Thursday, 29 July 2010


I'm a miserable bandster today.

The school holidays are really trying (I wanted to write rude words but didn't want to offend) my kids have also decided that it would be best if they wake up before 6am (every day) so i'm shattered and i've had enough. The constant round of entertaining them and keeping the house clean and tidy while they try and wreck it is just too much. I'm so tired that I want to cry.

I gave in to head hunger last night, it was maybe a reaction to having a pretty rubbish day with the kids, i'm not sure. I was hungry, not just head hunger, really hungry. So, trying to make a better choice I ate some granola, then I had some biscuits, this was whilst I was up late sewing a grass skirt for Izzy's tennis lesson today.
The scale says 16st 5 (229 lbs) today and I don't feel that I deserve it. What with being rudely woken with something falling down in the main bathroom (after Isobel used it) at 5.30 this morning and the scales being horrible I want to give up and eat my own body weight in chocolate!


Thank you! I like having followers! I will try and up the game and be more interesting!

Have been doing really well with my food and my scale said 16st 3lbs (227 lbs) today, I've bounced down to this weight about 20 times over the last month or so, its time to knuckle down and get under it once and for all, I can't wait for the scale to start 15st something.

Had a great day yesterday with my good friend Sarah, her kids are the same age and sex as mine and are really good friends, they were here all day and it was lovely. The house was a pit afterwards but pretty much ok now.

No news from our viewing the other day, think that we may have heard something if they were interested, fingers crossed for more viewings.

Isobel has tennis lessons this week, an hour a day and she's really enjoying it, they're just learning basic skills, the coach always does a fancy dress day on the last day, fine I thought, we have lots of dressing up stuff but he announced that it's going to be Hawaiian fancy dress, we have nothing remotely Hawaiian and I'm useless at making things. I just spotted Izzy's High school musical cheerleader pompom things and think that I might cut the tassels off and tie them on to elastic, just what I fancy doing with both kids "helping"

Not very warm here today, don't get me wrong, I love that! Just not sure what i'll do for the rest of the day, George really needs to catch up on some sleep so we might just come home after tennis, I have tonnes of ironing to do.

I really really need new scales, I always take the first weight from mine, stood on the scale twice and it agreed 16st 3, stood on it half an hour later when all i'd done is brush my teeth and have a tiny pee and it was 16st 5! I might try and get some today, I don't think that i've ever had a very accurate scale so am loathed to buy more that might not be very good either.

Have a great day all, think of me surrounded by tassels!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Tuesday morning.

Hello all,

Had a good day yesterday, controlled my food, in fact I wasn't really that hungry, snacking is a real problem for me normally. Took the kids to the zoo and walked around for about 3 hours, not sure we walked that far, we were mainly walking at a 2 years pace, the kids had ice cream and I had diet coke (my surgeon is fine with carbonated drinks)

As I might have mentioned, we are selling our house and trying to buy a house down the road, we have our first official viewing today, can I please have some "buy the house" vibes? I just can't keep this level of tidiness up, especially with the kids being on holiday.

Talking of kids, one of my little darlings woke me at 5.21 to tell me that she had a barking cough, just what you need to know at 5am! Got her back to bed but didn't manage any more sleep myself.

Scale was ok today, 16st 5lbs, (229 lbs) 3 lbs above my lowest, am going to try and get to my lowest by the end of the week. Saying that, there is no surer way to make me eat rubbish than setting myself a goal! Am going to try my best.

We have tennis club for an hour this morning for Isobel, then I need to take the kids shopping, only need to pick up a couple of watches I had repaired and pick up a card for a friends birthday. My kids HATE shopping, wish me luck!

Have a great day x

Saturday, 24 July 2010


*edited to add* It's my 4 month bandiversary today, i'm down 23 pounds (4lb's over my lowest) I wish that it was more but still don't have restriction but all in all i'm ok with it.

The scale said 16st 6 this morning (230 lbs) which is much better, I had a great day yesterday other than later on when I just needed something sweet.

