Friday, 25 June 2010

I promise....

That today I will walk to the gym.

Its very warm here at 7.30am its about 25c (about 77f) I live in a nice village which has a river running through it. There is a path along the river which I can walk along to get to the gym, it will take about 35-40 minutes, i'm not sure on the distance as its a quite rough and bumpy track and I don't walk that fast.

I'm promising here to walk to the gym this morning, have been toying with the idea but figured if I wrote it here I might just do it!

My daughter has a party this afternoon, its one of her school friends (yet again!) the mother of this friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, she has a mastectomy on Wednesday, I don't really know her as she has a nanny so we rarely see her at school but I'm so sad that she is having to go through this. I have no idea what to say, i'm just not very good in those kind of situations and i'm sure that she doesn't want all 20+ mums talking about it when they go in her house, she may not even be there, I feel a little uncomfortable about it but will just play it by ear. It could be that she isn't actually at the party but I do know that she was planning to be.

Weighed in at 16st 6lb's (230 lbs) today, a pound heavier than my lowest, i'm sort of ok with that but I don't want to be staying the same/gaining, I want to be loosing. I really need to sort out that fill.

Have a good day all, I will report back about walking to the gym xx

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  1. I hope you make it to the gym! Good luck at the party - I know that's awkward but I'm sure the Mom is just happy that people are coming to the little girls party to distract her a bit.