Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lovely lunch

Not very band friendly I shouldn't think be there you are. I had a slice of fruited soda bread with goats cheese & salad (from the garden) with balsamic dressing, it was fantastic. I didn't eat too much, there must be lots of protein in the goats cheese and salad is good for me surely! I went to the gym this morning too.

There was a farmers market in our village today, the cheese and soda bread came from there. There was also a lady selling drawings and paintings, she had a small pastel drawing for sale of the house that we want to buy, I bought it, not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Nothing at all happening with the house, not a sausage. Got very hopeful today when a couple in their 50's appeared at the door, did the estate agent not let us know about a viewing? I thought. No, it was Jehovah witnesses!

Scale said 16st 5lb today which is 229 lbs. I'm ok with that, I was hungry yesterday, really hungry, I tried to make good choices and snacked on granola, I know that snacking is not good but I was very hungry.

I made a fantastic dinner last night, I think that it's quite band friendly, recipe here I used skinless chicken breast and reduced fat mascarpone, I also added some green olives which I think added to it but I am an olive addict and would think that. We had it with brown rice but to be quite honest, I don't think that it needed anything much with it.

My little girl is going away tomorrow, she's going to the Cotswolds to stay with my Aunt and get spoilt. Izzy can't wait, she's gone out with Paul to get some books to take with her, not story books, she loves exercise books, sums and words, I sound like a boastful mummy but I try not to be, she is incredibly bright, in fact she won the form award to school this year but she is extremely challenging! George has a much more laid back and sweeter personality. Tomorrow i'm meeting my Aunt half way at Costco of all places, if anyone can think of anything that I really must buy there pls let me know (you never know, exciting US products might have made it over here!)

Off to pack for her! Have a lovely weekend all.


  1. I get my gummy vitamins at Costco they are so good. Not sure if they'll have them there.

  2. I love me some goat cheese.