Friday, 25 June 2010

Quick update of nothingness

Sorry for not blogging for a while, my life is truly very dull and there is little to say.
The restriction I found last week coincided with my period, period went and so did my restriction! I've been ok all in all, eating more than I ought and struggling a little but am at more or less the same weight.

I need to book a fill, its just so difficult to get Paul to have time off so I can go for a fill, its a 4 hour round trip at least.

I had a chicken wrap in Mcdonalds tonight after i'd taken the kids swimming, I'd checked the calories and it wasn't terrible, I felt a little stuck a couple of times whilst eating it so think that i'm probably not too far away from restriction, I hope not anyway.

Hope that everyone is doing well. Will try and live a more exciting life so I have more to say!
Ooh, I did buy an Aspray's purse, its gorgeous.

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