Monday, 26 July 2010

Tuesday morning.

Hello all,

Had a good day yesterday, controlled my food, in fact I wasn't really that hungry, snacking is a real problem for me normally. Took the kids to the zoo and walked around for about 3 hours, not sure we walked that far, we were mainly walking at a 2 years pace, the kids had ice cream and I had diet coke (my surgeon is fine with carbonated drinks)

As I might have mentioned, we are selling our house and trying to buy a house down the road, we have our first official viewing today, can I please have some "buy the house" vibes? I just can't keep this level of tidiness up, especially with the kids being on holiday.

Talking of kids, one of my little darlings woke me at 5.21 to tell me that she had a barking cough, just what you need to know at 5am! Got her back to bed but didn't manage any more sleep myself.

Scale was ok today, 16st 5lbs, (229 lbs) 3 lbs above my lowest, am going to try and get to my lowest by the end of the week. Saying that, there is no surer way to make me eat rubbish than setting myself a goal! Am going to try my best.

We have tennis club for an hour this morning for Isobel, then I need to take the kids shopping, only need to pick up a couple of watches I had repaired and pick up a card for a friends birthday. My kids HATE shopping, wish me luck!

Have a great day x


  1. Good luck on the house!!

  2. Good luck on the house, the weight loss target and surviving the summer holidays!

  3. Good vibes coming your way over the 'pond.' And I love the name and spelling of "Isobel!"