Monday, 30 August 2010

My scale is stuck

Evening all,

I know that I said I was ok with the scale not moving and it will move soon etc etc, blah blah. But it hasn't moved again, this is 5 days. I'm even wondering if I'm not eating enough although to be completely honest I've always thought that that was a myth! At least with me, I've never ever eaten less than enough.
I'm still the same after my huge walk yesterday, 6 miles walk, stay the same.

I'm fine really but a bit frustrated.

Anyway, today we went to a Thomas the tank engine day, the same as the one on my photo. The kids enjoyed it so much last time that we went again, we had a good time, rode on Daisy, Thomas, Toby and Percy and the troublesome trucks.
This is a picture of George and I on the troublesome trucks, thought that my wrist looked quite thin! Luckily I'm hiding most of the rest of my with my new Cath Kidstone bag, I like it!

I struggled to eat a little today, this morning I had a new granola with yoghurt, it was really nice but I couldn't finish it, for lunch I had cottage cheese and ryvita, I felt quite stuck after I'd eaten a small amount so didn't have anymore but have just had chicken casserole for dinner and it went down really easily, much more easily than anything I've eaten since my fill, I feel like my band is really loose tonight and I'm starving! Am trying to fight it though.

Have a good day xx

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I walked and I have the blisters to prove it!

Afternoon all,

Thank you for all your comments, I love that you all take the time to read my nonsense!

Went to the cinema last night, we saw Grown Ups as planned and it was really good, so funny. How beautiful is Salma Hayek? I have a big girl crush on her, she is stunning.
I did well, didn't eat any junk, just took a cereal bar with me.

But the scale still says 16st (224 lbs), its been 4 days, I'm ok with it still but its getting a bit old now.
The scale being stuck prompted me to walk to my blood donation appointment, we think that its about 3 miles each way, wore trainers but got a horrible blister so changed in to flip flops on way back, not ideal for walking but no more blisters. I really need to invest in some trainers to walk in, it seems that mine are too big around the toes and so they rub.
I had decided that I would get Paul to pick me up rather than walk back, the way back is mainly down hill but my blister was hurting, tried to call him but no answer so started walking back, I was ok by the time he called back so walked the whole way. I had some cake at the cafe down the road when I met with Paul and the kids but figured I deserved it! I've not actually eaten lunch yet because of that, must do that shortly.
Bad news when I went to give blood, my iron levels were too low and they didn't want it. I've looked in to foods which are iron rich and I do eat them but really must concentrate on eating more of them, I really don't want to resort to iron tablets, black poo! yuk!!

Just making some turkey chilli, have added extra kidney beans for extra iron! The really worrying thing is that I was once rejected for donating blood before and found out the next day that I was pregnant with George! I'm pretty sure its not possible but its frightening!

Have a lovely day all, really hoping that I can report a loss tomorrow. xx

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Hope that everyone is having a good Saturday.

I'm feeling really positive today, I feel that my band is finally working, I'm still 16st (224 lbs) and have been for the past 2 days but I'm ok with that, I know that it will drop. I went to the gym last night and this morning and felt really good despite having not been for the last 2 weeks.

I bought a Boden top on ebay the other day and it arrived today, its a UK 20 (US 16 I think) and its cotton rather than jersey, I didn't think that it would fit and thought that I'd just put it away until it did. It came today, I looked at it and didn't think it would fit, tried it on and it fits really nicely, I liked it that much that I've worn it today. I've also had my hair cut and coloured and my eyebrows (and upper lip!!) waxed and I look quite hot today, even if I do say so myself, I might even take and post a picture later!

We have a babysitter tonight, yippee!! No point going out to eat really because although I could eat a starter portion I should think I'm not really as interested in food as I once was. Think that we're going to the cinema, there isn't much on but we'll probably see Grown ups, I fancy something silly.

Have a lovely weekend lovelies!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Why did someone buy my daughter a recorder?

I've been up with the kids since 6am, Isobel has unearthed her recorder, its the worst noise in the world bar non! Especially this early, she has been told repeatedly not to play it but we're still getting the odd note. Nice at 6am without enough coffee!

