Tuesday, 20 December 2011

13 something

It's 6am in the morning, I've just weighed in and the scale said 13.13 (.8!) which is 195 pounds, am thrilled, I've even changed the battery in the scale to make sure it's not playing with me.

We managed to get to London and it was fairly painless, the kids had a good time and the view from upstairs was amazing, it was a really clear day and we could see for miles.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is Isobel's birthday, today I have to make a cake for her, we've settled on a chocolate sponge with butter cream inside and around the outside with chocolate fingers the whole way around and raspberries on the top! Wish me luck for both making and not eating! I've had to negotiate this decadent cake as I can't make character cakes, I'm terrible at anything artistic. Ready made cakes from stores here tend to taste awful, I know mine will taste good but have no idea how it will look!

Have a good day all x

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Post fill update

Ooh, that sounds very official doesn't it? There is actually very little to report but here we go.

I went last Tuesday and had a fill of 0.2 to take me up to 9cc's in my 14cc band. I did 3 days fluids more or less along with some chocolate, well it turns to liquid doesn't it? Went on to soft food and was starving, I didn't think that the fill had made any difference at all and if anything I could eat more than normal.

The fill kicked in on Sunday evening of all times, am eating less, just need to cut the chocolate! Had such a busy day yesterday that I didn't have time for eating things I shouldn't and woke up to 14 0 on the scale today (196 lbs) this is my lowest low. My scale is fluctuating quite a lot before settling (ala Biggest Looser) but I jumped on twice and got the same number so I'm taking it. 13 stone something for Christmas would be amazing.

George is poorly again, big sigh, I'm actually wondering if he takes after his paternal Grandmother and is a hypochondriac! I've brought him downstairs early and managed to get him to drink some juice and have a biscuit, he didn't eat or drink at all yesterday when I was out.
I wouldn't be so bothered, he's not much of a morning eater anyway, but we're going in to London today to the BT Tower (tall and famous building in London) to meet Santa and then go up in to their revolving restaurant, this building isn't open to the public anymore and we're lucky to be able to go, just hope that he perks up, will give lots of meds! I would skip it and stay at home with George but Paul is scared of heights and high speed lifts so there is no way at all he would go up to the revolving bit which is the most exciting thing for the kids, Paul could stay with George and I'd take Isobel but it's to do with Paul's company and they wouldn't let me in without him, as it is I have to take my passport as the building is thought to be such a terrorist risk. As ever we have no option of leaving him with anyone so lots of don't moan/don't be sick/have a lovely time vibes would be appreciated!

Have a lovely Tuesday all xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Hello Lovelies!

Can't believe that it is the 12th of December already, where is the time going?

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last miserable post, it really does mean a lot that you take the time to read my drivel!

Everything is going ok, George is now well although he did get an ear infection after the chest infection which resulted in a late night hospital dash. Isobel had a build a bear party on Saturday which all went well, just need to make her write the thank you cards (wish me luck) Christmas is almost sorted and the kids break up TOMORROW, TOMORROW!

My weight is ok, 14st 1 today (197 lbs) I'm going for a fill tomorrow, I really need one along with an afternoons shopping in London away from my children!
I've officially lost 4 stones, it's taken almost 2 years so I'm not poster girl for the band but I'm ok with it, I'm hoping that the next 2 stone or so will come off a bit quicker!
A stone is 14lbs.

Off to catch up x

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Grumpy arsed post.

I have to preface to say that I have my period and it rarely fills my heart with joy!

I'm really fed up, George has been sick all week, really really ill, he's been on antibiotics and seems to have just started to get better, he's had some kind of chest infection and has been coughing like mad which means he can't keep anything down, hideous. He had about 5 days of good health before he got his current illness, the 2 weeks prior to that he had a sickness bug. Obviously he's been off from nursery and obviously I've been taking care of him but as much as I love him I've had enough now, I'm exhausted, I don't think I've had an unbroken nights sleep in a month and on top of getting up with George I'm really not sleeping very well. I'm also trying to plan Christmas and it's Isobel's birthday party next week.
My husband works really long hours and commutes in to central London, obviously, he can't do much. But, if he wakes up after a full nights sleep (having not heard George or been woken by Isobel to be told some fact or other) and tells me he is exhausted I will do him serious damage with a medicine bottle!

