Friday, 8 April 2011

Fighting weight

I'm not actually fighting, well no more than usual! I back down to my lowest weight of 14st 6lbs (202 lbs) (and 3/4's!) I think it will take a couple of days but I'm really hoping to see 14 5 soon.

Taking the kids to a large outdoor play area today, the weather is great again, very odd for England! So, today will be lots of walking and if I'm brave enough I may even get on the equipment myself, its all adult sized and at weekend there are more dads on it than kids! We're taking a picnic so I can control what I eat.
I'm hoping for a low spend day, I need to buy water for me and just pay for parking and a couple of ice creams and 2 pairs of shoes, it might be pricey after all.

Both children seem to be going through huge growth spurts, Izzy doesn't stop eating just at the moment and has just discovered a love of toast! George is really tall and suddenly all of his tops are too short, I had lots of summer clothes but it looks like I'm going to need to replace most of it.
I like buying clothes for me, not them! Mean Mummy!

Need to pop in to Clarks on the way to get the kids some summer shoes, there is an outlet near the play area so we'll try and get some for each of them. Izzy wore some sandals on a long walk we did the other day and now has huge blisters, she's having to wear uggs today so they don't rub! She's going to look, erm, great!

Hope that everyone is well, going to have a quick read before going.


  1. My kiddo is going through something too, and she eats ALL THE TIME, constantly saying she is hungry. I think this means another growth spurt is coming. She is already the tallest in her class, by more than three inches!

  2. Have you ever noticed sometimes kids randomly fall down a lot? I have realized whenever my 4 year old falls down all the time, she is about to grow. Every shoe I put on my daughter wiil say it doesn't fit good. She will flat out say I can't run in these. Oh yeah and she doesn't want to wear jeans because those are not good to run in either. Have a wonderful day at the play area! You are almost to one hundred-ville :)

  3. Yay for being back at your lowest!!!

  4. LOL! She's gonna look-erm_great!!!

    YOu crack me up!

    202. 202. Very good girlie! It's working!