I've obviously been taking note of what everyone eats as I had a protein shake for breakfast, non fat Greek yoghurt with granola for lunch and chilli made with turkey and brown rice for dinner.
I not only went to the gym yesterday but also walked there, had very sore feet as for some stupid reason I left the house in flip flops, which are really unsuitable for walking on that kind of terain, I wore my gym shoes on the way home but they aren't that much better as they are very thin soled.
I'm going again today but have other things to do so can't walk.

I am dieting at the moment, I don't have any restriction at all, i'm making an appointment for a fill tomorrow, I can't go for 2 weeks but will feel better if I at least have it booked.

First full week at home with the kids, I can hardly wait! Actually, that's a lie, it fills me full of dread! At the moment they do nothing but fight, Isobel is really maddly jealous of George, you would have thought that after almost 3 years she would have got over it but sadly she hasn't. George for the most part is a poppit but he is starting to assert himself and quite enjoys winding his sister up. Wish me luck!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Home again

Good morning,

Had a really nice break, thanks for all your good wishes. The kids had a ball, we swam, played in parks and rode bicycles everyday, they loved it.

Despite all that physical activity the scale is awful today! 16st 9lb's (233 lbs), I ate allot, I did try and be good but it didn't last long, i'm hoping that as it went on quickly, it will come off quickly, i'm booking a fill on Monday for mid August which is the first time I can get there, I hope to at least get to where I was before that. I'm going to go to the gym this morning.

Our house is now on the market, i'm worried about how we are going to afford the new house if we get it, it's much more expensive than our current house but Paul is convinced it will be fine, he's an accountant, he ought to know!

Just going to catch up on blogs, going to take a while!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Did my bootsale today

I was up at 5am to go to the car bootsale, this is a bit like a yard sale but you go to a specific field (normally) pay £12 (about $18) set your stall up and sell all your junk!

I made the princely sum of £225 (about $345) less my costs my "profit" was £175 and almost everything I didn't sell I gave to charity so I came back with nothing (apart from 2 Dorothy Koomson books and a Jodi Picoult which cost me 60p (about $1)

We are going on holiday tomorrow and at the moment we're a bit financially embarrassed so it should cover most of our spending money, private school fee's are killing us.

The scale said 16st 4lb again, 228lbs, I didn't have a great day yesterday and its my TOM so not so bad really, would like to get under 16st soon.

Anyway, won't be blogging for a while as we're away until Friday, keep well, will miss you all!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

She's here and i'm out of control.

Tmi, again, My period finally came just in time for my holiday which involves swimming allot, excellent.

Scale was awful this morning and after a good day yesterday I was up to 16st 4lbs which is 228 lbs, I guess that this is water retention due to tom.

Anyway, I feel so so much better, the house is officially on the market and has been photographed.
We have had our first viewing, not through the agent but through word of mouth, these people live in a house very like ours down the road, not sure if it will come to anything but you never know.
This is a picture of the house that we want to buy it's the house on the right (not the pink one) I really hope that we manage to buy it.

Because of my period (that's my excuse anyway) my eating hasn't been great today, i'm ok with it, I'll be ok tomorrow.

Hope that everyone is well, i'm looking for more blogs to follow, let me know if I don't follow you or recommend any to me, thanks!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

An all time low.

Morning all,

Stood on the scale this morning and it showed 16st 2 (and 3/4's but I tend to ignore this bit) 226 lbs.

Just goes to show what a healthy dose of stress and pmt can do. I have so much to do, still. The estate agent is coming tomorrow to photograph the house, both kids are home with me and Isobel especially is driving me crazy. We've just had a nice mother and daughter argument over me asking her to try on a skirt, her not coming when I called her until the 4th time, then kicking it out of my hands on purpose, this happened twice, I had to leave the room or I would have done something I would have regretted. Luckily, Paul is working from home but just at the moment is still laying in bed, Izzy is up there with him.
It's only day 3 of the holidays and i've had enough already!