As he's been ill I've not been to the gym since Sunday and I feel guilty, I know that it's not my fault but I do. Paul has taken Isobel to a party and I'm planning to go to the gym once they get back, I also need to go shopping for yet another birthday present for another party tomorrow, I have ordered something but it's not arrived, such a pain.

My weight has been quite stable but I hit the peanut m&m's last night and am up a pound. My band seems to have shut today and I'm struggling through some salad and breaded camembert which is the first thing I've eaten today (almost 1pm here) I'm sure I'll be back down tomorrow if I keep on the straight and narrow today.

So that's it really, nothing constructive to say at all. If anyone knows him can Father Christmas send me for 3 days at a health spa with an enormous suite of my own with lots of beauty treatments and loads of trash tv to lay around watching please? Thanks

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Back down

Pleased to report that I'm down to 14st 2 today, 198 lbs.

It's been going quite well but still quite hungry so I'm looking forward to a tiny fill soon. I've been doing quite well at the gym, about an hour on the bike/treadmill/cross trainer burning around 400 cals according to the machines, no idea how accurate they are. The machines at my gym have televisions on them and I've recently discovered that they also have games on them, the time passes much quicker playing mahjong but its really hard to touch the screen to play the game!

George is ill again today, we ought to have a big cross painted on our door! We're off to the Dr's shortly, he came down with croup last night and his chest is awful today, poor thing. No gym for me today, haven't had much sleep but will try and straighten up the house a little.

Have a good day

Friday, 25 November 2011

Still alive

Have had a busy few weeks, firstly George was hit with the worst stomach bug I've ever had to deal with, was awful and constant and went on for 5 days, followed by 3 days of upset stomach. He hardly ate during this time and was awfully pale and weak, he's doing better now though and finally went back to nursery after almost 2 weeks off.

This meant that I didn't get to the gym at all, I went back for the first time yesterday, was ok, thought it would be really hard after a week and a half of no gym but it was ok.

I have to admit to being bored to death during the long days of being stuck at home and I really missed my routine, a little bit of boredom eating did creep in, and I've gained a pound, this in part is due to a fabulous meal I went out for on Thursday night, quite small portions so ideal for a bandster, 3 courses with tiny morsels in between, was to die for, can't wait to go back.
So, I'm up to 14st 3lbs, (199 lbs) really feel that I'm ready to get back on now and think I'll be ok, am going to try and get to the gym later.

I'm really busy at the moment, the kids finish school on the 13th (the 13th!!!!!) and before then I have 2 plays and 2 Christmas bazaars and christmas decoration making morning and Isobel's school close early one day as there is a carol concert on the other side of town which we can't make as I have no one to watch George, plus, as usual we have a ridiculous amount of parties, 2 this weekend, 2 next and Isobel's on the 10th of December. This year I'm doing nothing, I'm taking 21 (21 bloody kids, I really hoped that I'd get some refusals but they're all coming) kids to build a bear and handing over my credit card.
I'm also trying to Christmas shop and sort out Christmas present for teachers, I hate this, both kids have what seems like 2,000 teachers and I have no idea what to buy. I have plumped for Cath Kidston mugs, filled with nice chocolate (Oops, it fell in my mouth, better buy some more) which will be wrapped in star covered cellophane. I have no idea why I feel the need to go over the top but there you go, I can't help myself.

I realised a couple of weeks ago I really need a fill, I've suddenly got really hungry, I called to book one and the only date I could get was the 13th of December, my provider is a nurse down and they had nothing at all available before Christmas but managed to shoehorn me in. Luckily Paul can take the day off to pick the kids up from school and I'll get some London shopping so I'm quite looking forward to it.

I've just read about Gilly's liquid diet and I'm very tempted, 10 pounds off would be amazing.

Have a great weekend, belated Happy Thanksgiving for all who celebrated!

Monday, 7 November 2011

I actually went away for the weekend

and I didn't gain weight!

Only to the inlaws, not to anywhere exciting! Paul's best friend was 40 and his parents threw a lunch for him, we were the surprise guests, was nice to see them and catch up.

I unexpectedly got my period whilst we were away and must admit to inhaling some lindt chocolate on the way home, not an enormous amount but enough to make me feel guilty and ensure that I went to the gym when I got home.

Today the scale said 14st 2lbs (198 lbs) which I'm delighted with.