Awful weather here, its been raining for days, I may need to begin building an ark! I really shouldn't complain, after all I strongly dislike very hot weather but come on! The kids are off school, every indoor activity is packed and we end up having to stay home. We were planning a big day out today but that's not going to happen now.

It's George's 3rd birthday in 2 weeks, I need to begin practising making his cake, he wants a brum cake, brum is a little yellow car that he's obsessed with, I have no artistic ability at all, luckily Paul is much better, I'll be baking the cake and he'll be building the car, we're having a trial run this weekend, wish us luck!

Scale is ok at the moment, I saw 16st 0 (and 3/4's) (224 & 3/4 lbs) yesterday and today was 16st 0 (& 1/4) so half a pound down, I'm really hoping to see 15st something tomorrow, so far this week I have done no exercise at all, I've not been able to get to the gym with the kids being home and we would normally be out and about walking a fair bit but the weather is so awful we've been stuck in all week, Paul is working from home today so I hope to go to the gym today and will go on Saturday, on Sunday I'm donating blood and if the weather is ok I might think about walking there, it must be at least an hours walk from here but just dependent on the weather.

Off to read your blogs, my laptop is acting up this morning I'm still considering an ipad, anyone have one?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

5 month bandiversary

I was banded 5 months ago today, can't believe how quickly it has gone! In that time I've lost 2 stone (28 pounds) I only really felt restriction for the first time after my fill last week so I'm quite pleased with that.

My kids go back to school in 2 and a half weeks, I can hardly wait! As usual Isobel is being very trying, just at the moment she's not wanting to eat any meals, she'd eat junk all day long but I've thrown away so much food lately, she refused a cheese sandwich at lunch time (bread not right) and lasangne at dinner time (too crispy??) It's driving me to distraction, I sent her to bed after the dinner fiasco. I wouldn't mind if she actually tried the bloody food before rejecting it!
Please tell me that this too shall pass, we seem to be constantly battling, she's 5!
I can't imagine ever rejecting any food at all as a child I ate everything put in front of me, perhaps that's why I needed a band? One good thing could be that she isn't like me!

Hope that everyone is well, I'm going to go and bang my head against a wall repeatedly! xx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Good news/bad news

Weighed in this morning at 16st 1lb, which is 225 lbs. This is my lowest but I've been here before, I do feel confident that I can get under this quite soon though so I'm happy enough.

The bad news is that we've lost the house, someone made an offer last week and was in a position to proceed, the estate agent haven't actually let us know, we saw it on the internet, great!
There is some land next to our house, its a quay as we live by a river, its very rarely used and we've managed to find out who owns it and have made an offer for it, the offer is way over what its worth but we've always been told that the guy who owns it wouldn't sell so it had to be a big enough offer to turn his head. We'll see how that goes, if we get it it would mean that we wouldn't be looking to move any more as out door space is what we need. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Home today with the kids, roll on the 9th of September when they go back to school/nursery. We need to shop a little and will probably go to a local town for the library and Izzy's art club.
Have a good day all x

Monday, 23 August 2010

So happy to be home!

Got home from my Dads about 2 hours ago, am so pleased to be home!

Weather was awful, constant rain, kids were sharing a room which meant not much sleep for anyone! My Dad lives in Bournemouth which has a big air show which was meant to be this weekend but couldn't happen due to the weather, Paul was gutted.

Anyway, more importantly, I had a fill last Tuesday. I thought that I might struggle to get 1cc as the last time I saw this nurse she was reluctant to give me this much, she must have relaxed as I ended up with 1.3cc's, I now have 7.3 in a 14cc band, she was going to give me more but said that when she tried to add more the fluid came back up the needle so she thought that I'd got enough. I was able to drink without a problem. I went straight on to my inlaws, we were staying with them, they don't know about the band and I was meant to be on fluids. I tried to eat a little of what they cooked but couldn't really, I was having to drink a lot and kept feeling stuck.
I think that I can honestly say that I have restriction, I'm fairly satisfied with small meals but am having a bit of trouble with getting stuck.
I've also eaten lots of chocolate, goodness knows why, I think that I was in holiday mode so that stops now. Not sure of my weight just now, don't think i've gained anything but will weigh in tomorrow and see.

