Monday, 25 April 2011


Happy Easter Monday everyone.

I stumbled upon a new mainly British WLS forum last night, haven't been on there before, its a few bandsters but more RNY, DS and bypasses. There is page upon page upon page of terrible stories, I read for about an hour and thought that I must have made a huge mistake, lots of the stories were band failures and revision surgery to bypass, port problems leading to unfill leading to all the weight gained back!

It was terrifying but I've calmed down about it now, the main reason for opting for the band was that if it went wrong it could be removed and I would pretty much be back to normal, I generally err on the side of being a little too loose rather than too tight so hopefully I won't cause any other problems.

I also learned about a new procedure called a Wrap, they basically fold the stomach in half and the sew it together, it's basically like the sleeve but with no cutting.

Anyway, I don't regret getting the band for a moment, and I know that people post these forums when they have problems, when everything is fine they don't have any reason to post saying so!

I did eventually give in to the Easter Bunny, I had 1 egg, it was within my calories for the day, I'm not sure that I really enjoyed it though, once I started it I didn't stop until it was gone!
I am hungrier today, I think that I might be completely controlled by my hormones, I go on a cycle though the month doing and feeling the same way. I'm making good choices though, if I'm hungry I'm eating proper food rather than snacks, snacks and more snacks.

The family has been back for 24hrs, it's like they've never been away! Amazing how quickly we all fall in to our normal roles hu?

Enjoy the day xx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope that everyone has a great day. I've managed to resist the eggs so far!

Just waiting for my babies to come home, they drive me crazy but I've so missed them.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

A new low, I think

Thanks for all your kind wishes regarding my Grandma, the funeral is on Thursday, I'm really not looking forward to it.

As the title suggests, I'm at a new low, I think. The I think is because I'm on my new scale, it was 14st 8lb (204 lbs) today, my other scales are between 3 and 4 pounds lower than these and my lowest on the old scale was 14st 6 (202) therefore I think I've lost a pound or 2 extra. I still have the old scale but I'm not going to check on there, that would be madness!

Paul is away with both of the kids so I'm getting towards the end of my second solo day, I've not done anything at all other than relax, its been fantastic, I've just watched television. I'm missing them all now, especially Isobel, I've not seen her for a week! This is the longest we've ever been apart.
They come home tomorrow, on Monday we're taking them in to London to see the sites that they will see during the Royal Wedding on Friday, we're going to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the along Regents St as they have union flags up and down it, we're then going to do a river boat cruise on the Thames and I think that the kids will have had enough by then! Will try and take some photos and post them, the weather is glorious here just now.

Hope that everyone is having a nice long weekend xx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lots of stuff.

Firstly, sadly, my Grandma died on Tuesday, it's very sad but she had no quality of life at all and in a way I'm happy that she has finally passed. I have a feeling that the funeral will hit me hard, we have always been very close. I got to see her twice last week which I'm really pleased about (she lives about 180 miles away from me)

I went to see my friend Nicky who also has a band yesterday, its so nice to speak to other bandsters face to face, she had her band fitted about 6 months ago and is doing well, she's lost almost 40 pounds. On the way home I ate about half a packet of sugar free mints, that was a huge mistake, oh my goodness, I'll say no more!

Nicky made me a bagel for lunch, I was thinking that there was no way at all that I would be able to eat it as I struggle and generally avoid bread, she assured me that it would be ok and it was! I was amazed, I didn't manage the whole thing, most of it but only stopped as I was full rather than stuck, its a revelation.

The scale has been up and down this week, a bit of water retention and a little too much chocolate I think, was a good day yesterday and after the unfortunate incident with the sugar free mints my weight was 14st 9lbs today (205 lbs) not sure if I trust my new scale, its really quite mean!

Am just making a lentil bake, have never made anything like this before but my Aunt made it for me when I was there last week, it was lovely. I just embarrassed myself as I couldn't open a jar of mango chuntney and had to acost a workman who was working over the road for help!
Will share if its any good.

Off to catch up and eat my bagel!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

no title

I really struggle with titles! After looking at the screen for 10 minutes I decided that I wouldn't bother with one!

