Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Back down

Pleased to report that I'm down to 14st 2 today, 198 lbs.

It's been going quite well but still quite hungry so I'm looking forward to a tiny fill soon. I've been doing quite well at the gym, about an hour on the bike/treadmill/cross trainer burning around 400 cals according to the machines, no idea how accurate they are. The machines at my gym have televisions on them and I've recently discovered that they also have games on them, the time passes much quicker playing mahjong but its really hard to touch the screen to play the game!

George is ill again today, we ought to have a big cross painted on our door! We're off to the Dr's shortly, he came down with croup last night and his chest is awful today, poor thing. No gym for me today, haven't had much sleep but will try and straighten up the house a little.

Have a good day

Friday, 25 November 2011

Still alive

Have had a busy few weeks, firstly George was hit with the worst stomach bug I've ever had to deal with, was awful and constant and went on for 5 days, followed by 3 days of upset stomach. He hardly ate during this time and was awfully pale and weak, he's doing better now though and finally went back to nursery after almost 2 weeks off.

This meant that I didn't get to the gym at all, I went back for the first time yesterday, was ok, thought it would be really hard after a week and a half of no gym but it was ok.

I have to admit to being bored to death during the long days of being stuck at home and I really missed my routine, a little bit of boredom eating did creep in, and I've gained a pound, this in part is due to a fabulous meal I went out for on Thursday night, quite small portions so ideal for a bandster, 3 courses with tiny morsels in between, was to die for, can't wait to go back.
So, I'm up to 14st 3lbs, (199 lbs) really feel that I'm ready to get back on now and think I'll be ok, am going to try and get to the gym later.

I'm really busy at the moment, the kids finish school on the 13th (the 13th!!!!!) and before then I have 2 plays and 2 Christmas bazaars and christmas decoration making morning and Isobel's school close early one day as there is a carol concert on the other side of town which we can't make as I have no one to watch George, plus, as usual we have a ridiculous amount of parties, 2 this weekend, 2 next and Isobel's on the 10th of December. This year I'm doing nothing, I'm taking 21 (21 bloody kids, I really hoped that I'd get some refusals but they're all coming) kids to build a bear and handing over my credit card.
I'm also trying to Christmas shop and sort out Christmas present for teachers, I hate this, both kids have what seems like 2,000 teachers and I have no idea what to buy. I have plumped for Cath Kidston mugs, filled with nice chocolate (Oops, it fell in my mouth, better buy some more) which will be wrapped in star covered cellophane. I have no idea why I feel the need to go over the top but there you go, I can't help myself.

I realised a couple of weeks ago I really need a fill, I've suddenly got really hungry, I called to book one and the only date I could get was the 13th of December, my provider is a nurse down and they had nothing at all available before Christmas but managed to shoehorn me in. Luckily Paul can take the day off to pick the kids up from school and I'll get some London shopping so I'm quite looking forward to it.

I've just read about Gilly's liquid diet and I'm very tempted, 10 pounds off would be amazing.

Have a great weekend, belated Happy Thanksgiving for all who celebrated!

Monday, 7 November 2011

I actually went away for the weekend

and I didn't gain weight!

Only to the inlaws, not to anywhere exciting! Paul's best friend was 40 and his parents threw a lunch for him, we were the surprise guests, was nice to see them and catch up.

I unexpectedly got my period whilst we were away and must admit to inhaling some lindt chocolate on the way home, not an enormous amount but enough to make me feel guilty and ensure that I went to the gym when I got home.

Today the scale said 14st 2lbs (198 lbs) which I'm delighted with.

On a totally unrelated note, I've just found out that my mad mother in law has bought Isobel a guitar for Christmas, this is my 6 year old, marvelous. I looked in to music lessons for her a short while ago as she would like to learn to play the piano and it will cost in excess of £100 a month which after 2 lots of school fee's we just can't afford. From about the 26th of December we will receive a daily phone call asking if I've arranged bloody guitar lessons yet, they drive me insane.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm so crap!

Sorry, haven't blogged in a while. Unusually for me I've not gone off the rails, have just been really busy.

Kids were on holiday last week so we went away to be spoiled by my Aunt, whilst I was away I had the decorators in to do our lounge, it looks great, we've gone grey. This inspired me to paint the shabby playroom so i've spent most of this week doing it, it's pale blue and lovely, I'm very pleased with it, am thinking of doing the kitchen next but its a much bigger job and I need a few weeks off!
George has also started using the computer, he's 4, I want to encourage it to some degree but I also want to use it myself and he gets really cross when I try and get it from him!! He plays educational games on the bbc website.

I have managed to get to the gym this week as I brought 3 pounds back from my Aunts with me, am glad to report that I'm back to 14st 3 (199 lbs!)

Haven't managed to take any more photos, I hate having my picture taken! BTW, I have sunglasses on my head in the rubbish photo I posted, I don't have a massive square head, perhaps I'll do photo's when I'm finally 13st something!

Am off to see The Help at the cinema tonight, very excited as I loved the book. Just need to resist the popcorn and chocolate!
Am going to catch up with blogs now, hope that everyone is well.