I went shopping after my fill, I went to Marylebone High St which is around the corner from the hospital I go too, this was Justine's ( ) fault completely as I'd never been there before and she posted about going there a few weeks ago, it's a lovely place to shop and I spent lots. I wonder if I can convince my husband that it wasn't my fault?

Remember my friend N who i'd not heard from since I'd told her about my band? I called her and left a message a week or so ago, she left a message whilst I was away so looks like things might be ok.

Hope that everyone is well, I've been reading a little from my Dad's, have missed you all!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

4 pounds up!

Not sure what is going on with my body! I'm 4 pounds higher than I was 2 days ago, I must admit that I've had a few tom cravings but I don't think that I've given in too much, we've eaten out a couple of days too but I don't feel that I've over done it at all. We did lots of walking and I went to the gym on Thursday and Friday. This morning, despite not drinking or eating over night I'm even half a pound heavier than I was last night! How is that possible, must be absorbing something through my skin! Never mind, I'm sure it will sort its self out.

We went to a regatta in a town nearby on Saturday, it was good, we walked a fair way and had a look around, seems odd to be doing it without Isobel, especially as we bumped in to 2 of her classmates who wanted to know where she was.

I'm spending the day packing today as we're off tomorrow to my in laws to pick up Isobel, then we're going on to my Dad's on the south coast so I've got lots to remember. Paul is driving to his parents with George and is dropping me in London as I have a fill and will go on by train.

Not sure when I'll be updating my blog again, will probably be away about a week, wonder if this will be the fill that gets me to my sweet spot? Will be difficult to explain to my in laws who have no idea about my band that I won't be eating for a day or two and having only liquids. They think I'm meeting a friend for lunch in London so I will probably claim I had a big lunch and am not hungry, will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Have a wonderful week all, will update as soon as I'm back x

Friday, 13 August 2010

I got an award!

Thank you so much to Sparkler for my award, I'm afraid that I don't know how to link her blog to here as i'm a luddite!

Here are the rules for this award:

1.Thank the person giving the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

Thank you to Sparkler, her blog is fantastic and well worth a read.

Share 7 things about yourself. I'm so boring that this will be hard!

My parents split up when I was 18, my mother was having an affair, it was an awful time, my Dad was devastated.
My Dad is going out with a fantastic lady called Janis, she was his first ever girlfriend when they were 18, they're 62 now, they got back in touch with one another about 3 years via friends reunited and have been together ever since.
I think that my mum is extremely selfish and I resent her for it, maybe I'm selfish? She lives about 40 minutes drive away and we hardly ever see her, she is really missing out on my children who think that she's fantastic, I just don't get it.
I have a brother, James, who is 14 years younger than me, he's kind of like my first child, I think that he knows i'd do anything for him.
Although I moan about estate agents, I'm not sure that I want to sell our house, I'm worried about increasing our mortgage by so much money to buy the new house.
My Grandma is 94 and is now in a home, I've always been really close to her, she's been really ill 5 times over the last 8 years and we've been certain that she was about to die but she keeps coming back.
I wonder if its my fault that my daughter has a peanut allergy, I ate peanut butter a lot when I was pregnant with her.

Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs. Breaking the rules, not just new blogs

I've learnt so much from all these blogs and many others (who have already got loads of awards) thank you all.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

So, I took your advice.

Happy Thursday morning all, grey and horrible here today, I complained so much about the heat that I will accept the greyness without (much) complaint!

Thanks so much for your advice on my friend., you are all right, there is no point loosing a friendship over it, I think that the frustrating thing is that I don't know what it is! I think that Linda got it right when she said how emotive our weight is.
So I decided to call her this morning, no one home but left a message on the answer phone saying Hello, hope they're all ok and I'll speak to her soon. When I do speak to her I won't mention the band or anything about weight loss and only talk about it if she does. Hope that I hear back from her.

Scale was ok today, 16st 1 (and 3/4's!) 225lb's, think that I'm having a TOM bloat, put on jeans yesterday which have been quite tight around the waist when sitting, but thought that they should be much more comfortable as i'm a few pounds down from when I last wore them, wrong, they were horribly tight so will just sit back and wait for it to go. It's very unusual for me, I don't normally gain at TOM unless I eat lots of rubbish of course.

