Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sort of NSV

Thanks for all your kind comments on my anniversary post. Isobel is fine, she actually really enjoyed the drama once the swelling went down at least! We do have Epipens but it didn't get bad enough to use it this time. It has taught her a good lesson about eating things when she has no idea of the contents, she's generally very good but like her Mum she likes chocolate!

I was picking Izzy up from school yesterday when the Grandma of one of the girls arrived, I've known this woman for about a year but she lives in Spain so I don't see her often, can't remember the last time I saw her but probably before Christmas, she is from Yorkshire, we are in Essex. Yorkshire accents can be loud and sound very different and noticeable when you're elsewhere. She shouted at me from about 60 feet away how I had lost weight and looked really good (very nice of her to comment, quite embarrassing!) I said, as I generally do, I'll probably pack it back on soon (I don't really know how to respond and try and play it down!) she shouted at me in her very loud and strident voice that I mustn't for my health, I'm really embarrassed now. Then she asked if I was pleased as though I'd woken up one day 50 pounds lighter! I replied that I had worked hard but I was happy. There were other things said, she was being very kind although very very loud but in my head I was shouting at her f off, was bloody awful.
So that's my NSV, it was mortifying! What does one say to people like this?

Weight is staying the same, seem to have lost a little motivation, I'm still exercising, just eating a treat or 2 too many, probably need another fill. I'm hating my upper body so really do want to loose more, I'm very flabby with skinny legs, would kill to be the other way around.

Kids break up on friday for a MONTH!! A whole MONTH. I'm steadily making a list of things we can do, we have about 8 things on it so far. 8! Will you all e-mail me when I'm in the funny farm? Paul can't take time off work as he's an accountant and its year end.

My washing machine has stopped working, am waiting for a man to come out this afternoon, I really hope that it can be repaired today, we produce so much that needs washing that its not funny, I may have to go to the launderette!

Off to catch up on blogs whilst waiting for the washing machine man.

Almost forgot, Isobel really really made me laugh today. Sorry if you're my friend on facebook as you'll have already seen this.
Me to Izzy, Don't go near Daddy as he's sleeping and isn't very well. Izzy to me, Does he have manflu again?

Friday, 25 March 2011

It's my anniversary

A year ago today I was banded.

In the last year I've lost 51 pounds, I feel so much better about myself and I've dropped 3 dress sizes.

Was planning a better post but have had a nightmare with Isobel being in hospital after eating a sweet given to her by a classmate who is Polish, the sweet was peanut, Izzy doesn't speak Polish so had no idea (She has a peanut allergy) so her and Paul have spent the afternoon is hospital. She is ok, very puffy but has had steroids which have really helped. I feel frazzled and stressed as I wasn't with her and had Paul dithering and calling me asking stupid questions when he just needed to get his arse to the hospital with her.

(Feeling sorry for myself bit) It really does seem to be one thing after another just at the moment, wish we could have a break from problems.

Am celebrating my anniversary tomorrow with a solo shopping trip, can't wait to have some time alone!

Sorry for my moany post. Hope that everyone is well.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Finally back to my fill weight

Sorry for my absence, there has been very little to say to be honest!

As my title suggests I am finally back to the weight I was 2 weeks ago when I had my last fill. Didn't have a great weekend but am now back on track and actually loosing weight, yay! I'm back at 50 pounds down, have until Saturday to loose another 4 pounds to make my onderland goal for my year anniversary. Not sure it can be done but I would like to be another pound or 2 down by then.

We have nice sunny weather, it's finally spring and its just lovely here. I even put on a skirt! Actually I had to change it as the first one I put on fell down which was a lovely NSV but would have been embarrassing at George's school!
I was even inspired to clean the inside of my windows and am now sat in my lounge looking at terrible smears! Should never have started, I'm going to try and do them again now.

I'm saying this quietly as things might all change tomorrow but Isobel is getting on much better at school, we don't have the ed psych report yet but everything seems to have settled quite well, she's still a very stroppy 6 going on 16 at home but I don't think that thats that (lots of thats there!) unusual.

There has been an enormous family crisis, my Aunt has spent a week in complete melt down, the reason? Her son's girlfriend had a baby and they called it Fox, ok, not my choice of name but you have never known such an enormous over reaction in your life, lots of "after all I've done for him" and "I've never liked her, I hope that he leaves her and she takes the baby away" its most odd, I've had loads of emails like this. Can't help but feel sorry for my cousin and his girlfriend, she seems to be very jealous but I can't imagine why. Anyway, little Fox was only called Fox for about 2 hours and is now a more respectable although still not to my taste, Rufus!
The children and I are going to stay with my aunt next month, I hope that she will have calmed down by then as I don't want to be in the middle of it all.

