Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Finally back to my fill weight

Sorry for my absence, there has been very little to say to be honest!

As my title suggests I am finally back to the weight I was 2 weeks ago when I had my last fill. Didn't have a great weekend but am now back on track and actually loosing weight, yay! I'm back at 50 pounds down, have until Saturday to loose another 4 pounds to make my onderland goal for my year anniversary. Not sure it can be done but I would like to be another pound or 2 down by then.

We have nice sunny weather, it's finally spring and its just lovely here. I even put on a skirt! Actually I had to change it as the first one I put on fell down which was a lovely NSV but would have been embarrassing at George's school!
I was even inspired to clean the inside of my windows and am now sat in my lounge looking at terrible smears! Should never have started, I'm going to try and do them again now.

I'm saying this quietly as things might all change tomorrow but Isobel is getting on much better at school, we don't have the ed psych report yet but everything seems to have settled quite well, she's still a very stroppy 6 going on 16 at home but I don't think that thats that (lots of thats there!) unusual.

There has been an enormous family crisis, my Aunt has spent a week in complete melt down, the reason? Her son's girlfriend had a baby and they called it Fox, ok, not my choice of name but you have never known such an enormous over reaction in your life, lots of "after all I've done for him" and "I've never liked her, I hope that he leaves her and she takes the baby away" its most odd, I've had loads of emails like this. Can't help but feel sorry for my cousin and his girlfriend, she seems to be very jealous but I can't imagine why. Anyway, little Fox was only called Fox for about 2 hours and is now a more respectable although still not to my taste, Rufus!
The children and I are going to stay with my aunt next month, I hope that she will have calmed down by then as I don't want to be in the middle of it all.

Have I mentioned that my children are off ALL NEXT MONTH bar 1 day? ALL NEXT MONTH! Expect lots of moaning!

Hope that you're all well xx


  1. I'm sorry you were in the barrage of the "Fox" naming hulaballoo...but it is funny...it is like sitcom material. I hope you month off is fun.

  2. Fox! Oh dear! Youth!

    So glad to hear from you and an entire month of school. Insanity! I want an entire month off work!

  3. Fox is an adorable name! Do you remember the show the X-Files? The main character was called Fox Mulder. I can't imagine a grandmother (her son is the father, right?) behaving in such a selfish way.

  4. YAY for getting back on track! I'm sorry for all of the family drama. That is never fun. However, I must commend you on pulling of the "triple that"...quite tricky & very impressive!! :) Don't be a stranger. We like to hear from you regardless of what you have to say!

  5. It certainly is a different name :o)

    I hope you have a fun and not too trying month off with the kids at home!!

  6. Fox - would the next one have been Wolf? Definitely not my style, but I'm sure everyone would get used to it if they'd had to.

    Hope you survive the month off school with the kids - we had 7 weeks of holidays over Christmas/January and I took almost the whole time off work - I was pleased when February rolled around!! Love my girls but sometimes the holidays are a bit long.