Really really need to get to the gym today, i'm being physical enough at home but i'm away next week from Monday to Friday and really want to get a couple of sessions in before I go, I haven't been since Sunday.

Anyway, whine whine moan moan, better go and clean some more!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Great news, well, no news really.

Morning all,

Another early morning for me, not sleeping too well, woke up to an amazingly clean and tidy house though, I ought to take more care of it as its so nice when its like this.
Isobel is up with me, she's obsessed with Supernanny/Nanny 911 type programs, I have no idea why, we're sat here watching Nanny 911 now!

*tmi* I have an upset stomach, luckily i'm not in any pain. I think that its stress related as I've not eaten anything controversial.

Probably due to the above the scales say 16st 4lbs today, that's 228 lbs. Just 1 pound over my heaviest. I would really like to have been 15st something in time for our holiday on Monday, I doubt that that will happen now but I'm going to try my best.
I'm missing my midweek gym sessions this week as the kids are off and my gym has no creche. I was thinking of going last night but was shattered after all the shopping and cleaning and figure that I must have had a fair bit of exercise from that. Will try and go tonight.

Hope that everyone is well, sorry for the boring post!

Vvvvv odd!

Have has a pretty poor week and then suddenly, today, i'm not really interested in eating.

This could be one of two things I think, we've decided that we're moving, I'm trying to get the house ready for sale, the kids are off school and we have a full weekend planned and we're goinbg on holiday on Monday so i'm feeling super stressed.

Or, my period is due in a couple of days and last month I seemed much less hungry.

Anyway, no matter really, i'm pleased that I feel a little more under control, hopefully my extra 3 pounds will drop off tomorrow!

Scale said 16st 6lbs again today (230 lbs) really hope that its better tomorrow.

Just going to catch up with some blogs, this house cleaning business is really curtailing my internet time! Hope that everyone is well.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Today has been a really really good day.

None of this is band related.

We looked at the house and it is fantastic, both Paul and I are head over heals in love and I even like the beams.
This means that we have to put our house on the market, which means I have to declutter and clean it! We're trying to get it all sorted this week as we're away next week and hope that the agent will show any buyers around.

The other good news is that my clever daughter got a prize at school today, she won the form prize for attainment. I'm very very proud of her and took her out for dinner. 3 out of the 18 in her class got prizes, we've had a pretty torrid year at school so this has been a lovely way to finish it off.

For Barbara, a car bootsale is kind of like a yard sale I suppose. You get all your old junk, I mean quality items but rather than selling at home, you stick it all in the car, drive to a field with lots of others sellers and display it all, lots of mean people then come along and offer you virtually nothing for it! I've found even more stuff to take, not sure it will all fit in the car!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Channeling Anne Widdicombe

Good morning all,

I had my hair cut and coloured the other day, its a bit darker than usual and a bit shorter and I can't help but think that I look like Ann Widdicombe in her dark hair period, for non UK readers there is an image of her above, thats not me! The hairdresser has done something very odd with my fringe.

Haven't blogged for a couple of days which means that i'm not being very good, I think that my restriction has worn off and i'm hungry and keep getting in the habit of picking at food and it seems like i'm constantly eating.

My scales said 16st 5lbs (229) and then 16st 6lbs (230)which is probably correct. I really need a fill but can't see when i'm going to be able to go and get one, George has finished nursery and Isobel finishes tomorrow lunchtime and Paul is working the whole time, getting a fill is such a pain. I'm going to at least book on for the future and try and work out how I can get there.

Not band but possibly exciting news. We're hopefully going to a view a house today which seems to fit exactly what we're looking for, we're currently in a fairly new 4 bed detached house with little parking and a very small garden. The house size wise is fine but the outside space isn't big enough. There is a house for sale in our village which is 4 bed with much bigger garden and lots of parking, it has full river views and is about 200 years old, it used to be an inn about a 100 years ago. Its lovely, although i'm yet to see inside, I think that it has lots of old features like beams which are not really my thing but we'll see what its like when and if we go to view.
This all means that I need to attack our house incase we decide to put it on the market to buy the other house. I'm starting by clearing all clutter, of which we have loads and loads, i'm going to do a car boot sale on Sunday to get rid of it. I hate car boot sales!
Grace, I really need you now!!

