Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Early Thursday morning

Morning all,

Woke early this morning and decided to sneak down the stairs for some tea and some quiet time before the monkey's wake up, managed to wake George and am now sat enjoying my quiet time with George watching very loud television, great!

No real band news, I weighed in at 16st 3 today which is 227 lbs. I've been doing ok but am allowing a little naughty snacking to creep in which I must stop. I'm going to the gym today, I missed it on Tuesday as I had to go to a teddy bears picnic at George's nursery, was very cute, they made teddy bear hats.

I bought some clothes yesterday in Laura Ashley, i've never bought clothes in LA before, I didn't realise they went up to a UK 20 (US 16) I bought brown linen tailored trousers and a couple of tops, everything fits but is just a little tight, i'm not sure what to do with it, it was quite expensive and as I plan to hopefully only be wearing it for a short time I may need to return it.

Isobel has 1 full week left at school and then she's off for 8 weeks, 8 weeks! Not quite sure how i'm going to get through this time! I have planned a few activities and she has a couple of weeks summer school and visiting relatives etc. We're also going to Center Parcs (v kid friendly holiday park type place set in the forest, slightly more upmarket than your average holiday park, lots of families head to toe in Boden!) in a couple of weeks. George and Izzy being off is going to really curtail me getting to the gym, i'm going to have to try and work some exercise in with them in tow, wish me luck!

Going to catch up reading blogs, George keeps sticking his head in front of my laptop, he is obviously just enjoying reading all your updates!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Oh dear

(World cup) England are out, they played badly, in fact after about 30 minutes I stopped watching and ironed the kids school uniforms! Ghana to win for me although I think that Argentina will win.

Anyway, enough football talk! I walked to the gym again yesterday, it was very hot again but the walk was fine apart from the blisters afterwards, that combined with the heat meant that I had a good weekend and didn't over eat.

I stood on the scales this morning as I do every morning and several times during the day, my weighing in once a week is long gone! I saw 16st 3lbs (227 lbs), weighed again 227, weighed again 228 and then gave up, my scales are rubbish, I will treat myself to some new scales as soon as I find some that have good reviews, I can't stand the way they are not accurate.

Hope that everyone is doing well, I have a busy week this week, Teddy bears picnic at George's nursery tomorrow and a baby shower on Wednesday. We don't really have baby showers in the UK, its a new thing for us, any ideas for easy to play games would be appreciated.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

First pb

Morning all,

Its 6.44 and I'm downstairs alone, I need alone time in the morning, why is it once I shimmy down the stairs as quietly as possible, make coffee quietly and then sit down that both children wake up? Not fair.

Had my first pb last night, I was really good all day, after the gym I had lunch, scrambled eggs, cheese and a little toast followed by fruit salad, didn't eat anything at all until about 7 when Paul made us marinaded chicken with saffron rice, it was lovely but it was dry! I managed about a quarter, I was trying to chew properly but was quite hungry. I started to feel quite stuck which was uncomfortable, not sliming though, after about 10 minutes I thought i'd have some water to move it, big mistake! Felt dreadful and very very stuck, decided to go to the bathroom but made my husband come with me as I thought I might die in there when suddenly the water came back up, the food was still stuck but it felt much much better with the water gone, I didn't eat or drink anything for a while and gradually felt ok.
Didn't eat any more food other than some chocolate with a cup of tea later on, special chocolate full of anti oxidents, almost a health food!

Today I weighed in at 16st 4lbs, 228 lbs. That's a total of 25 pounds lost, I was banded 3 months ago. I feel that i've lost very slowly, mainly as I haven't got my eating habits under control, guess that this will be helped once i've had another fill. But, I'm ok with 25 pounds, if someone told me that i've loose that much on the 5 day pre-op and the last 3 month's I would have happily taken it.

Am going to the gym again this morning, I think that I might walk, its going to be very hot again but i'm going fairly early so should be ok.
It's the England v Germany world cup match this afternoon, my husband is stressed, we have a really bad record at playing football against Germany, especially when it comes to penalties, Mr Alison will not be a happy chappy later on.
Shame about the USA going out, I really felt for the team afterwards. Am happy that there is an African country left in though, if England don't win i'd like Ghana to win!

I did it

Was fine, bit hot but ok, have a couple of blisters but my trainers seemed slightly big, perhaps i've lost weight from my feet!

I messed up with the party, thought it was at 2, was drying my hair at 1230 when my phone rang, it was another mother asking for directions and if I was there yet, party started at 12 so Paul dashed off with Isobel, she wouldn't go without her make up on! They got there ok and only missed an hour of the party, feel rotten for not checking.

Think that I will walk to the gym tomorrow too, i'll soon have glute's of steel!

Friday, 25 June 2010

I promise....

That today I will walk to the gym.

Its very warm here at 7.30am its about 25c (about 77f) I live in a nice village which has a river running through it. There is a path along the river which I can walk along to get to the gym, it will take about 35-40 minutes, i'm not sure on the distance as its a quite rough and bumpy track and I don't walk that fast.

