Friday, 17 September 2010

A new low

I'm amazed to say that the scale has moved again, I was worried about it going up after yesterday and would have been delighted if it had read 15st 9lb's (219 lbs) but it read 15st 8lbs. I'm very happy but after having a fairly long plateau its shocking but great.

My little man appears to be on the mend a bit, he has drank a little but still won't eat, everything I offer him he says "hurt my tooth" he did make me dance to a kids program with him for about 20 minutes so I think he is improving, I felt like I'd done an aerobics class after, we were being fish! Hope none of my neighbours saw me!

Paul and Izzy are off camping this weekend, we live in a small village and every year they have a village camping trip, Izzy is so excited about it. George and I will drive up and spend the day with them tomorrow if he is well enough. Camping isn't really for me and they only have a small tent, its also meant to be 6c (43f) tonight!!
She is especially excited that they're going in Paul's car, Paul has a tiny little blue car that he drives to the station and back every day, it does nothing else, its a Ford Ka if anyone knows anything about Brit/European cars and is worth maybe 2k if we're lucky. The school that Izzy attends has a fair few wealthy parents and a fair few more who are very showy and like to drive enormous expensive cars, there must be a least 25% of the cars in the car park worth over £50k, it makes me laugh and a little proud that my daughter is excited to be going in the little blue car, to her its the best car in the world.

I didn't manage to go to the gym last night as Paul was too late back but will be going today just as soon as George goes to sleep (Paul is working from home this morning) I feel very positive just now, I really hope that feeling like this continues.

Hope that everyone has a lovely weekend, have loved ready all the thousand word Thursday posts, I feel sick with envy!!


  1. a new low great...i think you just have to sit the plateaus out....

  2. I have got to figure out the measurement by stones I keep reading... stones, bricks or boulders; I understand that your at a new low so allow me to smileand say way to go!

  3. have you ever been to the USA? I used to live in England and in Paris....I remember trying to explain how BIG the cars in the USA are in comparison to cars in the UK. Even your largest car wouldn't even come close to an "average" car here in the states. You should see the size of our SUVs, pickup trucks, not to mention vans and tracktor-trailors! The difference in car size truly is staggering if you've never seen it for yourself! :-)

    Congrats on the new low!

  4. Another new low! What a great week you're having. I am definitely with you on visiting the camp and then going home to my comfy bed!!

  5. Hiya my British friend! Just wanted to say I've been gone but I am back and catching up! Hope the birthday party was good! (I've got to read up on the happenings!) Ohh I love to camp! Never been camping in England though!