Monday, 13 September 2010

Not very good title

I struggle with title's, there isn't that much that goes on really so finding a title that's exciting is hard!

Weekend was mad, really really mad. Party went well, saw lots of friends and family, George had a lovely time and got lots of really nice things. The house was trashed, mainly by my 3 year old nephew who I mentioned on my last entry. I sound really mean but I think that there is something wrong, he seems very bright and his speech is really really good for his age but he's hyper all of the time, always on the go, won't listen at all and most of the time you have to physically remove him to get him to stop. I don't know how my sister in law copes, her partner is useless and on Saturday (the day of the party) took himself off in to town for the day. I don't think that he has a major problem but I do think that there could be a bit of adhd or something similar. Discipline is lacking, my sil isn't strong or firm enough with him but I do think that it could be more than that.

I ate the wrong things at the weekend but not to excess really and am holding steady at 15st 12 (222 lbs) hope to be down a little tomorrow as I am back on track today. I did go to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday so hopefully that contributed. George is back at nursery now so I'll be going on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Its my wedding anniversary tomorrow, 8 long years. My wedding was just before digital camera's were very wide spread so I don't have any to post to show you I'm afraid, I was probably 30 lb's heavier than I am now. Perhaps I'll try my dress on for the kids!

Have a lovely day all x


  1. Unfortunately sometimes the best of ties are also the craziest. Hope you have a great anniversary.

  2. Happy anniversary for tomorrow. We were married in 2002 as well - a good year!!

  3. Hi... just arrived here to follow you; nice Blog!
    Happy Anniversary!