On a totally unrelated note, I've just found out that my mad mother in law has bought Isobel a guitar for Christmas, this is my 6 year old, marvelous. I looked in to music lessons for her a short while ago as she would like to learn to play the piano and it will cost in excess of £100 a month which after 2 lots of school fee's we just can't afford. From about the 26th of December we will receive a daily phone call asking if I've arranged bloody guitar lessons yet, they drive me insane.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm so crap!

Sorry, haven't blogged in a while. Unusually for me I've not gone off the rails, have just been really busy.

Kids were on holiday last week so we went away to be spoiled by my Aunt, whilst I was away I had the decorators in to do our lounge, it looks great, we've gone grey. This inspired me to paint the shabby playroom so i've spent most of this week doing it, it's pale blue and lovely, I'm very pleased with it, am thinking of doing the kitchen next but its a much bigger job and I need a few weeks off!
George has also started using the computer, he's 4, I want to encourage it to some degree but I also want to use it myself and he gets really cross when I try and get it from him!! He plays educational games on the bbc website.

I have managed to get to the gym this week as I brought 3 pounds back from my Aunts with me, am glad to report that I'm back to 14st 3 (199 lbs!)

Haven't managed to take any more photos, I hate having my picture taken! BTW, I have sunglasses on my head in the rubbish photo I posted, I don't have a massive square head, perhaps I'll do photo's when I'm finally 13st something!

Am off to see The Help at the cinema tonight, very excited as I loved the book. Just need to resist the popcorn and chocolate!
Am going to catch up with blogs now, hope that everyone is well.

Friday, 21 October 2011

I did it!

I stood on the scale this morning and it said 14st 3.2 lbs (199.2 lbs) am elated, this is my lowest low in such a long time.

To celebrate I went to my favourite horrible toilet (m&s) and took a photo. It's rubbish as it was busy and someone caught me just as I took it so I had to do the "what an idiot pressing the wrong button, who would take a photo in the toilet?" look.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I can feel it coming

I think that I might see Onederland tomorrow, I might not but I've been very good, have been exercising (gym is killing me, seems so much harder than it used to, must be getting old!)

Today I weighed 14 st 4.4lbs (200.4) it might a couple of days but I think that it's coming.

I've had lots of comments about my weight loss recently even though I'm back at my lowest and have gone up and down by 7 pounds for the last 6 months, maybe the gym is toning me up, I don't know.

So, things are going well, kids are off for a week next week and I won't get to the gym, will try and do extra this week to compensate. George doesn't normally go to nursery on a Wednesday but has to go in tomorrow for an hour and a half to have his school photo taken, I'm going to run to the gym in this time and have a swim, I plan to do about 30 minutes.

Hope that everyone is well

Friday, 14 October 2011

I felt quite good today

I wore some new bright pink tights with a black dress and black knee length boots. I tried to take a photo of myself in my favourite scabby Marks and Spencers toilets to share with you all but got caught in the act!
I did embarrass myself, when I've worn this dress in the past I have always worn leggings with it, I kept forgetting that I didn't have leggings on, leaning over to undo the kids car seats was interesting, pulling the dress right up to pull up the tights was a complete mistake!

The gym is going well, I've been a few times, will go back on Sunday as I'm busy tomorrow. I still ache from my visit on Thursday.

Weight is holding steady at 14st 5 (201 pounds) my period came this week so I seem to be holding, am hoping that it will start to go down very soon. Right now I feel ok about everything, I'm looking forward to seeing 14.3 (199, onederland!) I am desperate to see 13.13 (195 lbs) have been 14 something for ages.

I'm happy to say that for the first time in a while I feel less stressed, school issues seem to have calmed right down, I've even been for coffee with some of the Mum's this morning. We still may well move Isobel but will probably leave it until the end of the academic year. I do have a very frustrating eBay issue going on but if that's all I have to worry about it's really not the end of the world.

Again, I'm sorry for not commenting that much, I do read, I just feel I have nothing of value to add.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

So, I went to the gym

and the man said that you actually have to attend and exercise in order to loose weight and get fit, just having a membership card being enough was a cruel joke.

I went today, paid my money and filled in 3,000 forms. As "Adam" guilted me in to it I went for a swim. I've not swam on my own for years and I've hardly swam for years although I've been in plenty of pools with the children. It was ok, the first 6 lengths were awful but after that it wasn't so bad and I did 30 lengths without stopping, this took me about 25 minutes, I'm not a fast swimmer at all but I am a plodder!

