Monday, 28 June 2010

Oh dear

(World cup) England are out, they played badly, in fact after about 30 minutes I stopped watching and ironed the kids school uniforms! Ghana to win for me although I think that Argentina will win.

Anyway, enough football talk! I walked to the gym again yesterday, it was very hot again but the walk was fine apart from the blisters afterwards, that combined with the heat meant that I had a good weekend and didn't over eat.

I stood on the scales this morning as I do every morning and several times during the day, my weighing in once a week is long gone! I saw 16st 3lbs (227 lbs), weighed again 227, weighed again 228 and then gave up, my scales are rubbish, I will treat myself to some new scales as soon as I find some that have good reviews, I can't stand the way they are not accurate.

Hope that everyone is doing well, I have a busy week this week, Teddy bears picnic at George's nursery tomorrow and a baby shower on Wednesday. We don't really have baby showers in the UK, its a new thing for us, any ideas for easy to play games would be appreciated.

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  1. I've done the "screw this scale, I'm buying a new one" routine more times than I can remember but I always have the same result! Honestly, I don't think it's the scale - it's completely natural for your body to weigh differently throughout the day. That's why it's so highly recommended to weigh at the same time every day. I weigh first thing in the AM. Out of curiosity only, I'll weigh in the middle of the day sometimes. I am ALWAYS a good 2-3 pounds heavier! And if I weigh immediately after an evening workout, I'm usually 5 lbs heavier!

    That said, if you do decide to invest in a new scale, get one that shows your body fat percentage! It'll make you feel better when the scale doesn't move but your body fat is shrinking. This is very common if you workout.