Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bouncy Friday

That title sounds much more exciting than this entry will be!

Scale said 15st 6lbs (216 lbs) yesterday so back to my lowest, very happy, feel everything is going well. Today the scale said 15st 7lbs (217) no idea why, just an unexplainable bounce. Really hoping to get lower in the next couple of days.
I'm planning an autumn clean of my house, its not great at the moment and we are trying to sell it, my main problem is clutter, we just have so much stuff. I just cleared out a storage cupboard, its pretty small, goes under the stairs and I managed to get 3 large bin bags of stuff out of it to throw away, at least a bin bag of carrier bags??? and another bin bag to sell when I get around to doing another sale. And yet its pretty full although neater when I've put the stuff back in!
The kids have a play room which is stuffed with stuff, we have a large toy box which I moved on top of a drawer when we had George's party, it's full but no one has requested any of the stuff out of it so my next job will be getting rid of some of the junk in there.

We have a busy weekend coming up, Saturday we're looking at a school for George, I'm also looking to see if its suitable for Isobel, would love to get away from the horrible Mums but I'm sure that they won't be that different here.
Have another viewing on the house on Sunday, it all seems pointless, we must have had maybe 7 viewings in the last 10 weeks and no one has shown even a tiny hint of interest. Paul is all for taking it off the market and staying put, I know that he will be searching the internet for other houses and we will be trying to sell again in a few months.

So lots of cleaning and sorting and tidying and throwing stuff away, no one can say that I don't know how to live!

Hope that all my lovely blogging friends are well, Ryder cup started this morning, Mrs C! I can't work out why they would do it in deepest Wales in October, the weather will be atrocious!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thank you

Thanks for all your comments on my last entry, it's so kind of you all.

I'm ok today, still feel a bit urgh, but better.

George decided that he didn't want to go to nursery today and went mad when we got there, I ended up staying with him and playing with him and the other little ones for a while, was really nice. He agreed to me leaving to pop to the gym but I had to go straight back which I did, he was really pleased to see me but had had a great time. Not sure why he is upsetting himself so much, he's been at nursery for a few months but is a complete Mummy's boy.

When we got home he had some yoghurt, the picture is the result, it was everywhere. Not a great picture of him but he is such a sweetheart, he's just started telling me he loves me which is the nicest thing ever. He told me this morning that he was my honey bunch and he is!

Scale ok today, down to 15st 8lbs (218 lbs) 2 above my lowest.
2 of my favourite shops have sales on (Monsoon and Boden for any UK based girls) I'm desperately trying to stay away, not sure that I will manage it.

Have a good day all, thank you again.

Monday, 27 September 2010


Loving all the BOOBS pics, still very envious.

Do you ever feel like you don't really do anything? And that you don't really matter? I feel like that at the moment, don't get me wrong, I'm very lucky, I have a lovely husband and children.

I feel really really lonely, I have some friends but most aren't local and aren't in the same situation as me so I don't get to see them very much. Paul's family aren't local to us so we don't see them very much, my mother isn't far away but they don't seem very interested. I don't just feel lonely for me, I feel lonely for the kids and Paul, its always just us or if he's at work just me and the children. I think that the situation with the school Mums has kind of magnified things for me, I actively don't get involved with them and so am alone at pick ups and drop off's.
I have a good friend locally, we text back and forth most of the day and meet up when we can, she's really very busy but I know that if I needed anything she'd be there.
I've tried to make friends and I do know a few people but they're not real friends, George doesn't really enjoy groups and neither do I to be honest. He is quite happy at home, I feel like I'm holding him back, maybe I should take him to more places.

I ate loads of rubbish yesterday and seem to have gained another couple of pounds, I'm back on track today and I know that it will come off, I wonder if that has effected my mood?

Anyway, probably best ignoring this self pitying post, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, wish me a good night, was up with George 3 times last night!! Probably another reason for feeling so sorry for myself!

Hope that everyone is well.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Jeans problem!

Morning all,

My BOOBS envy continues unabated! I would love to be there, love seeing the photos though!

Not had a great weekend so far, started Friday, had lunch out with George, I had a prawn salad which was more pasta than prawn, I ate all the prawn and salad but left most of the pasta as I just can't eat it now. Got home and was starving and picked all afternoon, decided to check the calorie's of the salad on line and it was 185 inc. the pasta. Pretty sure not eating enough protein at lunch caused me to eat too much.
Yesterday I went to the gym, had granola and yoghurt for breakfast, chicken for lunch but then baked a cake for Paul, I ate some of it too, not that much but enough. Was really fancying crumpets for dinner but after 2 bites and 2 pb's threw them away.
Scale was up to 15st 8lbs today, an gain of almost 2 pounds, not really deserved and I know that I will loose it but feel a little deflated. Certain areas of my body aren't functioning that well so that could be part of the problem maybe?

