Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I am filled

Went for my fill today, seemed to take forever, drive to the station, train in to London (cost £40!!!) on the tube, walked out at Baker St station and it was chucking it down so ended up in a tourist shop buying an umbrella, was crazy in there, not sure what nationality the tourists were in there but they were very keen on knocking me out of the way just so they could buy their union flag pen!

Anyway, got there and was taken in to be weighed, i've lost 3.5 pounds since my last visit according to their scales which weigh me 4 pounds heavier than mine.

Went to talk to the nurse fill lady, she was very nice, lots of advice, asked if i'd have a student in there whilst they were doing the fill which I agreed to. First we talked about how much she'd add, she said 0.5cc, I said no way, I have 5cc's in a 14cc band, getting to the hospital is a major mission for me, half a cc was pointless, she went to talk to the boss who said I could have 1cc, I was really hoping for 2.

Lots and lots of prodding from nurse and trainee, put needle in and kept hitting plastic, went on for ages, brought the boss in who finally found it and added the 1cc. Apparently its deep which I think means that it has an amazing amount of fat over it!

I'm being very good and have had soup and a shake for dinner, have been eating loads and loads recently so am going to try and be a good bandster, I fear that this fill won't give me any restriction but am hoping to be wrong.

Hope that everyone is well, have been trying to catch up with everyones blogs.


  1. I hope this fill gets you where you want to be. My second fill was 1 cc and I had to get a .4 cc un-fill after. It is hard to know how much you need to get to good restriction.

  2. I hope this fill brings you more restriction!

  3. Alison---Did they numb you with all that poking? Did they make you drink water to see how well it goes down? I have my 2nd fill on Monday also---I hope I get a little restriction because I can eat any and everything!
    Good luck with your fill!!

  4. Give it a chance. It took two weeks for my tiny fill to finally make itself known. Hope you get some help from the band.

  5. Gotta tell you, these fill stories freak me out a little. Hope you get the restriction eventhough you didn't get the fill amount you wanted.

  6. They didn't numb me but they only actually inserted the needle twice, it stings a tiny bit as the skin is pierced but doesn't hurt when its in, they kind of move it around while its still in there finding the right place.

    I don't mean to freak you out Bonnie, it really wasn't bad at all, if they did that at every fill it would have been fine! I was just worried that they couldn't find it or it had flipped.