Friday, 1 July 2011

A little voice and annoying dieters!

My husband is on a "diet", he is 5 ft 8 and weighs 169 pounds (12st 1) which I think is perfectly acceptable for him, he is in no way fat. All his dieting ways are irritating me, I'm the dieter of the family! What does he think that he is doing?
He whispered to me that he thought that it would help me, I wanted to respond by poking him in the eye but I just smiled sweetly and considered lacing his meals with butter!

The scale was great today, I was 14st 9! (205 lbs) almost 3 stone heavier than my husband! (This is most of my reason for being cross at him dieting!) I am 0.4 of a pound away from my lightest. I met my friend Nicky and went shopping today, she also has a band but has only had it a few months so she is a little behind me, it's so nice to talk to someone in the same situation as I am. I tried on lots of clothes and saw myself in the mirror a lot and I thought that I looked ok, I want to loose more but I look ok, I bought some jeans in a UK 18 (US 14- love that!) that I could have done with them being a size smaller but they didn't have any and they are in a loose boyfriend crop style so I though a belt would be fine.
And today, suddenly, a little voice in my head thinks that I might well be able to do it, I might be able to loose more weight and actually get to my goal. I don't think that I've ever really felt confident about it before but I think that I probably do now.

Just watching Murray at Wimbledon, oh dear. Right now he is British, the minute he looses he becomes Scottish again, amazing hu?


  1. He is SCOTTISH once again...i have just stayed up to watch him.... I so agree with him only being british when we win.... So close again.....

  2. LOL! Lacing his meal with butter!! Ha!

    You can do it! So can I. I hope!! I haven't watched any Wimbledon this year at all! I normally do!!

  3. Deep fried Mars bars and Iron Bru.........

  4. I often think of ways to lace my husband's meals with higher calories. :)

    I'm glad your brain told you that you will be able to lose more weight, I know you can do it!

  5. haha! I loved the part about lacing his meals with butter. Isn't talking with a friend who is banded great? I love it.

  6. You CAN do this, I just KNOW you can!! I have all the faith in the world in YOU!!

    Lacing your Hubby's food with butter... that was wayyy toooo funny!!! I almost spewed my water all over the lap top!

  7. I would have to kick his butt for being so fit already then trying to diet. MEN!

  8. That little voice is right-you can do this. I have one of those annoying husbands that think he knows what a diet is--then eats an entire bag of biscuits. They try to understand but never will. It's a guy thing.