Monday, 20 September 2010

This is the house of sickness

Hello all, hope that everyone is having a great Monday.

Paul and Izzy came home from camping early as she wasn't very well, I think that she just got a chill as it was so cold. She's been a bit under the weather, has a cold and is complaining of a sore throat, I had a look at her tonsils with a torch today and they looked very swollen so she had a day off school and a visit to the Dr's. Dr said that although they were swollen they didn't look too bad so nothing to worry about.
George is still a bit ill, he's stopped moaning about his teeth and for about 2 days has been moaning about being constipated, so Dr checked him out too, he was a little concerned about him having a urine infection so I have to collect a sample, I was firmly told that she shouldn't be in nappy's now, I know this, he's reluctant and I'm lazy, so in a couple of days once he's well we'll be potty training, wish me luck. Anyway, George had some alone time and I'm pleased to report that he is no longer constipated, thank goodness!!

I have a NSV too, I was getting ready for bed and Paul hugged me from behind with his arm around my upper stomach (between my boobs and waist) and said that it was much smaller!

Scale said 15st 8lbs today again (218 lbs) first thing this morning, after breakfast, some housework, a visit to the dr's I came home and got changed, decided to stand on scale again (I'm addicted!) and the scale said 15st 7lbs (217 lbs) I got on the scale 3 times and it said it every time, I won't claim this yet but hope to see it tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day x


  1. Hi Alison, i've just come across your blog and found that you live in Colchester as I do....nice to see a fellow local blogger x

  2. That's very exciting! I hope that the scale is kind to you tomorrow -- I assume that's your official weigh-in day? Congrats on the NSV!

  3. So sorry to hear your house is sickly! I hope all is well, and everyone starts feeling better soon! Also, good luck with the potty training. I do NOT miss those days! I also hear conflicting stories about who is easier to train, boys vs. girls. I only have a girl, and she was pretty easily trained, so I can't offer any advice or help there, but best of luck to you! As well with the scale!

  4. Hi Allison!
    I have two boys - one was easy to potty train, the other not so much - so good luck!! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon! And congrats to you on the NSV!!

  5. Love those hubby 'you're feeling smaller' comments, they are a victory of themselves.
    Hope the house of sickness turns around shortly-- hang in there.

  6. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. We've had a winter of sickness and I am tired of it!