Not sure on my weight today as my biggest looser scales we're flicking around, I've ordered new batteries as I couldn't be bothered searching the shops for the right one, could only find a batch of 10 batteries but they were dirt cheap.

So, that's all there is to say, I'm still doing ok, I'm still peeing alot.

It's suddenly become Autumn here today, we had a scorching weekend and now it's cool and windy although still bright.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I did good

Alison in "blogging twice in one month shocker!"

Hello, hope that everyone is well today.

I have stuck to all my resolutions, I didn't buy any chocolate. I ate well and I called the gym and am going in tomorrow to re-join. Just as I hung up the perky young man said "don't forget to bring your gym kit or your swimming gear so you can work out after doing the paperwork" yeh, great, thanks for that I thought! Does not just owning a gym membership card mean that you loose weight, tone up and get fit? I feel cheated!

I liked my scale today, although I think that it's going a bit biggest looser on me. I'm pretty sure my weight is 14st 5lbs (201 lbs) but when I stood on the scale for confirmation it dropped down a couple of pounds but first showed about 3 different weights! I think it could need a battery, will see how it performs tomorrow.

I'm noticing since being "good" that I keep peeing, I must have retained gallons of water!

Thank you for all your kind messages on my last blog, it means a lot!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Right, time to get my arse in to gear

I've been pretty bad recently, sort of holding at the same weight but not loosing anything at all. I've had some kind of epiphany this week, after gaining 3 pounds over the weekend (think that salt was to blame as much as anything) I realised that it's time to get on with it. So this week I'm joining a new gym as my old membership has ran out. This week I'm not buying any chocolate, this week I'm following the bandster rules. From now on I'm going to blog, I need the accountability.

Weight today is 14st 7lbs, a day of being good has got rid of the excess.

Just stole this from another blog, thought that it could be a good reintroduction

A _ Z

A - Age 38
B - Bed Size - King size
C- Chore You Hate - Ironing but actually most of them!
D - Dogs - I used to have 2 shih-tzu's but I like most dogs
E - Essential Start to Your Day - Coffee, although I'm drinking more tea recently
F - Favourite Colour - Tricky, depends what for, I'm just about to decorate my lounge grey, I wear a lot of black, blue and lots of stripes just now.
G - Gold or Silver -Silver
H - Height - about 5.5-5.6
I - Interests - Reading (have just finished The Help and loved it), movies, walking. I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks going to the gym will be my favoured hobby!
J - Job Title - Housewife and mother
K - Kids - 2, girl 6, boy 4
L - Live - Colchester, Essex but originally from South Yorkshire
M - Mother's Name - Penny
N - Nickname - Lots, Ali, Alice, Liz, Muuuuuuummmmmm is a current favourite.
O - Overnight Hospital Stays - 2 nights of each birth, 1 night for my band op.
P - Pet Peeves - Other parents at my daughters school, bad drivers, strange villagers, rubbish trains.
Q - Quote From a Film - You're terrible Muriel.
R - Right or Left-Handed - Right
S - Siblings - Brother 40, sister 35 and brother 24
T - Time You Wake Up - often through the night with the horrors, alarm goes off at 6am
Underwear - Whatever is in the draw! Have just had to buy new black knickers from M&S as I was wearing a dress the other day and everytime I walked I could feel my knickers falling down!
V - Vegetables You Hate - sprouts
What Makes You Run Late - I'm very rarely late, always super early.
X - X-Rays You've Had - Dental and band
Y - Yummy Food That You Make - I don't find anything that I make that good, I'm an ok cook, not great though. Am just about to make leek and potato soup.
Z - Zoo Animal - Aardvark

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Terrible blogger

I have been a terrible blogger, I've been reading every day or so but I really don't have very much to say.

Nothing has changed, I didn't manage my challenge, surprise surprise! I'm about the same weight and everything is ok.

Most of my energies are going on finding a new school for Isobel, I am so relieved that we're doing this, as anyone who reads this blog would know this has been a cause of much upset for us. We had a meeting with George's school on Friday and it all looks really good, it's co-ed which we feel would suit Isobel well. She is having a trial day in a couple of weeks, she doesn't know anything about this yet as she loves her school. I'm a bit worried about her reaction but think that she will settle well.
Typically this year with a much stricter teacher (which I always maintained that she needed) she has settled well and so far (7 days in) there have been no problems. Still, I think that 75% of the problem is the other parents so moving is the best thing. It will mean that the school run is halved for me and I'm going to one school not 2 which will be great.