I need new jeans, I'm not really ready to go down another size just yet and that isn't really the issue. I have an odd shaped body, I carry all my weight on my top half, although my legs are a little chubby they are thin compared to my top half, I can't wear bootcut jeans because of this, there is just too much material in the thigh for me. I generally wear boyfriend/slouch style to balance my top half out but looked at my reflection the other day and think that they look a bit daft, there was loads of baggy material. Just not sure what style to try next, I have some straight leg jeans but think that the accentuate the smallness of my legs compared to my top half same for skinnies, just not sure what to try next. I guess that the thing to do would be try lots of different brands, I'm very confused!

I'm off to the gym this morning then taking George's cot to a friends house, it's sad really getting rid of my baby's baby things, I don't need it and she does so better that it goes. She happens to live near a large outlet centre so I will be having a wander around on my own for a hour or 2, am really looking forward to it, shame about the weather though, its wild here.

Hope that everyone has a lovely Sunday.

Friday, 24 September 2010

coffee and tv

That's my morning so far, it's only 8.30 and Paul is working from home and so has taken Isobel to school which is lovely for me, the school run is an hours round trip. I'm drinking coffee and George is watching tv! We don't normally have it on very much but the poor thing is constipated again and in a lot of pain, seems to distract him a little bit. We'll probably go back to the Dr's about it, he's always been fine but since the 3 days of not eating it all seems to have got a bit messed up and fresh juices don't seem to be helping.

I'm so so so jealous of everyone being in Chicago, I would so love to be there. I've mentioned it to Paul and I want to try and pave the way for me going next year, not sure I'll be able to afford it but I'm hoping that I'll be pretty much where I want to be so it would be a fantastic reward.

Had a new low on the scale, it said 15st 6 and 3/4lb's today (216 pounds) I stood on the scale twice and it said the same, stood again later and back to 15st 7 but I'm pretending it never happened and claiming it!
Tomorrow will be my 6 month anniversary and I've lost 37 pounds, not the most or fastest, not helped by struggling to get to my Dr's office and them being conservative with fills. But I'm really happy with how its going, I don't feel deprived in anyway, its amazing that when you know that you can't physically eat something (bread, pasta,rice etc) you don't crave it anymore.

Had a mini manicure at the gym yesterday, manicure places are not so widespread in the UK, you can go in to the beauticians and have manicures but they are expensive, £25 ish which most be $40ish I think. Anyway, the beautician at my gym does a quick file and nail paint which doesn't cost very much so I'm booked in every week, I'm rubbish at painting my nails. Its amazing how much better they make me feel!

A NSV, I so got checked out yesterday by a van driver as I was driving George back from nursery, I had a dress on which had ridden up a bit and he was leering at my out of the window. I have to say that my legs are looking great, pale but great! I have always carried all my weight on my top half although not my boobs! So unfair.

Potty training has been a disaster, thanks for your comments on it, I'm very much a wait until they're ready kind of person, he really isn't ready and with the constipation I'm keeping him in nappies for now. I don't think that he's far away.
George starts football (soccer) classes tomorrow, although he likes to kick a ball he's such a nervous little thing that I know that he will stand in the middle of the field with his hands over his ears!

Have a lovely day, can't wait to read all about boobs.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New low and potty training hell.

Think that I should be given special dispensation to eat rubbish today as today is the day that George begins to potty train! We've been and bought new pants this morning, he's wearing them now but every time I mention the potty I get a very loud no, he hates the toilet equally. Think that it will be a long day.

Scale said 15st 7lbs today (217 lbs) am really pleased with how its going at the moment but do feel that I am dieting a bit, or maybe I'm fighting head hunger. I've just bought some almonds for snacks and divided them in to 100 cal's lots, I think that sometimes I get too hungry so thought that they would be perfect for an afternoon snack.

Nothing else really happening here, had another viewing on the house yesterday but don't think it will come to anything, its not such a bad thing really as we don't know that we want to sell now that the dream house has gone. I could do without the short notice housework though!

Both my kids are Mamma mia mad at the moment, the soundtrack is on constantly and quite honestly I've had enough! George has it on in the playroom at the moment, I've warned him that if he wets his pants no more Mamma mia! A win win situation for me really!