Hope that everyone is well today, its almost 10am on Sunday morning, I would so love to be going back to bed! I had a great sleep just not enough of it, I changed the bed clothes last night and it was so nice to be in my own bed with lovely clean sheets. Think that I've been holding some water as had to visit the bathroom twice, I'm terrible at drinking water, am going to try and drink lots today. George woke me at 620, too early but ended up with a little boy snuggled up to me singing Miss Polly and doing the actions, lovely!

I coloured my hair last night as my roots were shocking, it seems slightly too dark, I have very pale skin and look like I'm trying to be goth! Hopefully it will calm down soon, I really need to find a new hair salon, the one I used closed late last year and I've not managed to find anywhere else.

I used my new scales this morning, I compared them against my old ones last night and this morning, it looking like they are weighing me between 3 and 4 pounds heavier than my old ones, my old ones are so inaccurate its difficult to say, my weight now is officially 14st 9.6 lbs (205.5) as Tina pointed out I've still lost the same amount, I can't be absolutely sure but I'll call 205 50 pounds down and will start from there.

Off to read blogs whilst George plays playdoh, I'll enjoy scraping bits off the kitchen floor later!
Have a good day all xx

Saturday, 16 April 2011

I'm back with new scales.

So nice to be back and reading blogs properly again, I tried to keep up on my iphone but it was hard on my eyes!

The week was ok, not exactly a break but better than I thought. I got back with the children at about 7pm last night, am very tired today but its just been George and I today as Paul has taken Izzy to stay with her grandparents so its been a pretty nice and easy day.

My Aunt said that I had lost weight since I last saw her (January) the scale hasn't really changed much since then but perhaps I am more toned. She also said several times that I didn't eat much, I thought that I did pretty well but its difficult when someone else is cooking for you and they don't know about the band! I didn't have chocolate all week, when I got home I just had to have some, I was like a mad woman!
Anyway, the scale was kind today and I've lost one of my TOM pounds so I'm 14st 7lbs (203 pounds)
My new scale arrived whilst I was away and I've just unpacked it, its very nice and I've moved it around the room and stood on it several times and it appears to be accurate as its not changed at all. But (this is a really big but!) it weighs me at about 4 pounds heavier than my old scale! That's just not fair is it? Will do an accurate weigh in in the morning but its looking like I will probably be reporting a 4 pound gain, will I ever see onederland?

I'll live, off to do more blog reading, the boy is watching Dora, does she need to be so loud?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Happy Tuesday

Morning all,

Second week of the school holidays and it's going well, have only felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown for the last 2 days so not bad at all! The stress is worse as we're driving over to the Cotswolds to stay with my Aunt (when I say we I mean the children and I, I think that my husband is allergic to taking time off of work!) My Aunt, bless her, adores Isobel and she quite likes George, she thinks that me going to their house with the horrors is a break for me, a break! It's great taking the horrors to a whole new house to mess up and fight in and not sleep in, I can hardly believe my luck! Plus this is my Aunt of the baby Fox story and I'm not entirely sure that she's terribly stable.
On top of this, my Grandma is in a care home a couple of miles away from my Aunts, I love my Grandma but she's not at all well and I find it difficult to see her like that, I will of course visit everyday. Just now she has a very low blood count and they want her to go to hospital for a blood transfusion, she's 94, blind, suffers with depression, can't walk and doubly incontinent, despite this she knows her own mind and said no which I think is the right thing to do, the poor thing has such a low quality of life and British hospitals aren't great places and she doesn't need prodding and poking. We've been told that if she doesn't have the transfusion its just a matter of time. My Aunt felt the need to call the Dr the next day (after the refusal) and reassure her that they weren't Jehovah's witnesses!
And, I'm on day 2 of my period which is always heavy and horrible and I want to stay at home (on my own if poss!!)

My weight is up 2 pounds, this isn't deserved and I'm pretty sure its a TOM gain, I'm sure that it will be off by the time we get back, especially if my band keeps tightening due to stress!

Gosh, I am a misery aren't I? Please, don't make me go!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Fighting weight

I'm not actually fighting, well no more than usual! I back down to my lowest weight of 14st 6lbs (202 lbs) (and 3/4's!) I think it will take a couple of days but I'm really hoping to see 14 5 soon.

Taking the kids to a large outdoor play area today, the weather is great again, very odd for England! So, today will be lots of walking and if I'm brave enough I may even get on the equipment myself, its all adult sized and at weekend there are more dads on it than kids! We're taking a picnic so I can control what I eat.
I'm hoping for a low spend day, I need to buy water for me and just pay for parking and a couple of ice creams and 2 pairs of shoes, it might be pricey after all.

