Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan earthquake

How awful is the footage, I can hardly bring myself to watch it, so sad. I'm thinking and praying for all involved, must be scary being in a country and knowing that it is most probably coming. I know we have a couple of bloggers in Hawaii, I really hope that their safe and its not as bad as predicted.

The book reading last night was really good, it was a guy called David Baddiel who is quite well know in the UK but probably not elsewhere, he started his career as a comedian and still is, this is his 4th book. He did a talk and then a reading which was great, he asked for questions and no one in the 200 strong audience put their hand up, I felt bad for him so asked a question. I'm not very good at public speaking but I got my question out (he did a huge gig with his then comedy partner almost 20 years ago, the gig was groundbreaking as comedians had never played this venue before, I happened to have been there, at the time there was lots of talk about comedy being the new rock and roll) So I said I was there and was comedy still the new rock and roll? Cheesy I know but I felt bad for him! He was lovely, asked my name and replied, when we left the stage he said hello to me as he walked by. I bought and had a book signed and he knew who I was and put "thanks for sticking with me" in his book, it was lovely, I may have a school girl crush!
I'm a little worried that I come across as a stalker! To be honest I went to the gig all those years ago and saw him last night and I've not really paid much attention in between!

The scale was good today, am back to daily weighing (big sigh!) it said 14st 8lbs (204 lbs) so hopefully on the way down for good!

I have a very grumpy boy who is in bed crying, he insisted on going to bed, I think that he's over tired, hope that he drops off soon and wakes up his normal lovely self.

Hope that everyone is well xx


  1. Aww the book signing sounded great! I bet he thought he had a true fan in you!!

    I have been on tsunami watch all morning!! I briefly forgot about the hawaii bloggers!

    I hope he wakes up to be his normal self too!

  2. You absolutely made his day!! :)

    The earthquake and tsunami footage is totally scary and devastating. I too hope that Hawaii doesn't get hit too badly.

  3. Can't watch them, darnit! You tube took them off! But I asked Chris and he says he watched one at Christmas that was really funny!! My husband walks around quoting Partridge! That in itself is pretty funny!

  4. oh he makes me cringe as well! But so does The Office! Awkward people!

  5. Just heard about the earthquake and am trying to find a news station. After New Zealand was hit, now another. I wonder if San Francisco may be next in line. You are getting so close to onederland (in imperial pounds that is!).

  6. Sounds like a wonderful nite! Love the message on the book! I hope the little one woke up happy!!

    Prayers for all affected by the disasters..... Thank you for a great post!

  7. You are very brave! I have sat there so many times with a question I want to ask or a comment I want to share. Hope your son wakes up refreshed.

  8. Friday Night Dinner! I will look it up! Chris' brother will send us anything which is awesome! We filled a media player up with about 300 movies and tv shows while he was over at Christmas. I can handle Ricky in doses! I actually like the american office better. I think that might be a sin! But it's true!

  9. The American Ice Road Truckers!?? Too funny! We like The Deadliest Catch. I don't watch a whole lot of tv. Much more in the winter just do to early nights inside. Also my lovely little ipad pushes me to watch a show while I am having a soak! Ahh little pleasures! I wish we lived closer.