I have a new perfume, actually I got it at Christmas and then forgot all about it, its Sarah JP's covet, I think I like it but I'm not sure. I bought chanel no 5 for my wedding day (almost 8 years ago!) and have wore it ever since so I'm on the look out for new perfume, any recommendations?

My little brother (23) is going off to a heavy metal festival today, I'm having to sit on my hands as I really want to reply to his face book status saying be careful! I'm so old!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

friend dilemma and the dreaded bounce!

Morning all,

I posted a couple of months ago about a dilemma with a friend, she was someone who I know had looked in to weight loss surgery and had lost about 150lbs on a very low cal diet, one of the ones with the food packs but the last time I had seen her she had gained a fair amount of it back.

I tried to call her for weeks before and after my surgery, I ended up catching her by e-mail on facebook, had a couple of replies as we were chatting, I told her about the surgery and didn't hear back from her and haven't heard from her at all since. I don't know why, I don't know if she's jealous or angry or she's had some kind some of surgery and is struggling, I just don't know.
I've sent her an invitation to George's party (she has a son) so I'll see if I hear back from her, I just don't know what the problem is.

Scale was horrible today, for some reason I was 16st 3, 227 lbs. Yesterday and the day before I was really good, my TOM is due soon so think it could be hormonal, i'm ok about it, i'm not going to rush out and eat as much junk as I can get my hands on which is a huge departure for me!

Isobel is loving Gloucestershire and is being spoilt rotten, she's apparently going to a business meeting tomorrow she just told me, have no idea?
George is still teething, poor thing, we're going to get his hair cut today, he has fully agreed to it but it normally is an ordeal. Wish me luck!

Have a lovely day all xx

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Good morning all,

Weighed in this morning after a fantastic day yesterday but didn't see 16st 2, I saw 16st 1!! which is 225 pounds! Total of 28 pounds lost, this is a big milestone for me as that's 2 stone lost since I started the pre-op diet.

I have an online friend, I know her through a forum, she is having a gastric bypass and starts her pre-op diet today, it's low carb/med protein and about 900 cals per day, the poor thing has to do it for 6 weeks! I just can't imagine doing that for 6 weeks.

Nothing at all happening with me today at all, will try and get George out for a walk, he seems to be ok, bit moany but nothing unusual there!

Have a good Monday, all!

She's gone!

Isobel has been despatched to the Cotswolds, I was really quite sad, she could hardly wait! I'm not going to see her for 11 days, although I have told her that if she needs me I will come to her, she told me not to bother, she'd be fine!
We met at Costco, we were early so went for a drink, Isobel had an ice cream, I had coffee, we had lunch after we shopped and I had a chicken salad with no dressing, I really wanted pizza! I bought some gummy bear vitamins, thanks for the heads up Linda! I bought some fantastic sun dried tomato's too and some quite boring stuff.

Scale was great today, 16st 3, 227lbs, this is a pound higher than my lowest, have been 227 lots of times but only 226 once! We're having a healthyish dinner tonight so am hoping to see 226 again tomorrow. Although I have spent most of the day driving and other than walking around Costco i've done nothing. Must try and at least walk tomorrow.

George isn't too well, seems to be getting a back tooth and its having lots of side effects, I won't share, it really would be tmi!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lovely lunch

Not very band friendly I shouldn't think be there you are. I had a slice of fruited soda bread with goats cheese & salad (from the garden) with balsamic dressing, it was fantastic. I didn't eat too much, there must be lots of protein in the goats cheese and salad is good for me surely! I went to the gym this morning too.

There was a farmers market in our village today, the cheese and soda bread came from there. There was also a lady selling drawings and paintings, she had a small pastel drawing for sale of the house that we want to buy, I bought it, not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Nothing at all happening with the house, not a sausage. Got very hopeful today when a couple in their 50's appeared at the door, did the estate agent not let us know about a viewing? I thought. No, it was Jehovah witnesses!

Scale said 16st 5lb today which is 229 lbs. I'm ok with that, I was hungry yesterday, really hungry, I tried to make good choices and snacked on granola, I know that snacking is not good but I was very hungry.

