Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Vvvvv odd!

Have has a pretty poor week and then suddenly, today, i'm not really interested in eating.

This could be one of two things I think, we've decided that we're moving, I'm trying to get the house ready for sale, the kids are off school and we have a full weekend planned and we're goinbg on holiday on Monday so i'm feeling super stressed.

Or, my period is due in a couple of days and last month I seemed much less hungry.

Anyway, no matter really, i'm pleased that I feel a little more under control, hopefully my extra 3 pounds will drop off tomorrow!

Scale said 16st 6lbs again today (230 lbs) really hope that its better tomorrow.

Just going to catch up with some blogs, this house cleaning business is really curtailing my internet time! Hope that everyone is well.

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  1. Yeah, work really stands in the way of reading/commenting on blogs! Ugh! ;-)