Sunday, 8 August 2010

She's gone!

Isobel has been despatched to the Cotswolds, I was really quite sad, she could hardly wait! I'm not going to see her for 11 days, although I have told her that if she needs me I will come to her, she told me not to bother, she'd be fine!
We met at Costco, we were early so went for a drink, Isobel had an ice cream, I had coffee, we had lunch after we shopped and I had a chicken salad with no dressing, I really wanted pizza! I bought some gummy bear vitamins, thanks for the heads up Linda! I bought some fantastic sun dried tomato's too and some quite boring stuff.

Scale was great today, 16st 3, 227lbs, this is a pound higher than my lowest, have been 227 lots of times but only 226 once! We're having a healthyish dinner tonight so am hoping to see 226 again tomorrow. Although I have spent most of the day driving and other than walking around Costco i've done nothing. Must try and at least walk tomorrow.

George isn't too well, seems to be getting a back tooth and its having lots of side effects, I won't share, it really would be tmi!


  1. Hi Alison, keep your eye on the prize. Glad you're heading back down again and i really hope you see 226lb again tomorrow. You can do it. Sending you good vibes. xx

  2. The time that Isobel is gone will give you time to keep the house picked up for the sale. She will have great experiences to boot!

  3. Hoping you see 226 tomorrow.