Have a lovely day all x

Monday, 20 September 2010

This is the house of sickness

Hello all, hope that everyone is having a great Monday.

Paul and Izzy came home from camping early as she wasn't very well, I think that she just got a chill as it was so cold. She's been a bit under the weather, has a cold and is complaining of a sore throat, I had a look at her tonsils with a torch today and they looked very swollen so she had a day off school and a visit to the Dr's. Dr said that although they were swollen they didn't look too bad so nothing to worry about.
George is still a bit ill, he's stopped moaning about his teeth and for about 2 days has been moaning about being constipated, so Dr checked him out too, he was a little concerned about him having a urine infection so I have to collect a sample, I was firmly told that she shouldn't be in nappy's now, I know this, he's reluctant and I'm lazy, so in a couple of days once he's well we'll be potty training, wish me luck. Anyway, George had some alone time and I'm pleased to report that he is no longer constipated, thank goodness!!

I have a NSV too, I was getting ready for bed and Paul hugged me from behind with his arm around my upper stomach (between my boobs and waist) and said that it was much smaller!

Scale said 15st 8lbs today again (218 lbs) first thing this morning, after breakfast, some housework, a visit to the dr's I came home and got changed, decided to stand on scale again (I'm addicted!) and the scale said 15st 7lbs (217 lbs) I got on the scale 3 times and it said it every time, I won't claim this yet but hope to see it tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day x

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Why stones?

After a comment on my blog from Patrick about not understanding stones (as in the British way of measuring weight) I wonder why we measure weight like that? It's only a persons weight that we measure like that, everything else pretty much is in kg's.
Have just googled and it's a very dull explanation, something to do with 8 stones making a hundredweight.
Anyway, there are 14 pounds in a stone. Now I read so many American blogs pounds kind of make more sense to me, not sure why we bother with the stones but we do.

George and I went to see Paul and Isobel at their camp site, we had a really nice time with them, the day was lovely but the previous night was very cold. George and I came home for dinner and i had a call from Paul to say that Isobel was poorly and they were coming home, they arrived about 9pm with Isobel very hot but very upset about coming home. I think that she might have a chill, she seems ok today but is very sleepy, we have to go back to collect the tent today but its not too far away.

My weight is holding at 15st 8lbs, (218 lbs) I know its stupid but in my head I'm thinking that I've been here for ages now, time to be 15st 7 I think!
Can't go to the gym today as they're closed as some of the members and all of the staff are absailing down a large building in town, madness if you ask me, I think that the gym should be open, closing it is a bit rubbish.

Anyway, hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend x

Friday, 17 September 2010

A new low

I'm amazed to say that the scale has moved again, I was worried about it going up after yesterday and would have been delighted if it had read 15st 9lb's (219 lbs) but it read 15st 8lbs. I'm very happy but after having a fairly long plateau its shocking but great.

My little man appears to be on the mend a bit, he has drank a little but still won't eat, everything I offer him he says "hurt my tooth" he did make me dance to a kids program with him for about 20 minutes so I think he is improving, I felt like I'd done an aerobics class after, we were being fish! Hope none of my neighbours saw me!

Paul and Izzy are off camping this weekend, we live in a small village and every year they have a village camping trip, Izzy is so excited about it. George and I will drive up and spend the day with them tomorrow if he is well enough. Camping isn't really for me and they only have a small tent, its also meant to be 6c (43f) tonight!!
She is especially excited that they're going in Paul's car, Paul has a tiny little blue car that he drives to the station and back every day, it does nothing else, its a Ford Ka if anyone knows anything about Brit/European cars and is worth maybe 2k if we're lucky. The school that Izzy attends has a fair few wealthy parents and a fair few more who are very showy and like to drive enormous expensive cars, there must be a least 25% of the cars in the car park worth over £50k, it makes me laugh and a little proud that my daughter is excited to be going in the little blue car, to her its the best car in the world.

I didn't manage to go to the gym last night as Paul was too late back but will be going today just as soon as George goes to sleep (Paul is working from home this morning) I feel very positive just now, I really hope that feeling like this continues.

Hope that everyone has a lovely weekend, have loved ready all the thousand word Thursday posts, I feel sick with envy!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

On some strange anti-plateau island

I'm very very happy to say that the scale said 15st 9lb this morning which is 219 lb's, I had a very good day yesterday, not that hungry (due to TOM I think) ate about 1000 cals which is low for me and was rewarded with a 1 pound loss overnight. I'm really pleased but surprised about how quickly it has come off, I weighed 222 lb's on Monday. I know that this is one of the times that must balance out all of the plateau's, I'm very much enjoying it and long may it reign!