Band wise all is fine, or it would be if I would stop eating chocolate. I'm quite tight at the moment, tried chicken twice yesterday and got stuck both times, this could be hormonal.

Hope that everyone is well, I have been reading, I just don't feel like I have anything of value to add.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 3 of challenge

And not much to say! I'm down a pound (14st 5lbs / 201 pounds) I need to loose another by Wednesdays weigh in.

We have a busy weekend, tomorrow we're going to the first birthday of the daughter of one of Paul's friends, we've not seen any of these friends for about 5 years and I don't know them very well. I'm having my normal, whatthehellwillIwear panic! The weather in the UK is so changeable at the moment it's really hard to plan. It's rained all day here today and yet on Monday I got sunburnt! I went shopping today wearing Uggs as it was so cold! I do have my Boden tunics that will do aslong as its not too hot. Today I wondered in to Monsoon and went through the dregs of the sale stuff, I got a cardigan, linen trousers and a top for £30, they originally retailed at £120 so I'm very happy. The trousers are much too long so I will have to take them up, I'm 5ft 6, these are regular length and they are at least 3"'s too long!

On Sunday we're going to see my friend N, who also has a band. I posted the other day saying that she possibly has a hole in the tubing. She went back yesterday and all seems to be ok, I'm very relieved for her.

Below is a picture of Isobel, she is obsessed with Scooby Doo just now, so obsessed that she's fashioned some 3d specs to look like Velma's, Velma is her hero! She didn't want the photograph taken, that's why she's looking sulky, the glasses make me laugh, a lot!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My challenge

Generally I don't do very well with challenges, I challenge myself to something perfectly reasonable and fail immediately, I'm not quite sure why I'm doing this but what else should one do with oneself on a Wednesday afternoon whilst your Scooby doo obsessed daughter is bouncing around watching it?

So, I worked out that there were 17 weeks until Christmas. Today I weigh 14st 6lbs (202 lbs). My goal weight is 12st (168 pounds). I need to loose 34 pounds in order to get to goal. Which means that if I loose 2 pounds a week I can make my goal by Christmas. I would like to do this as quite frankly I'm bored of this constantly worrying about my weight, it's just rubbish. I know that I don't need a fill, I just need to stop eating crap!

Saying all that, I've just made a blackberry and apple crumble, the blackberrys and apples where all picked during a nature walk we did with the kids, this is the first one I've ever made and it was so easy, I'm not that bothered about fruity desserts (too healthy for me!) so will have a small portion but won't go over board.

I've lost a follower, actually I've lost 2, I'm perfectly fine about it as I find myself quite dull! One of the followers was me, why was I following myself?

Have a lovely day all x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So I stood on the scale and it wasn't great but down to 14st 7 (203 lbs)today which I'm ok about, 3 pounds from my lowest, I am going to crack on now, if I got my head down I could be pretty much at goal by Christmas, famous last words those!

Took the kids to a local beach yesterday and managed to burn my legs! I'm very pale and burn very easy so the kids and me all wear factor 50, unusually for me I wore a shortish skirt when I'd normally wear linen trousers and it didn't enter my head to put lotion on them! What an idiot, they're very pink and sore.

I've blogged often about my daughter and problems at her school, things have been carrying on the same and so we've made the decision to give the school notice, we have to pay for a term so she'll leave at Christmas. We now need to look at other schools and find the right place for her, the school that George attends (he goes to the nursery) would be best for me but we really have to make the right decision this time. I've not spoken to her about it yet and she's always been devestated at the mention of leaving her school but she did a weeks summer school at another (private) school this summer and adored it and I made the point to her that there are other schools with nice children and fun things to do so I think that that has helped. She will have a couple of trial days at the school that we choose before we make a final decision.

I have a friend, N, who had a band about 6 months ago, I told her that I had one and she'd booked the same within the week. She's quite large, would say she was probably about 325 ish at the time of her op, I think that she's lost about 30 pounds. She went for a fill a few weeks ago and they couldn't find the port, she went back a week later to try again, they inserted the needle about 6 times, finally found the port and gave her a fill but now she has no restriction at all and it appears that they may have punctured the tube. I feel desperately sorry for her and a little guilty although I didn't influence her in anyway, not deliberately anyway! She has an appointment later this week to check but it's looking like she'll need the tubing replaced.

