Saturday, 17 July 2010

She's here and i'm out of control.

Tmi, again, My period finally came just in time for my holiday which involves swimming allot, excellent.

Scale was awful this morning and after a good day yesterday I was up to 16st 4lbs which is 228 lbs, I guess that this is water retention due to tom.

Anyway, I feel so so much better, the house is officially on the market and has been photographed.
We have had our first viewing, not through the agent but through word of mouth, these people live in a house very like ours down the road, not sure if it will come to anything but you never know.
This is a picture of the house that we want to buy it's the house on the right (not the pink one) I really hope that we manage to buy it.

Because of my period (that's my excuse anyway) my eating hasn't been great today, i'm ok with it, I'll be ok tomorrow.

Hope that everyone is well, i'm looking for more blogs to follow, let me know if I don't follow you or recommend any to me, thanks!


  1. Ugh. TOM can really suck, I have had my hormonal struggles, nearing 40 now with ovulation pains. I relate to the suckage!!!

    Anyhow: the homes in the picture are charming-- and HUGE all at once. How many bedrooms are you looking at in that new house???
    I love the setting on the water. It looks lovely.

    Good luck with the house sale... and yeah: go ahead and use TOM as an excuse b/c soon it will be done and you'll be right back on the 'track' again (said with tongue in cheek since you must know I LOVE your profile picture of Thomas!)

  2. I've started to hate TOM now that I'm really restricted- not that I ever loved it. :)
    The house is gorgeous - I hope things work out for you.

  3. Thank you both. I'm eating peanut m&m's!

    The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 on the first floor and what's described as a master suite on the top floor, bedroom, dressing room and bathroom, it needs some (hopefully only) cosmetic work doing to it but I love it.
    I love my picture of Thomas too, I always make a point of having my photo taken with something bigger than me, I think that Thomas makes me look positively dainty!

  4. I miss being on birth control where I only had period once every 3 months. I had to go off prior to surgery so of course got period right away. My next one will come while I'm on vacation. Then I'll be able to go back on birth control. Yea!