I made a fantastic dinner last night, I think that it's quite band friendly, recipe here I used skinless chicken breast and reduced fat mascarpone, I also added some green olives which I think added to it but I am an olive addict and would think that. We had it with brown rice but to be quite honest, I don't think that it needed anything much with it.

My little girl is going away tomorrow, she's going to the Cotswolds to stay with my Aunt and get spoilt. Izzy can't wait, she's gone out with Paul to get some books to take with her, not story books, she loves exercise books, sums and words, I sound like a boastful mummy but I try not to be, she is incredibly bright, in fact she won the form award to school this year but she is extremely challenging! George has a much more laid back and sweeter personality. Tomorrow i'm meeting my Aunt half way at Costco of all places, if anyone can think of anything that I really must buy there pls let me know (you never know, exciting US products might have made it over here!)

Off to pack for her! Have a lovely weekend all.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Estate agent moan

I hate estate agents, I always hate them but its only when I deal with them that I remember how much I really really really hate them. Long story which is very dull and I won't bore you with but the crux of it is that they have now decided that our house is worth £20k less than then valued it at, amazing that the house has devalued that much in 2 weeks!
I will apologise in advance, I feel that this might be the first of many posts about how much I hate estate agents!

Have been good since Monday and as of this morning i'm down to 16st 4 lbs (228lbs) Its great that its come off so quickly but I am bored of being this weight, I really want to be 15st something, i'm going to be this weight when I go for my fill, that's 12 days away, if I don't sabotage myself I should get there easily.

Took George to the zoo yesterday with my Brother in law, we were there for 4 and a half hours and we spent at least 3 hours of that marching around. My BIL is so different to my husband (not in a good way) it was ok but i'm glad that I don't have to do it often. I also went to the gym last night which i'm pleased about, might try and go tonight too if Paul gets home early enough.

Good news! George just did a number 2 on the potty! But has insisted on having a nappy on now, will this boy ever be toilet trained??????

Off to catch up on your blogs, hope that everyone is well x

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Thank you

Thanks for all your supportive messages yesterday, i'm just so frustrated. I'm not very good at dieting, thats why i'm fat! I know that its going to take a while to get the band adjusted correctly and my circumstances dictate that I just can't get to the Dr's often enough but I will get there eventually.

Taking the kids to the fill with me is a no go. Actually, Isobel would be fine, just very nosey and would want to talk to everyone. If I could drive to the hospital George would probably be ok at a push but the journey there and back is long and I need to use public transport as its in central London and it would be a nightmare.

I am thinking that straight after this fill i'll book another for a month's time and sort out how i'm going to get there after that, Paul is really good and will take time off if possible but he's busy so its tricky.

Despite saying that I wouldn't, I did stand on the scales today, i'm down 1.5 pounds but i'm not celebrating it at all, i'm trying not to care what the scale says at all.

George has been quite ill this last day or 2 so we're stuck at home, poor thing has had a really upset tummy, it was so bad that I had to hose the garden down yesterday, this was despite him wearing a nappy! Awful.

Anyway, sorry for my grumpiness, thanks for your support!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Failed bandster?

Its dawned on me that i've been loosing and gaining the same 7 pounds since the last week in June, I'm begining to think that I might one of the percentage who fails, I don't know what is wrong with me.

I do have a problem with getting fills, Its so far and unless Paul is off I have no one to look after the kids, I had my last fill on the 8th of june and my next is booked for the 17 of August, I have 6 cc's in a 14cc band and can't imagine that i'll be at my sweet spot for at least another 2 or 3 visits as they don't like to give me more than 1cc at a time, I have to fight to get more than a half on my last visit.

Needless to say that i'm up again, 16st 9lbs this morning, thats 233lbs again. I'm bored of it. I think that i'm going to try and stay off the scales, they just depress me.

In other news, Izzy is still being a bit of a pain but she's attending a summer school from 9 til 3 every day. George was up half of the night last night, he seems to have a cold but has a croup type barking cough and was covered in sweat, i've had to wash everything today, even his pillow. Alison with not enough sleep is not a happy girl.

Hope that everyone else is well.