Have I mentioned that my children are off ALL NEXT MONTH bar 1 day? ALL NEXT MONTH! Expect lots of moaning!

Hope that you're all well xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1 down!

Thanks for all your comments on my running post yesterday, I think that I am going to download one today, I have found one that you can use your own music on, just need to work out how to get my music on to my phone! Its all currently on my itouch, I'll try and sort that out this afternoon.
Might pick some new music too.

My title signifies that I have lost 1 of the 6 pounds I want to loose by the 25th, so only 5 to go!

I've having a clear out and selling some of my quality used items on Ebay, its such a faff but I made myself do it. I've sold a large Jo Malone candle that I was given by my inlaws (it was an unwanted gift to them) I don't mind candles but with 2 fairly young kids I wouldn't use it and I'm not keen on the fragrance, so popped it on ebay for 99p and its sold for £123! I can hardly believe it, I know that they are expensive but that is ridiculous, I'm now worried that the buyer will complain when it arrives, although I put every detail that I could find on my listing. My credit card company will be very happy, would prefer to put it towards my bag though!

Am at home with George today, I'm trying to coax him out for a bike ride but he's not interested so far. Hopefully we'll get out at some point today.

Have a good day all xx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I hate to run

So why am I considering downloading the C25K app on my phone? I don't mind walking but it feels a bit pointless, I wonder if I'm doing the program if it will motivate me to get out and do it. Or will it sit on my phone mocking me and making me feel bad?

Those of you who have done it, how did you find it? Which app did you use (is there more than one? I have no idea!)

I'm going to the gym today and went yesterday but I really feel that I need to do more just at the moment, my weight is holding pretty steady, not surprising as I'm having periods of not eating too well. My birthday celebrations are all behind me now and I have no excuse but to get on with it.

It's my 1 year anniversary on the 25th of March, I would really like to be at 199 lbs by then, you know that I'm not very good at meeting my goals but I'm putting this out there now! Thats 10 days from now to loose 6 pounds, I can do it. Maybe the C25K would help.

Sorry for the ramble!

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Urgh, early morning, George woke me at 6 and I went to sleep at 1am, today isn't going to be nice! For some reason, as I get older I just can't sleep past 6am, have no idea why, its very frustrating.

Hope that everyone is well, I went out last night for my birthday dinner with 4 girlfriends, couldn't help but think how nice it would have been to have some lovely bandsters there too! Why do you all have to live thousands of miles away?
Only 2 of the group know about my band, I ate really well, salad with blue cheese, prawns and bacon for main followed by the most divine Eton mess. Got some fabulous presents, my favourite was a Cath Kidston iphone cover, its just lovely.
My friend Alyson who I've not seen for about 2 months kept telling me over and over how great I looked which is very flattering, Sarah who I see a lot but not for at least a week was telling me how my face looked much smaller and streamlined which was lovely to hear! I looked amazing in the large mirror in the bathroom, I even tried to take you a photo as I know that you enjoy my bathroom pics! But the flash spoiled it. I wonder if it was one of the mirrors that slimmed you down? I'm sure I don't normally look like that.

Have a bit of a sad NSV, I have some large sunglasses which are prescription, they took me ages to find and were very expensive, my face must have shrunk as every time I put my head down they fall off! I've tried tightening them but it doesn't seem to help.

Had my hair cut yesterday, George has asked me every day for almost a month if I'm having my hair cut, I started to get really paranoid so booked one! I really like it, will find a public loo and try and share it with you all!

Have a great Sunday everyone xx

Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan earthquake

How awful is the footage, I can hardly bring myself to watch it, so sad. I'm thinking and praying for all involved, must be scary being in a country and knowing that it is most probably coming. I know we have a couple of bloggers in Hawaii, I really hope that their safe and its not as bad as predicted.

The book reading last night was really good, it was a guy called David Baddiel who is quite well know in the UK but probably not elsewhere, he started his career as a comedian and still is, this is his 4th book. He did a talk and then a reading which was great, he asked for questions and no one in the 200 strong audience put their hand up, I felt bad for him so asked a question. I'm not very good at public speaking but I got my question out (he did a huge gig with his then comedy partner almost 20 years ago, the gig was groundbreaking as comedians had never played this venue before, I happened to have been there, at the time there was lots of talk about comedy being the new rock and roll) So I said I was there and was comedy still the new rock and roll? Cheesy I know but I felt bad for him! He was lovely, asked my name and replied, when we left the stage he said hello to me as he walked by. I bought and had a book signed and he knew who I was and put "thanks for sticking with me" in his book, it was lovely, I may have a school girl crush!
I'm a little worried that I come across as a stalker! To be honest I went to the gig all those years ago and saw him last night and I've not really paid much attention in between!