Horrible rainy weather here today and my house is covered in a fine sprinkling of sand, I hate the feel of sand under my feet! Really ought to go and do some housework and stretch my bright pink legs!

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Sorry, I've not posted in a while.

To be completely honest there hasn't been much to say! The kids are off school and so most of my focus has been on them. We're just back from a few days in Bournemouth which is on the south coast, it's been really nice, the kids played for hours on the beach and my nerdy husband got to see the air show so the whole family were happy.

Weight I think is the same as normal, will check in the morning - might not actually admit what it is! Hope that everyone is well, off to start catching up now.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday again

The weekend seemed to go in a blur!

George and I are still alone this week, Izzy is now at my (mad) in laws, she's loves it, she comes home at the weekend, I'm really missing her but I know that by Tuesday I will be moaning on my blog! We do have a 2 day honeymoon period when she's missed her brother but quite soon afterwards everything goes back to normal.

I have had really bad PMT, it was that bad that I recognised it and warned my husband! I managed to inhale a large bag of peanut m&m's over the weekend, the scale had already started creeping up and went up quite high, I'm back down to 14st 6.6lbs (202.6) part peanut part period gain I think, hopefully the 2 will go once my period has gone, I feel ok today, back on track.

I went out for lunch yesterday for a friends birthday, I really struggled to choose what to eat and ended up with a mezze with flat bread, feta, huomous (I can never spell that!) and other bits, terrible choice as it turned out, I thought I was careful but ended in the bathroom twice and the food looked completely untouched, no one there other than my friend knew about my band and I don't think that she really understands it.

It's looking really unlikely that I'll get to 13st something this month now, 7 pounds to loose in 6 days! Will make good food choices and do my best to be active, maybe it will be in August but it will happen.

Have a good day.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Starving today

Is there a full moon? Have had breakfast, did some chores, went to the supermarket to food shop and came back starving, it was so bad that I was eating dry cereal whilst unpacking the shopping, have just made some crackers and the cereal has kicked in (along with a few pringles)and I'm not hungry! Bizarre.

Scale was slightly up today, despite me eating well and doing a couple of hours walking whilst pushing a heavy boy in a pushchair, it's only up 0.2 of a pound so just a tiny fluctuation, nothing to worry about. I do think that I'm approaching the time when I don't tend to loose followed by the time when I gain for no reason, can't wait for that!

Onderland isn't really a big thing in the UK, if you told someone you weighed 199 pounds most people would have no clue how much that was until they converted it. But after reading blogs for the last 18 months I know what a big deal it is so it's important to me, being 13st something is more important to me though.

I'm also tired, perhaps that the reason for the hunger? Anyway, enough moaning from me, wonder if I can convince George that we should have a sleep?
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I can eat toast!

I am eating toast, it's the first time I've tried in a long time, I've left most of the crusts but have managed half a slice and it feels ok, I have my husbands homemade blackcurrant jam on it and it's lovely, not too sweet. Isn't it weird that you can't eat the foods that you just took for granted like toast and pasta and potato's, I can't say that I really miss most of it either but I'm lazy and toast is very easy to prepare.

Loved the scale this morning, 14st 4.8 (200.8 lbs!!!) a pound down from yesterday! I stuck to about 1000 calories yesterday, I normally have about 1200, I did still have chocolate but halved a bar with my husband so that was 100 calories rather than over 200 so I'm sure that that helped. I have 11 days to loose 5 pounds. Seeing 13st something on the scale will be amazing.

George and I are taking an elderly neighbour who has just had a hip operation to church today, we have to bring her home so we'll stay for the service, this is a tiny church with not many people attending, I'm going to try and convince George to be quiet, wish me luck. Then we're going in to town, George will love me! He isn't a shopper! I need to take some stuff back and a go to the library and we'll probably go to the park if the weather stays nice. I will park out of town, shove George in the stroller and have a long walk which will do me good.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Am down 0.4 of a pound to an all time low of 14st 5.8lbs (201.8) will onderland ever be mine? I have 12 days to loose 6 pounds, half a pound a day, eek.

I think that it is doable IF I forgo my evening chocolate treat (has been peanut m&m's for the last 3 nights but have run out now) they are about 220 cals, could I make do with an 100 calorie yoghurt instead? I don't want to but I will try my best!

