Thursday, 5 August 2010

Estate agent moan

I hate estate agents, I always hate them but its only when I deal with them that I remember how much I really really really hate them. Long story which is very dull and I won't bore you with but the crux of it is that they have now decided that our house is worth £20k less than then valued it at, amazing that the house has devalued that much in 2 weeks!
I will apologise in advance, I feel that this might be the first of many posts about how much I hate estate agents!

Have been good since Monday and as of this morning i'm down to 16st 4 lbs (228lbs) Its great that its come off so quickly but I am bored of being this weight, I really want to be 15st something, i'm going to be this weight when I go for my fill, that's 12 days away, if I don't sabotage myself I should get there easily.

Took George to the zoo yesterday with my Brother in law, we were there for 4 and a half hours and we spent at least 3 hours of that marching around. My BIL is so different to my husband (not in a good way) it was ok but i'm glad that I don't have to do it often. I also went to the gym last night which i'm pleased about, might try and go tonight too if Paul gets home early enough.

Good news! George just did a number 2 on the potty! But has insisted on having a nappy on now, will this boy ever be toilet trained??????

Off to catch up on your blogs, hope that everyone is well x


  1. Hope you had a nice walk! Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck with your weight loss adventures! :)

  2. George will get the hang of it!!!

  3. Yes: George will be toilet trained-- I had the same fears about my little one. It just takes times with boys.
    A bit of advice, give him lots of food that makes it easy to go so poops are soft-- you don't want hard poops making him scared to do the deed!
    I wish I could send you my estate agent over the pond b/c I love her-- if we ever sell our house (she helped us find and purchase our current home) I will use her again.