My poorly boy is still a poorly boy and has missed nursery today, he's still not eating or drinking although did have a little juice earlier, he won't take medicine and keeps dramatically exclaiming that he needs to go to the Dr! He's my (just) 3 year old drama queen. This means that I miss the gym but if Paul is home early enough later I will go.

My big girl seems to have started sleep walking, every night since Sunday she's coming in to our room as saying that she can't find something but can't say what she's lost, I take her back to her bed normally and I'm half asleep, Paul took her last night and said she still seemed more asleep than awake. She also had a huge meltdown over nothing this morning which is unlike her, she gets very rude and stroppy but we don't normally get tears, I think that something must be playing on her mind, I wonder if its school related? I'll try and chat to her later.

So, that's all the things happening in my world. Hope that everyone is well x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New low and general moaning.

Firstly, thank you for all your messages about our anniversary, so nice to read!

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster, firstly unexpected TOM decided to arrive, I'm sure it was due, I'm just not very good about remembering when I'm due, as my bf pointed out there would be no re-enacting of the wedding night so not such a bad thing!
Unfortunately, TOM brought a serious case of the the grumps. I knew that Paul had arranged for flowers to be delivered and I was in most of the day until school pick up, went to pick up Izzy and took her and her friend to art club. Got home at 5.30 pm to a card from the florist saying that they had taken the flowers back to the shop and I needed to collect them! I've never ever ever heard of a florist doing that, on the rare occasions I get flowers they normally leave them at the back door. I called the florist and got nowhere, I had no time to go and fetch them so I can only assume that they're rotting somewhere. Paul said that he'd sort it out but did nothing so I have no flowers, he said that I mustn't go and get them and he'd get them sorted for redelivery today. Let's just see if that works.
It kind of spoiled things for me, I know that I sound like a spoilt bitch but I was really upset. Anyway, I made a nice dinner, Paul really enjoyed it, I couldn't eat much, stress and TOM killed my appetite, I bought Ben and Jerry's frozen fish food yoghurt for desert, trying to be good but wasn't really bothered about eating it.

Today the scale said 15st 10lbs (220 lbs) a new low and total loss of 33 pounds. I'm surprised and pleased, I had some cake and biscuits yesterday afternoon, mainly as I missed breakfast and it seemed to really mess me up. Best Friend said today that I could be below 15 stone for Christmas which would mean loosing 11 lbs' I want to be there by the end of October! So that's my goal now.

I wonder if I could do with a small fill, I'm doing ok where I am just now but it feels quite slow. I know that slow is best, think I'll leave it for now.

I've noticed that my scar is fading, it was really quite dark red but recently seems to have faded quite a bit. I really ought to use bio oil on it, I've used it maybe once!

My poor little man isn't at all well, he's getting yet another new tooth, a large back one and won't eat or drink, he's just laying on the rug right now, poor love.

Have become an on line shopaholic, today I received a new mobile phone, 2 Laura Ashley bed sets for Izzy and a new top from Boden for me, I love it, it'd like getting presents brought to my door.

Hope that everyone is well, sorry for moaning!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Not very good title

I struggle with title's, there isn't that much that goes on really so finding a title that's exciting is hard!

Weekend was mad, really really mad. Party went well, saw lots of friends and family, George had a lovely time and got lots of really nice things. The house was trashed, mainly by my 3 year old nephew who I mentioned on my last entry. I sound really mean but I think that there is something wrong, he seems very bright and his speech is really really good for his age but he's hyper all of the time, always on the go, won't listen at all and most of the time you have to physically remove him to get him to stop. I don't know how my sister in law copes, her partner is useless and on Saturday (the day of the party) took himself off in to town for the day. I don't think that he has a major problem but I do think that there could be a bit of adhd or something similar. Discipline is lacking, my sil isn't strong or firm enough with him but I do think that it could be more than that.

I ate the wrong things at the weekend but not to excess really and am holding steady at 15st 12 (222 lbs) hope to be down a little tomorrow as I am back on track today. I did go to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday so hopefully that contributed. George is back at nursery now so I'll be going on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Its my wedding anniversary tomorrow, 8 long years. My wedding was just before digital camera's were very wide spread so I don't have any to post to show you I'm afraid, I was probably 30 lb's heavier than I am now. Perhaps I'll try my dress on for the kids!

