Thursday, 26 August 2010

Why did someone buy my daughter a recorder?

I've been up with the kids since 6am, Isobel has unearthed her recorder, its the worst noise in the world bar non! Especially this early, she has been told repeatedly not to play it but we're still getting the odd note. Nice at 6am without enough coffee!

Awful weather here, its been raining for days, I may need to begin building an ark! I really shouldn't complain, after all I strongly dislike very hot weather but come on! The kids are off school, every indoor activity is packed and we end up having to stay home. We were planning a big day out today but that's not going to happen now.

It's George's 3rd birthday in 2 weeks, I need to begin practising making his cake, he wants a brum cake, brum is a little yellow car that he's obsessed with, I have no artistic ability at all, luckily Paul is much better, I'll be baking the cake and he'll be building the car, we're having a trial run this weekend, wish us luck!

Scale is ok at the moment, I saw 16st 0 (and 3/4's) (224 & 3/4 lbs) yesterday and today was 16st 0 (& 1/4) so half a pound down, I'm really hoping to see 15st something tomorrow, so far this week I have done no exercise at all, I've not been able to get to the gym with the kids being home and we would normally be out and about walking a fair bit but the weather is so awful we've been stuck in all week, Paul is working from home today so I hope to go to the gym today and will go on Saturday, on Sunday I'm donating blood and if the weather is ok I might think about walking there, it must be at least an hours walk from here but just dependent on the weather.

Off to read your blogs, my laptop is acting up this morning I'm still considering an ipad, anyone have one?


  1. Looking at the title of your blog you have to know the person who bought your daughter a recorder truly hates you lol.
    Know what you mean about the weather! I can't believe there is any rain left up there.
    Well done on the weight loss. I wonder if giving blood will make you under 16? Just a thought.
    Good luck.

  2. You're doing great on the weight loss front... I have an Ibook and am a newer mac users-- can't really speak to the Ipad.

  3. no ipad here but I want one so bad!!

    When we were like 8 here in the states, our music teacher all had us buy recorders and we learned to play them in class and practice at home! I musta put my parents through hell!

    Good luck with the cake! :)

  4. No ipad here and I don't want one -- they look way too awkward and silly to use.

    Do your grocery stores make cakes? Can you just order one in the car-shape he wants?

  5. Hope you have a good workout.

  6. Alison, thanks so much for your sweet comments. And congrats on 5 months, you are doing SO GREAT so far!

  7. Hubby has an ipad, or should I say soon to be ex hubby! I forgotten whats its like to have a conversation. Needless to say he can't put his down but NOT portable.

  8. Insane isn't it when you think of someone from here that you haven't even "met" and they enter in to your daily life!! :)