We have Isobel's speech and prizegiving afternoon at school, please think "behave well Isobel or your mum will kill you vibes" for me!!

Have a good day all xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I'm over it!

I had some kind of feeding frenzy yesterday, not quite sure what went on, think it was my last hurrah and now i'm on the straight and narrow. My scale still says 16st 5lbs, (229 lbs) which is very very very lucky, I think that even if i'm super good i'll be there for a good few days and I deserve to be.

Whilst having my gym reassessment yesterday the lady was asking me what I eat, I told her that i'd had a hernia operation rather than the band. She thought my diet was pretty good, i've gone from living on carbs to not having many at all and eating mainly protein and vegetables. She was concerned that I only had a protein shake for breakfast though and stressed that it is better to eat, I had porridge this morning, it was ok but a shake works better for me as i'm never hungry and I can just drink it as I shout at the kids to get dressed!
She says that if I have a better breakfast it will speed up my metabolic rate and therefore I will loose more weight, is this true?

I found a dress in my wardrobe, i've had it a year or so but never worn it, I wore it today and got lots of compliments, its a UK 20 (I think a US 16)

Hope that everyone is well x

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Hello all,

Scale not great today, 16st 4lbs, (228 lbs) only a pound over my lowest so not the end of the world, i've been eating really well but spoiling it by eating chocolate, i'm not buying anymore.

I went to the gym today for my re-assessment, I weighed 2 pounds more than I did when I joined just over a year ago which is ok, when I joined they tried to measure my body fat but couldn't, the machine can only go up to 50%, they measured it today and its was 48.3% which although horrendous is better than it was over a year ago. My program has been changed and is much harder, it felt good today but not sure how i'll feel when i'm doing it alone.

Its only 2pm and i'm shattered, might need some chocolate to get me through the day!
Have a lovely day xx

Monday, 5 July 2010


Feeling quite meh today, no real reason to be honest, just sometimes feels like I never stop. Had the regatta all day on Saturday and lots of friends and family dropping in. Sunday went to the gym, then church and then to yet another party for Isobel. We don't have any more booked other than the party i'm planning for George but that isn't until September.

My scales are still saying 16st 5lbs, (229 lbs) i've not been bad over the weekend really, certainly in no quantity but ahem, have been a little constipated so could be that. My scales are still giving several weights when I stand on them so I can't be sure really, I must buy some new ones.

Have been shopping this morning for our holiday, the weather here is so unpredictable but i've bought the kids lots of pairs of shorts and t-shirts so fingers crossed.

Regatta went well, Paul was off doing things leaving me with the kids for most of it, that pisses me off, I end up with miserable and hot children. I have some pictures of the kids but they are not great and my computer won't let me crop them, have posted one.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Happy Saturday all

Hope that everyone is well, thank you for all your comments, I love to read them.

We have a regatta in our village today, we live right on a river and there is a boat race and lots of stalls, a beer festival, live music, brass band and food food food! There is also a dog show this year which I can't get to grips with, there just isn't the room.

I was baking for the cake stall yesterday which is always a problem for me, I just can't help but sample, the scales have reflected this and i'm up 2 pounds today. Eating cake always sends me on a downward spiral and I bought ice cream and chocolate last night, I didn't eat any of it as I think I was a little stuck/full from some chicken I had for dinner, I didn't feel stuck but I had a really sore back which has gone this morning.

Its been ridiculously hot here, 30c yesterday (87f) and I hate it, it wouldn't be so bad if we had air conditioning in the house but houses here don't. So far it seems a little cooler today.

Nothing else to report really, went to the gym Thursday and this morning. Food wise i've been so so but I seem to be feeling more restriction now, do bands sometimes tighten in the heat?

Have a lovely weekend, Isobel and George are entering the Princess and Pirate fancy dress competition, i'll try and post some pictures of them tomorrow.