Monday, 12 July 2010

Today has been a really really good day.

None of this is band related.

We looked at the house and it is fantastic, both Paul and I are head over heals in love and I even like the beams.
This means that we have to put our house on the market, which means I have to declutter and clean it! We're trying to get it all sorted this week as we're away next week and hope that the agent will show any buyers around.

The other good news is that my clever daughter got a prize at school today, she won the form prize for attainment. I'm very very proud of her and took her out for dinner. 3 out of the 18 in her class got prizes, we've had a pretty torrid year at school so this has been a lovely way to finish it off.

For Barbara, a car bootsale is kind of like a yard sale I suppose. You get all your old junk, I mean quality items but rather than selling at home, you stick it all in the car, drive to a field with lots of others sellers and display it all, lots of mean people then come along and offer you virtually nothing for it! I've found even more stuff to take, not sure it will all fit in the car!

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