I'm promising here to walk to the gym this morning, have been toying with the idea but figured if I wrote it here I might just do it!

My daughter has a party this afternoon, its one of her school friends (yet again!) the mother of this friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, she has a mastectomy on Wednesday, I don't really know her as she has a nanny so we rarely see her at school but I'm so sad that she is having to go through this. I have no idea what to say, i'm just not very good in those kind of situations and i'm sure that she doesn't want all 20+ mums talking about it when they go in her house, she may not even be there, I feel a little uncomfortable about it but will just play it by ear. It could be that she isn't actually at the party but I do know that she was planning to be.

Weighed in at 16st 6lb's (230 lbs) today, a pound heavier than my lowest, i'm sort of ok with that but I don't want to be staying the same/gaining, I want to be loosing. I really need to sort out that fill.

Have a good day all, I will report back about walking to the gym xx

Quick update of nothingness

Sorry for not blogging for a while, my life is truly very dull and there is little to say.
The restriction I found last week coincided with my period, period went and so did my restriction! I've been ok all in all, eating more than I ought and struggling a little but am at more or less the same weight.

I need to book a fill, its just so difficult to get Paul to have time off so I can go for a fill, its a 4 hour round trip at least.

I had a chicken wrap in Mcdonalds tonight after i'd taken the kids swimming, I'd checked the calories and it wasn't terrible, I felt a little stuck a couple of times whilst eating it so think that i'm probably not too far away from restriction, I hope not anyway.

Hope that everyone is doing well. Will try and live a more exciting life so I have more to say!
Ooh, I did buy an Aspray's purse, its gorgeous.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Just had to note this!

Sorry, 2 boring blog entries in one day!

I just had lunch, (home grown) rocket, tomato's, cucumber, cheese and chicken breast. I was eating really slowly and I got about 2 3rds through and suddenly thought that I didn't need any more, I didn't feel full, I felt satisfied I suppose.

This is a new feeling for me, I normally just eat and eat and eat. I'm really pleased but fully aware that this might be a one off.

Also, my (UK) size 20 jeans which have been a little tight and slightly uncomfortable seem a bit looser today.

Am going to celebrate the above by taking the kids to the zoo after school and hopefully having a good walk (if I can tear them away from the play area!)

Down a pound!

Yay, stood on the scales this morning and i'm down to 16st 5lbs which is excellent and a all time low, that's 229 lbs, total loss of 24 lbs. Am very pleased.

I wasn't overly hungry yesterday, was eating lots of protein though, in fact my total calorie intake was so low that I had a protein shake last night. I'm finding that I have no interest in food in the morning, I have a shake but am having to force it down, doesn't help that i'm running around after the kids as we have to be out of the house early. I'm thinking about food now but I think that that could be head hunger rather than real hunger.
I'm addicted to an app on my itouch at the moment, its a word game, that's really helping take my mind off eating!

Have helped out an elderly neighbour today by giving him a lift to see his wife (who's in a nursing home) George and I have spent the morning in Brightlingsea, it wasn't bright but there was some sea! Was a very nice place with nice people, must go back when the weather is nice.
Off to catch up on some blogs x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Eating home grown rocket for lunch.


Nothing very exciting going on, I really am very dull, I suggest you all go and read more exciting blogs, mine is boring.

The most exciting thing that has happened today was picking rocket from the garden and eating it for lunch with pesto chicken (lovely!) tomato's, cucumber and cheese (sadly, non home made)

Scales are ok, weighing 16st 6lbs - 16st 7lbs (230/231 lbs), they don't seem to be going down even though I am doing quite well, i'm hoping for a sudden drop of 2 or 3 pounds soon!

Have been exercising, gym sat, sun and today and a long walk with George yesterday.

Talking of George, have any of you stolen my adorable almost 3 year old and replaced him with a moany teenager? If I call his name he automatically says no! I'm his most favourite person in the world, what's happening?

Hope everyone else is doing well, I have been reading blogs but every now and again my laptop decides not to connect to the internet and my itouch doesn't seem to like blogger. Am considering getting an ipad, anyone got one?

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Match just about to start, I really need England to win or the husband will be sulking.

He's out watching the match, I though i'd buy some marshmallows as a treat for me for the evening, I thought that the couldn't be too bad as they're fat free. Fat free they are but each on is 25 cals! How can that be? I've eaten most of the bag which i've just realised adds up to almost 500 cals! How ridiculous is that. Makes my total for the day about 1450 cals which I guess isn't the end of the world.

Took the kids to a childrens festival today, they loved it.
Isobel and I popped to the supermarket this afternoon, we saw a young man being arrested for shop lifting, it made me really sad for him, I don't know why, stupid to be taken away in handcuffs in a police van for the sake of a milkshake.

Anyway, can I again say COME ON ENGLAND, you have no idea how excited my husband is!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Happy Friday!

My husband is beyond excited as the World Cup (football/soccer) is just about to start, he loves football, it goes on for a month! A month!!
Last night I was in panic mode as my laptop decided that it would no longer link to the internet, can you imagine evenings of him watching the football and me sat there doing nothing or worse still having to do housework to help the time pass!!

