Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Down a pound!

Yay, stood on the scales this morning and i'm down to 16st 5lbs which is excellent and a all time low, that's 229 lbs, total loss of 24 lbs. Am very pleased.

I wasn't overly hungry yesterday, was eating lots of protein though, in fact my total calorie intake was so low that I had a protein shake last night. I'm finding that I have no interest in food in the morning, I have a shake but am having to force it down, doesn't help that i'm running around after the kids as we have to be out of the house early. I'm thinking about food now but I think that that could be head hunger rather than real hunger.
I'm addicted to an app on my itouch at the moment, its a word game, that's really helping take my mind off eating!

Have helped out an elderly neighbour today by giving him a lift to see his wife (who's in a nursing home) George and I have spent the morning in Brightlingsea, it wasn't bright but there was some sea! Was a very nice place with nice people, must go back when the weather is nice.
Off to catch up on some blogs x


  1. Yay for being down a pound! :0) And is the game your addicted to 'words with friends'? ..that's a word game that I play!!

  2. Thanks Kristen, the game is called Whirly word, i'm off now to check out 'words with friends!

  3. Congrats on one more pound! You are doing fantastically!!

  4. Yeah! You will never have to see that nasty pound again!!