Both children seem to be going through huge growth spurts, Izzy doesn't stop eating just at the moment and has just discovered a love of toast! George is really tall and suddenly all of his tops are too short, I had lots of summer clothes but it looks like I'm going to need to replace most of it.
I like buying clothes for me, not them! Mean Mummy!

Need to pop in to Clarks on the way to get the kids some summer shoes, there is an outlet near the play area so we'll try and get some for each of them. Izzy wore some sandals on a long walk we did the other day and now has huge blisters, she's having to wear uggs today so they don't rub! She's going to look, erm, great!

Hope that everyone is well, going to have a quick read before going.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It came!

The sun that is, was a lovely day yesterday and today is bright and sunny so far, (its almost 8am so time for things to change!)

I didn't take any photographs, some of the friends arrived an hour early and I'd not put on make up or done my hair and looked quite shocking so probably best!

Had a good day yesterday, came in at around 1200 calories, I need to up my vegetable intake quite seriously. The scale said 14st 7 (203 lbs) 1 pound higher than my lowest. Really hope that I'm back on track now, should have my new scales tomorrow, I'll cry if they decide I am actually 10 pounds higher than I think!

Had a dreadful nights sleep, was up with George 3 times, then Paul's alarm goes off at 6am, he then uses half a bottle of aftershave which chokes me, wakes the children up and the day starts, its the holidays and we're all up at 6am, its ridiculous!

Hope that everyone has a great day x

Here comes the sun!

The sun is shining, its meant to be 19c today (66f) I've swept the decking, I've got cushions out, I've turned off the heating and opened the French doors, I'm just about to go and change my clothes, wool tights are not needed today! I might even shave my legs (only might mind!)

Thanks for your comments on the horrors, I'm finding keeping them apart is really helping! I like the idea of leaving them to work it out but I honestly think that they'd fight to the death!
I'm trying to tell them to come to me to work it out rather than knock chunks out of each other.

My scale gave me 3 different weights today, 14.7, 14.9, then 14.8 (204 lbs) I left it there and will take that as an average! I'm just about to order a new scale from Amazon, mine has been sensitive and a bit rubbish for ages.

After lunch we have some of Isobel's school friends coming over, my friend Raquel who has been here before and another 2 sisters and their Nanny who I'm good friends with, they live in an enormous house, goodness knows what they will think of my house!

I am making an effort to eat a few more carbs, I don't have many at all and feel that my diet has been a bit rubbish, high protein and high sugar! So i'm trying to eat things like pita bread, I had to be really careful but can manage one and feel satisfied. Had a good day yesterday, maybe that helped.
No gym at the moment as I have the horrors, we have been out walking and doing things, we do go at a snails pace and both insist on holding my hand, Izzy is much faster than George so I walk at an odd crab type angle, I'm sure that its no good for me!!

Will try and take some pictures today, although sky has suddenly gone grey so maybe I'll be keeping my tights on!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rubbish blogger

Sorry for not updating for a while, again, there is nothing going on! I'm not loosing weight but I'm not really gaining either (phew!) although I feel I ought to be! I don't seem to have much time to do anything, haven't read any blogs in a week, not sure what is filling my time though, seem to be in a daze!

Today is day 2 of the holidays, I think that by Friday I will be selling tickets to children's boxing matches, they are just awful, constantly needling each other, George seems to have taken this to a whole new level and will hit quite a lot, Isobel is insanely jealous of everything he has/has done/any attention he might get, everything. I really don't know why they just can't try and get on just for a bit. It's exhausting, I feel like a referee, maybe I'll buy a bow tie?

It was Mothers day here on Sunday, I told Paul not to buy anything as he takes the kids and they normally pick out pot pourri in gaudi colours and scents! He bought plant pots for them to paint complete with lily bulbs inside which is lovely. We had my Mum over for lunch and I spent the day cooking, was ok, I ate lots and am amazed I didn't gain weight, maybe I have worms? Nice thought there.

Anyway, going to go and read some blogs whilst shouting at the children, I am so enjoying the holidays! Can't believe that I only have 3 and a half weeks left of it!!
Right now they are arguing over who loves Jerry (from Tom and Jerry) the most, sigh.