Saturday, 11 September 2010

OMG, having relations to stay.

Today is George's 3rd birthday party (his actual birthday is tomorrow) I know that I am biased but George is lovely, he's sweet and gentle and shy and calm and just scrummy, I could happily eat him.

Paul's sister, her other half and their son have come up for the party (they live about 180 miles away) their son is the opposite of George, more of a typical boy I suppose, he is a real handful, since they arrived last night its been a nightmare, he didn't go to sleep until after 11pm last night. He kept Izzy awake most of that time mainly as he and Izzy were insisting that the sleep in the same room, I didn't know that he had been moved in to her room until I found out 2 hours later and moved him out, it was awful.

George is a little emotional at the moment, he's getting a big back tooth and that seems to be the cause, since they all woke this morning, Izzy and Luke have been rotten to him and he's spent most of the morning crying. I've warned them that if anything else happens they aren't coming to his party.
I'm really not enjoying it! I may have to go on the gin to get me through!

Scale is ok today, 15st 12lb's (222 lbs), I've bounced a little but didn't have a great day yesterday, I was baking all day and had to sample my wears!

Have a lovely day all, wish me luck!


  1. My british buddy! I have an award for you!

    Have a great party and try to sit down and enjoy it a little too!!

  2. Happy birthday to sweetie George (I love that name).I hope things calm down and you get to relax.