Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rubbish blogger

Haven't posted much recently, really as there is nothing to really say!

Weight is the same, I think that maybe I'm not eating enough, I'm not very hungry in the morning after my last fill so will have a little fruit and then not eat until lunch time, I'm not eating all of my calories and the scale isn't really moving, I ate breakfast this morning so will see if that makes a difference. My fill is fine, I'm not finding it that different from before which is ok as I feel I wasn't far away, I've not been stuck or struggled at all.

I'm wearing my size 18 m&s skirt today, it fits just fine. I did buy some jeggings in a UK size 16 the other day, they fit! But then they are stretchy, they give me the most horrific muffin top so won't be wearing them for a while.

It's my birthday next Wednesday, I'm not mentioning my goal!

Off to catch up on blogs, I've still got my head stuck in vampire books and I'm being neglectful!


  1. I would add a protein bar as breakfast, see if that doesn't help the scale move a little. You'll have to take a picture when you fit into those 16s! :)

  2. Hello my lovely! I am trying hard to catch up on everyones blogs! Mornings and lunch are hard for me too. I get a greek yogurt in but a protein bar is to hard for me to swallow first thing. Takes me a little while to eat it. Think I might start back on the protein shakes just to get some more protein in and some calories.
    Dinner last night I barely ate a thing!

  3. Sounds like you do need more food - I on the other hand need less (well less of the treats anyway!)!!

  4. I am of the less is better camp. I don't think more food has ever helped me..just time, patience and sometimes water.

    Happy almost birthday!!


  5. Catching up and thanking you for stopping by! :) (I also have to figure out UK to US sizing - I get so confused!) LOL!