Have a lovely day all x

Saturday, 11 September 2010

OMG, having relations to stay.

Today is George's 3rd birthday party (his actual birthday is tomorrow) I know that I am biased but George is lovely, he's sweet and gentle and shy and calm and just scrummy, I could happily eat him.

Paul's sister, her other half and their son have come up for the party (they live about 180 miles away) their son is the opposite of George, more of a typical boy I suppose, he is a real handful, since they arrived last night its been a nightmare, he didn't go to sleep until after 11pm last night. He kept Izzy awake most of that time mainly as he and Izzy were insisting that the sleep in the same room, I didn't know that he had been moved in to her room until I found out 2 hours later and moved him out, it was awful.

George is a little emotional at the moment, he's getting a big back tooth and that seems to be the cause, since they all woke this morning, Izzy and Luke have been rotten to him and he's spent most of the morning crying. I've warned them that if anything else happens they aren't coming to his party.
I'm really not enjoying it! I may have to go on the gin to get me through!

Scale is ok today, 15st 12lb's (222 lbs), I've bounced a little but didn't have a great day yesterday, I was baking all day and had to sample my wears!

Have a lovely day all, wish me luck!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Its back to school day and good news.

Good morning lovely ladies,

Isobel goes back to school today, she's almost on the ceiling with excitement, she has been off for 8 weeks though so not surprising. I'm not really looking forward to it but Paul will be coming to drop off today, mainly as we have so much stuff to take in, school bag, pe kit, gym kit, wellies and her epipen and medicine (Izzy has a peanut allergy) and we have pass to through the area where the new class are and when Izzy was in this class last year it was a nightmare, parents everywhere crying! I also have George to keep hold of too.
George also goes back to school today, we have to give notice of our intent for him to leave at the end of term, Paul has been arranging this letter 8 weeks ago, needless to say that he's upstairs hastily typing it now, we leave for school in 30 minutes.

I'm trying to eat breakfast, I have great yoghurt, granola and lots of lovely fruit, I feel so sick about everything that I can't eat it, maybe its stress tightness!

Good news on the scale front, this morning it said 15st 11.5 lbs (222.5 lbs) I'm very happy and very glad that the scale is finally moving for me. I'm going to go to the gym later.

Paul and I are viewing 2 houses in the area that I fancy today, there is a fantastic state school in this area too. I have a friend who is a teacher and apparently this is the best rated school in the area and she feels that we would be mad to not put the children in there if we get places (and its free) At least today we will get an idea if the houses in this area are for us.

Gosh, don't I go on about a load of boring old stuff? This was meant to be a blog about my band but I find it very cathartic to get the contents of my brain in black and white!

Have a lovely day all, xx

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Big thanks and I've left plateau island!

Firstly, thank you so much for all your lovely messages on my last post, just reading them makes me cry, I'm so hurt for her and of course she has no clue which is how it should be.
After everything that happened in her first year and now this I'm really strongly leaning to moving her, George will start at the nursery of a mixed school after Christmas and I'm sorely tempted to enrol Isobel too.
Paul isn't keen, he thinks that every time there is a problem I'll be looking to move her, he has a point, I toyed with the idea of moving her the whole of the last school year.
In fact I'm having day dreams of selling our house here, moving to an area near town which I really like (this would mean a smaller house) where George's school is meaning that I could walk them both to school everyday, I would complain about this in the rain and snow obviously!!
Again, Paul isn't so sure, he likes the area but wants a house there which is about 3 times our budget, I'm trying to convince him that a period house which is a bit smaller but has the garden he wants would be better for all of us. Wish me luck!

My scale gave me 15st 13 lbs (223 lbs) this morning, I'm very happy but can't help but think its about time, I was pretty much stuck for 3 weeks, not helped in the last week by me having a couple of eat all you can days!

Am going to try and get out to do something active with the kids today, we went to a farm yesterday, it also had rides and playgrounds and other stuff for the kids, we were out most of the day until it rained. I came back with bright red cheeks and looked sunburnt, the farm was really exposed and I think that it was probably wind burn!
I was planning to take them to an indoor soft play type place but the sky is blue so we'll hopefully do some walking.

Thanks again for all your messages, it means so much.
Have a good day xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Not really band related, school woe's.

My weight loss appears to be moving again, well, actually I had a bad Friday and Saturday and yet was 16st (224 pounds) on Saturday and Sunday morning so tend to think that if I hadn't eaten crap I would have maybe lost weight! So that all looks good.

