Saturday, 18 September 2010

Why stones?

After a comment on my blog from Patrick about not understanding stones (as in the British way of measuring weight) I wonder why we measure weight like that? It's only a persons weight that we measure like that, everything else pretty much is in kg's.
Have just googled and it's a very dull explanation, something to do with 8 stones making a hundredweight.
Anyway, there are 14 pounds in a stone. Now I read so many American blogs pounds kind of make more sense to me, not sure why we bother with the stones but we do.

George and I went to see Paul and Isobel at their camp site, we had a really nice time with them, the day was lovely but the previous night was very cold. George and I came home for dinner and i had a call from Paul to say that Isobel was poorly and they were coming home, they arrived about 9pm with Isobel very hot but very upset about coming home. I think that she might have a chill, she seems ok today but is very sleepy, we have to go back to collect the tent today but its not too far away.

My weight is holding at 15st 8lbs, (218 lbs) I know its stupid but in my head I'm thinking that I've been here for ages now, time to be 15st 7 I think!
Can't go to the gym today as they're closed as some of the members and all of the staff are absailing down a large building in town, madness if you ask me, I think that the gym should be open, closing it is a bit rubbish.

Anyway, hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend x


  1. The weight systems around the world can be very confusing. Took me forever to just work out kilos to pounds, I still have to use a converter everytime :)

    I hope Isobel is feelling better.

  2. Canada switched to kg about 30 years ago but I still use the pounds. I buy 300 grams of sliced meat but a pound of hamburger. I know that 21C is a nice day but still use the Fahrenheit scale when I need to go for a swim in a pool. So confusing. I find it hard when IKEA posts their dimensions in cm when I need inches. True confusion.

    When I was in London last year we found the original "London Stone" and thought it was the origin of the stone for weight. But on reading further, it was a place for making deals. It's now behind this grate in the middle of the financial district. But maybe it weighs 14 pounds. I know you are losing weight, because I remember you posting about being in the 220's and now you are out of them. I think it's the stones and kg that show the slowest weight losses bacause it takes longer to get to the next number!

  3. no confusion here with the weight system. But then again I've had a while to figure out the difference! I still forget temp differences though. I always have to ask my husband what the temp is in american standards when he is talking about home!

  4. I think stones sound much better than lbs, but it is confusing. :) I watch the UFC sometimes and when they fight in England, they weigh the fighters using Stone and I always have to stop and think for a minute.

    15 stone sounds better than 200 lbs. :)