Happily it seems to be working again today, have downloaded Google Chrome as Firefox just wouldn't work and internet explorer was just awful.
I am considering buying an ipad, anyone have one? Not sure if i'd get on with it.

Band news!
There isn't any really, just realised that I've not talked about the band at all yet.
Went on to mush foods last night as I was starving, I did almost 3 days liquids, will do another couple of days of soft food. Feel ok, not sure though if I was really desperately hungry yesterday or if it was head hunger.
The scales say 16st 7lbs, which is 231 lbs, just 1 lb heavier than my lowest last week, hopefully will see 16st 6 tomorrow.

Off to read the blogs I missed yesterday, have a good day x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Just want to apologise to anyone I freaked out yesterday talking about my fill. It really wasn't too bad at all, they only inserted the needle twice, they just kind of poke around trying to find the right place whilst its still inserted, I was just looking for sympathy!

Today is going well so far, although *tmi* I have a really upset stomach, not sure why, it might be wondering why i'm not eating lots of rubbish and panicing a little, I don't know! George had a bad nappy too, maybe we have a little bug but I feel ok.

I've stuck to liquids, have had

Shake for breakfast,
(skim)Latte for morning coffee with the school mums
Diet coke
Mushrooms soup for lunch
Shake at about 5pm
Bean and lentil soup for dinner at 730

Will probably have another shake and/or some yoghurt.

Does anyone else have a 14cc AP large band? If so do you mind telling me how much fluid you have in it and do you have restriction? I know that everyone is different but i'm just interested (nosey!)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I am filled

Went for my fill today, seemed to take forever, drive to the station, train in to London (cost £40!!!) on the tube, walked out at Baker St station and it was chucking it down so ended up in a tourist shop buying an umbrella, was crazy in there, not sure what nationality the tourists were in there but they were very keen on knocking me out of the way just so they could buy their union flag pen!

Anyway, got there and was taken in to be weighed, i've lost 3.5 pounds since my last visit according to their scales which weigh me 4 pounds heavier than mine.

Went to talk to the nurse fill lady, she was very nice, lots of advice, asked if i'd have a student in there whilst they were doing the fill which I agreed to. First we talked about how much she'd add, she said 0.5cc, I said no way, I have 5cc's in a 14cc band, getting to the hospital is a major mission for me, half a cc was pointless, she went to talk to the boss who said I could have 1cc, I was really hoping for 2.

Lots and lots of prodding from nurse and trainee, put needle in and kept hitting plastic, went on for ages, brought the boss in who finally found it and added the 1cc. Apparently its deep which I think means that it has an amazing amount of fat over it!

I'm being very good and have had soup and a shake for dinner, have been eating loads and loads recently so am going to try and be a good bandster, I fear that this fill won't give me any restriction but am hoping to be wrong.

Hope that everyone is well, have been trying to catch up with everyones blogs.

2nd fill today

Isn't it odd that I don't post very much when i'm not doing very well! Does anyone else treat the days before a fill as final feast days??
Just me then!

Will be back later (hopefully with restriction!)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Scale woe's

Why did I break my rule and stand on the scales again today?

Firstly, I was wrong yesterday, the scale said 16 6 on saturday and 16 7 yesterday (231 lbs) so I was up a pound, the scale today said 16st 8 and 3/4's! (almost 233)
I didn't have a great day yesterday, I was stuck in the car for most of the afternoon, I met my aunt at Costco, had a huge muffin but had had no lunch, bought an enormous bag of pretzels and ate a fair few on the way home. The traffic was terrible so I ended up in macdonalds, not somewhere I like very much and had a chicken burger and fries, didn't eat many fries, ate all the chicken and about 2/3's of the bun and was rewarded with a huge gain! Might be the amount of salt I ate I guess.

Anyway, Isobel is with my Aunt and having a great time, she told my aunt that she always has desert after breakfast! She's just like her mother!

George and I are alone, he's insisting that Isobel is at a party! I think that we're going to go to his favourite park and i'll stick him in the pushchair and have a good walk and maybe pop down to the beach. Weather looks lovely today, i'll probably be quite grumpy later!

Hope that everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My girl is going away!

Morning all,

Hope that everyone had a good holiday weekend. Ours was ok, the highlight was going to see Sex and the city on Saturday, I loved it, especially Liza!

Today we have a childrens party (as always, had one on Sunday too) and then i'm taking Isobel to my Aunts in Gloucestershire, she is staying with her until Saturday. This is her first proper time away from us and she's so excited, I just hope that she doesn't change her mind in the middle of the night and I don't have to drive to Gloucestershire to get her!

My eating has been ok this weekend but not great, we had a family barbeque on Sunday and I didn't eat much but there wasn't much healthy food there, was ok all day yesterday and then had some chocolate last night and a couple of biscuits, more than I would normally have anyway, I did go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday though. I weighed in this morning and was 16 st 7lbs still (230 lbs) so i'm happy with than. 1 week until my fill.

Have a good Tuesday!