Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sort of NSV

Thanks for all your kind comments on my anniversary post. Isobel is fine, she actually really enjoyed the drama once the swelling went down at least! We do have Epipens but it didn't get bad enough to use it this time. It has taught her a good lesson about eating things when she has no idea of the contents, she's generally very good but like her Mum she likes chocolate!

I was picking Izzy up from school yesterday when the Grandma of one of the girls arrived, I've known this woman for about a year but she lives in Spain so I don't see her often, can't remember the last time I saw her but probably before Christmas, she is from Yorkshire, we are in Essex. Yorkshire accents can be loud and sound very different and noticeable when you're elsewhere. She shouted at me from about 60 feet away how I had lost weight and looked really good (very nice of her to comment, quite embarrassing!) I said, as I generally do, I'll probably pack it back on soon (I don't really know how to respond and try and play it down!) she shouted at me in her very loud and strident voice that I mustn't for my health, I'm really embarrassed now. Then she asked if I was pleased as though I'd woken up one day 50 pounds lighter! I replied that I had worked hard but I was happy. There were other things said, she was being very kind although very very loud but in my head I was shouting at her f off, was bloody awful.
So that's my NSV, it was mortifying! What does one say to people like this?

Weight is staying the same, seem to have lost a little motivation, I'm still exercising, just eating a treat or 2 too many, probably need another fill. I'm hating my upper body so really do want to loose more, I'm very flabby with skinny legs, would kill to be the other way around.

Kids break up on friday for a MONTH!! A whole MONTH. I'm steadily making a list of things we can do, we have about 8 things on it so far. 8! Will you all e-mail me when I'm in the funny farm? Paul can't take time off work as he's an accountant and its year end.

My washing machine has stopped working, am waiting for a man to come out this afternoon, I really hope that it can be repaired today, we produce so much that needs washing that its not funny, I may have to go to the launderette!

Off to catch up on blogs whilst waiting for the washing machine man.

Almost forgot, Isobel really really made me laugh today. Sorry if you're my friend on facebook as you'll have already seen this.
Me to Izzy, Don't go near Daddy as he's sleeping and isn't very well. Izzy to me, Does he have manflu again?


  1. Manflu! hahahaha!

    Glad she's on the mend. I find that if you just say "thank you" to people who offer up the weight loss compliment, they usually just shut up. Otherwise, they find reasons to babble.

  2. I'm so glad she's getting better! And for the compliment?? Like Manda said, a thank you is all that's needed!!

    And yes, I will be happy to email you at the funny farm!

  3. Alison. I don't think they will allow people in the funny farm to have email. But I will send you a package.

    Compliments are always hard for me. I don't believe people are being truthful but that is more my issue. Like they said.. Thanks. And then change the subject to them!

    I never understood man flu until I married a brit! But I sure do understand Yorkshire accents! :)

  4. Next time tell her you had cancer and lost all the weight from the chemo - jk. I think you handled it well, but that sounds horrible!

  5. Oh Alison I like loud NSV's like that...

    I'm glad people are noticing your losses...you have done great. Manflu!!!! You have a strong influence on your little girl!

  6. That Izzy sounds like she's on to it already - smart kid! Good luck with the holidays (you might need it) Poor thing, I would have been mortified by the lady with the loudspeaker voice too - but much nicer she was saying how much you'd lost than telling you you'd piled it on!

  7. I have a hard time with compliments too. I'm working hard as saying thank you and leaving it at that. So hard!

    Manflu. Ha!