I had one of Isobel's school friends and her Mum over today, I like the Mum and Isobel and her friend get on well although Izzy tends to be a bit crazy when she's with her.

Briefly, Isobel goes to a private girls school, she is about to start her second year and will be a year 1, she is 5. There are 18 girls in her class. Her first year was hard, I have mentioned it in my blog before but she really played up at school and I had many meetings and almost daily feedback about how bad her behaviour was. She is a challenging child to be fair but we've never had these kind of issues at home or at her pre-school. She is very bright, I think that the school give lots of mixed messages and Isobel was basically trying to on. Her last term was better, her behaviour seemed much better. Isobel won her form award for attainment, there are 18 in the class and 2 others won awards too.

So the mother, Claire came today. She has met with a few of the mothers over the holidays. I have to say that I like this mother, she is much more realistic than many of the mothers at the school.
She told me today that the mothers weren't happy about Isobel winning the award, they felt that her behaviour wasn't good enough and what kind of message did this send to their girls.
She then went on to tell me that another mother had asked her if Isobel was having extra reading lessons (apparently rumour has it that she does) Claire replied that as far as she knew she wasn't and finds it hard to believe that she would need them as Isobel's reading is a year ahead of her class (not quite sure how she knows this but it is correct)
A few other things were said about what some of the mothers said about other mothers/pupils and I'm really really really annoyed. So annoyed that I don't even want to eat which is unheard of for me!
I wouldn't mind if they were being bitchy about me but they're saying stuff about a 5 year old girl, my 5 year old girl and I want to punch all of them!

Izzy goes back to school on Thursday, I am dreading it, I don't want to see any of these woman, obviously I know that I need to be civil to them and attend their daughters parties but I really really don't want to.

I don't need any advice, I am just astounded about how nasty and jealous these grown woman are being. I needed to write it all down before I explode or cry.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Almost 2 weeks on plateau island

Morning all,

Have just been doing lots of chores so feel I have earned the right to stick Toy Story on for George and read blogs for a while.

The scale is not for budging, not at all, in fact after my bad day on Tuesday it went up to 16 st 3 (227 lbs), its now down to 16st 1 (225 lbs) and even though I have been fantastically good imo its just not moving. I went for a walk in my MBT type trainers yesterday and went to the gym last night. I have cut out all sugary snacks, I was having 1 or 2 low calorie cereal type bars in the evening which I'm now not having.
I think that I ate about 1000 cals yesterday and pretty much everything I eat is high protein, perhaps I'm allergic??
If I wasn't so addicted I would stop weighing, do it once a week, just not sure that I can do it! I stand on the scale minimum 3 times a day.

I've started preparing for George's party, I need to do a trial run of his cakes this afternoon, I'm just doing cupcakes with his favourite character on. I'm making bunting for the garden which I've cut out, sewed 3 on to tape and done nothing since which I need to get on with and Isobel and I are making a pinata, somehow she doesn't like getting her hands dirty so I'm having to do the messy part!

Have a lovely day all, please hope for a loss overnight, not sure that my sanity or husband can take much more!! xx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Invoking the law of sod.

Feel a bit embarrassed but it seems that my restriction just went on a short holiday and now is back.

I had chicken, tomato's and ryvita for lunch, I ate a tiny amount of chicken and then got stuck on the ryvita, have pb'd/been sick twice, all the time I was thinking of my last post!!

September is here and my restriction seems to have gone.

I noticed that there had been a lot of people talking about blogs having more photo's, I'm not someone that enjoys having my photo taken but thought I would show a picture of the rest of my little family with the fat controller. George was in awe!

How odd, my restriction went on Monday afternoon, lunch was a struggle, dinner I could have eaten a whole cow no problem at all.
We had a picnic at the Thomas day on Monday, so I was eating in public and not near any toilets. I had 2 ryvita and really struggled, I felt a little stuck but not too bad so drank water and felt something move down, could I have stretched the band then? I would tell someone else that its unlikely but it just seems odd.

I ate terribly yesterday, I'm so fed up of the scale not moving and I used it as an excuse. I'm up 3 pounds today, I know that this is unrealistic and if I'm good today it will drop tomorrow.

Just had a viewing on our house, I had 30 minutes to make it presentable, that was a hard job!! We're going to take it off the market as the other house has gone but need to keep it on with the agent for 12 weeks, think that we're half way there. They were really nice people.

My kids go back to school in 8 days! I can hardly wait, aren't I a terrible mother?
Hope that everyone is well xx