Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Here comes the sun!

The sun is shining, its meant to be 19c today (66f) I've swept the decking, I've got cushions out, I've turned off the heating and opened the French doors, I'm just about to go and change my clothes, wool tights are not needed today! I might even shave my legs (only might mind!)

Thanks for your comments on the horrors, I'm finding keeping them apart is really helping! I like the idea of leaving them to work it out but I honestly think that they'd fight to the death!
I'm trying to tell them to come to me to work it out rather than knock chunks out of each other.

My scale gave me 3 different weights today, 14.7, 14.9, then 14.8 (204 lbs) I left it there and will take that as an average! I'm just about to order a new scale from Amazon, mine has been sensitive and a bit rubbish for ages.

After lunch we have some of Isobel's school friends coming over, my friend Raquel who has been here before and another 2 sisters and their Nanny who I'm good friends with, they live in an enormous house, goodness knows what they will think of my house!

I am making an effort to eat a few more carbs, I don't have many at all and feel that my diet has been a bit rubbish, high protein and high sugar! So i'm trying to eat things like pita bread, I had to be really careful but can manage one and feel satisfied. Had a good day yesterday, maybe that helped.
No gym at the moment as I have the horrors, we have been out walking and doing things, we do go at a snails pace and both insist on holding my hand, Izzy is much faster than George so I walk at an odd crab type angle, I'm sure that its no good for me!!

Will try and take some pictures today, although sky has suddenly gone grey so maybe I'll be keeping my tights on!!

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