 pounds to make my July goal, 22 days left!

Have a lovely weekend x

Friday, 8 July 2011

I got a call and all I could think of is this blog!

Driving home from the school run this morning and I got a call, pulled over and answered it and it was Isobel's school wanting me to make an appointment to see the headteacher. All I could think of is me writing here yesterday how things seemed to be much better, I'd jinxed myself!
So, my mind was running wild, what had she done this time? We're they going to expel her?
I got Paul to call the head and it's just a review, they feel things are going much better and wanted a quick catch up before she breaks up.

Sorry, just a braindump there! I really wish I could assume that any call from the school was positive!

Scale was good today, 14st 7 (203 lbs) I'm trying to catch up with Amanda! The frustrating thing is that after my fluctuations I've only lost 1 pound in a week. Still, I'm down 8 pounds since my fill 3 weeks ago so it's not all bad. Could I manage another 8 pounds by the end of the month to make my goal? 23 days left? I think that I probably could, not sure that I will though!

My last day full day of freedom today, the kids break up on Tuesday for 8 weeks! 8 weeks, I ask you!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Nothing much to say, blah blah blah!

Thought that I would just check in although, I have nothing of note to say. I have a program on in the background called Food Fighters, it's about environmental health and stuff like that I think, am only half watching, they've just shown lots of pictures of very maggoty fish, I think that it's put me off food for life! This isn't a bad thing!

I had a little revelation, this won't last, don't be alarmed! I bought lots of salad vegetables yesterday, chopped it all up and stuck it in the fridge so that it's there to dip in to when I need some, this is working really well, I dipped in to at lunch and dinner time and my husband (who is not a salad eater at all) even had some last night too so I will keep that going I think.

The scale was good today, I originally got 14st 8 (204) and then managed to squeeze a 14st 7.8lbs, I like it but I'm not sure I can really claim it!

Was meant to go to the gym today but I haven't, bad Alison. To be honest, this is my last day but one before the kids break up and I wanted to get some stuff done at home without any "help" and make the most of some time to myself. I've cleaned out the playroom which is a workout in itself! I'm picking up George shortly and this afternoon I intend to clear and clean Isobel's room, this is like a triathlon! Her room is a pit! I'm taking the kids to the zoo after we pick up Izzy so that will be a good walk too so I don't feel so bad.

Talking of Izzy, I'm touching wood here! Things seem to have settled a little, she moves up a year in September and has a new teacher, the teacher is very strict and I'm really hoping that this will continue to settle her. We got her report yesterday, it's pretty good and positive, I'm very pleased with her.

Happy Thursday x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Natural rhythm pah!

I'm not liking my natural rhythm at all! Was all going well, enjoyed 3 days of a pound loss per day, next day stay the same which is fine, next day up a pound, next day up a pound, next day down a pound (today) So am 14st 9 lbs (205 lbs)
I've been good the whole time but it does really frustrate me, will carry on and hopefully loose some more.

Very excited about meeting Tina on Friday, my first blogger meeting! Will take pictures and if we both look stunning I may actually post them.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, 4 July 2011

This month I will

I have some goals for July that I thought I would add here to help me be accountable. This often doesn't work for me, I seem to rebel against myself but will give it a go!

Goal 1
Loose 9 pounds so that my weight begins with 13st, that would be amazing!

Goal 2
Sell all my unwanted items on ebay, I really need to create some space and some money would help too!

Goal 3
To get through the school holidays without seriously falling out with my children, to use different strattergies and keep my sanity!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Natural rhythm

Rhythm is one of those words that I struggle to spell, it just looks wrong and there are too many h's for my liking. My post isn't about odd words or birth control or dancing.

After 5 days of not loosing anything for the last 3 days I've lost a pound a day, I'm really liking this but I think that this is my natural rhythm, I think that I've been so consumed with stuffing my face because I don't loose on certain days that I've never really identified it before, I like it, I may need reminding of this post when I'm moaning because of not loosing.

Today I weigh 14st 8lbs (204 lbs) I think that this is my lowest (I changed my scale a few months ago from one that was wildly inaccurate to a super dooper one) I have lost 3st 10 pounds (52 pounds) I want to get to 12 stone so need to loose a further 36 pounds.

Today I am going to the gym, I'm going to walk back which is a 40 minute walk, I maybe walk there and back but because of the kids swimming lessons this probably won't work out.

Just watching footage of William and Kate (Catherine these days?) in Canada, she is very pretty but awfully thin.

Happy Saturday all!

A little voice and annoying dieters!

My husband is on a "diet", he is 5 ft 8 and weighs 169 pounds (12st 1) which I think is perfectly acceptable for him, he is in no way fat. All his dieting ways are irritating me, I'm the dieter of the family! What does he think that he is doing?
He whispered to me that he thought that it would help me, I wanted to respond by poking him in the eye but I just smiled sweetly and considered lacing his meals with butter!

The scale was great today, I was 14st 9! (205 lbs) almost 3 stone heavier than my husband! (This is most of my reason for being cross at him dieting!) I am 0.4 of a pound away from my lightest. I met my friend Nicky and went shopping today, she also has a band but has only had it a few months so she is a little behind me, it's so nice to talk to someone in the same situation as I am. I tried on lots of clothes and saw myself in the mirror a lot and I thought that I looked ok, I want to loose more but I look ok, I bought some jeans in a UK 18 (US 14- love that!) that I could have done with them being a size smaller but they didn't have any and they are in a loose boyfriend crop style so I though a belt would be fine.
And today, suddenly, a little voice in my head thinks that I might well be able to do it, I might be able to loose more weight and actually get to my goal. I don't think that I've ever really felt confident about it before but I think that I probably do now.

Just watching Murray at Wimbledon, oh dear. Right now he is British, the minute he looses he becomes Scottish again, amazing hu?