Thursday, 29 July 2010


Thank you! I like having followers! I will try and up the game and be more interesting!

Have been doing really well with my food and my scale said 16st 3lbs (227 lbs) today, I've bounced down to this weight about 20 times over the last month or so, its time to knuckle down and get under it once and for all, I can't wait for the scale to start 15st something.

Had a great day yesterday with my good friend Sarah, her kids are the same age and sex as mine and are really good friends, they were here all day and it was lovely. The house was a pit afterwards but pretty much ok now.

No news from our viewing the other day, think that we may have heard something if they were interested, fingers crossed for more viewings.

Isobel has tennis lessons this week, an hour a day and she's really enjoying it, they're just learning basic skills, the coach always does a fancy dress day on the last day, fine I thought, we have lots of dressing up stuff but he announced that it's going to be Hawaiian fancy dress, we have nothing remotely Hawaiian and I'm useless at making things. I just spotted Izzy's High school musical cheerleader pompom things and think that I might cut the tassels off and tie them on to elastic, just what I fancy doing with both kids "helping"

Not very warm here today, don't get me wrong, I love that! Just not sure what i'll do for the rest of the day, George really needs to catch up on some sleep so we might just come home after tennis, I have tonnes of ironing to do.

I really really need new scales, I always take the first weight from mine, stood on the scale twice and it agreed 16st 3, stood on it half an hour later when all i'd done is brush my teeth and have a tiny pee and it was 16st 5! I might try and get some today, I don't think that i've ever had a very accurate scale so am loathed to buy more that might not be very good either.

Have a great day all, think of me surrounded by tassels!

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