The scale was good today, am back to daily weighing (big sigh!) it said 14st 8lbs (204 lbs) so hopefully on the way down for good!

I have a very grumpy boy who is in bed crying, he insisted on going to bed, I think that he's over tired, hope that he drops off soon and wakes up his normal lovely self.

Hope that everyone is well xx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

38+1 day

That looks like I'm pregnant doesn't it? I'm certainly not! I'm 38 plus 1 day, it seems really old when in my head I'm about 15, I feel quite young compared to the other Mothers at Izzy's school when actually I'm probably somewhere in the middle age wise, I wonder if I'll ever mentally mature?!

Thank you for all your birthday greetings, very sweet of you, I love that cake has negative calories on your birthday, I didn't actually eat any but I certainly will now, surely it counts in your birthday week too! I mainly got money for my birthday, I'm hoping that I will need new clothes soon but what I really want is a gorgeous handbag, one that will last for years and years, one that will make me smile when I look at it. I think that I fancy a Mulberry handbag (http://www.mulberry.com/) Not sure which one yet, maybe the Somerset tote in chocolate. I'm hoping to get to a Mulberry outlet shop and get one cheaper, they can be really expensive.
Paul cooked me a fantastic Thai green chicken curry last night and I'm going out with friends on Saturday night. My present to myself was a ticket to a book reading tonight, I'm going alone as although I could have found someone to come with me I don't think that they would enjoy it so I'm happy to enjoy it alone!

I weighed myself this morning and I was 14st 10 lbs (206 lbs) I've been stuck around this weight for months! It was better than I expected and I'm back on track today so I feel ok about it, hoping for a loss tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Its my birthday and I didn't make it!

Surprise surprise! I didn't get anywhere near my goal, in fact I didn't even weigh myself today, it's been that bad.

I'm in its my birthday and I'll eat what I want to mode! (isn't that a song??) I know that I'll be back on track soon, at least I hope that I will!

I have a couple more birthday celebrations to attend but fully intend to be back to normal from tomorrow, when I'll weigh in and see what the damage is, I might even admit it here.

Hope that everyone is well, off to catch up now!

Saturday, 5 March 2011


Thank you so much for your comments on my picture, you are all very kind, I should have put a side shot on too but was a little worried that I might get caught taking photographs of myself in a ladies toilet!
I may take all milestone shots now in public loos!

There will be no milestone shots for a while as my weight is not moving at all, in fact I've gained a pound today, have no idea why, I honestly believe that I've done really well with my food and I've exercised a fair bit, I've tracked everything I've eaten on myfitnesspal but its not coming off, I know that its just one of those weeks that I have sometimes but its frustrating as hell! I'm a pound heavier than I was at my fill last week.

I walked to the gym yesterday, its 40 minutes walk along the river, was very muddy but ok other than that, I hadn't actually considered it until I told the children I was going to the gym and she said that I mustn't go on my own in the car as it wasn't "eco" so I decided to walk instead. I'm going to the gym today but won't be walking again until the mud has dried up.

Need to loose 5 pounds by Wednesday to make my birthday goal, have a feeling that this isn't going to happen without a serious case of stomach flu!

Doing anything exciting today? I have the gym, then church then not sure what, we were going to take the kids swimming but Izzy has a cold and was up in the night with croup so probably not swimming. Happy Sunday everyone x

Friday, 4 March 2011

The 50 lb picture!

Seriously rubbish picture But have been meaning to do a 50lb picture for a while. It's dawned on me that I don't have a full length mirror at home so this is me in the marks and spencers toilets this morning!
Note skinny legs and much bigger top half! Really wish I was more in proportion.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rubbish blogger

Haven't posted much recently, really as there is nothing to really say!

Weight is the same, I think that maybe I'm not eating enough, I'm not very hungry in the morning after my last fill so will have a little fruit and then not eat until lunch time, I'm not eating all of my calories and the scale isn't really moving, I ate breakfast this morning so will see if that makes a difference. My fill is fine, I'm not finding it that different from before which is ok as I feel I wasn't far away, I've not been stuck or struggled at all.

I'm wearing my size 18 m&s skirt today, it fits just fine. I did buy some jeggings in a UK size 16 the other day, they fit! But then they are stretchy, they give me the most horrific muffin top so won't be wearing them for a while.

It's my birthday next Wednesday, I'm not mentioning my goal!

Off to catch up on blogs, I've still got my head stuck in vampire books and I'm being neglectful!