I could also do with some exercise, George and I have been to visit my sister today which has meant 3 hours in the car and hardly any walking but tomorrow we'll be more active.

Probably means nothing to most of you but I am transfixed by the whole News Internation/Murdoch/hacking business. The Murdoch's have been in front of the Select committee this afternoon and I've just witnessed Rupert Murdoch get a custard pie in the face, his wife was most impressive and whacks the attacker. I don't know where it will all end and think that the Prime Minister is in for a rough time.

Happy Tuesday, can't believe that it's only Tuesday!

Monday, 18 July 2011

A tiny weeny new low!

Thank you all for admiring my ring, not a great photo I know, the sticker book is at my side at all times along with a 3 year old shouting "Lets do stickers!" I'm all stickered out!

As my title suggests I'm at a new low of 14st 6.2 pounds (202.2 lbs) this is the lowest I've got to, am really hoping for a new low again tomorrow. I seem to be a bit tighter this last couple of days, I can still eat but not so much which isn't a bad thing!

George and I have been to the hell that is soft play, he chose the most disgusting one to go to (we have a new one in this town where a poor woman goes up and down a 60 foot long slide cleaning it with spray and a cloth not her behind!) the one we went to is smelly but George thinks it's great fun and will probably have boosted him immune system lots! He is exhausted, I on the other hand sat drinking bad coffee and reading my book (new Dorothy Koomson which is really good and much better than her last)

Am anticipating an early night for George and I'm going to disinfect the floor of my downstairs toilet, having a boy who insists on standing up when using the toilet isn't so good, my floor is a really rough tile which destroys the mop if I try and use it on it so it's a hands and knees job!

Exciting life for me hu? Have a good day all x

Sunday, 17 July 2011

(not very good) ring picture!

Excuse my sausage fingers and chunky thigh!

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Today is a good day.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Today we went to a village in Suffolk called Lavenham, it's a typical English village with old medieval buildings and lovely shops. I found an antique shop and spent some of my inheritance from my Grandmother on an old platinum and diamond ring, it's lovely. I had wanted to get some jewellry as she loved it and loved antique shops and sales. I need it resized but it does fit my wedding finger so I'm wearing it on there for now, as I'm hoping to loose more weight I think that I'll hold off getting it adjusted. My wedding and engagement rings are getting way too big.
We had a really nice day, Isobel is away at my Aunt's so it was just the three of us.

The scale was good today too, 14st 6.8lbs (202.8) am really hoping to see a lower number in the next couple of days.

Am trying to get out to do some walking but the weather here is awful, sunshine one minute followed by torrential rain!

Friday, 15 July 2011

After moaning today we're having a lovely day out and they're behaving ok!

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Gah, school holidays

We're on day 3, I'm ready to run away, at least I would be if I hadn't hurt my back. Moaning kids and bad back's do not go together.

The main problem is that for the last 2 days they have woken me up at 5am, 5am, this morning it was Isobel whistling that woke me, yesterday it was George shouting. It's just before 8am and it feels like I've been awake for days.

The scale isn't great, I've not actually stood on it today but yesterday was 14st 8lbs (204 lbs) so now 9 pounds away from my goal with 16 days to go, not sure that it looks so good, I really fell of the wagon, tiredness and frustrations are my reasons but I'm to blame.

Sunshine is on the horizon! My daughter is off to stay with my Aunt tomorrow, she then goes to my in laws so she's away for 2 weeks, I'm really looking forward to a break, she and I just argue, she has such a terrible attitude especially towards her brother.

The school meeting was incredibly patronising, apparently I must be careful what I watch on the television around her as you may assume things would go over other childrens heads but not hers. I pointed out that there is never ever anything other than childrens programs on the tv if they're here and it's on, the only thing I have on is the radio occasionally in the kitchen, apparently I should be very careful of this, I pointed out that it's mainly radio 4 and there is a real world out there! Stupid woman, I took a friend as I hate doing these things on my own, Sarah has known Isobel all of her life and is a teacher and she was astounded.
I rebelled slightly yesterday by letting Izzy listen to Woman's hour on Radio 4 yesterday, she might turn in to a radical feminist! (Radio 4 is quite middle class, quite proper I suppose for those that don't know)

Anyway, off to argue with my kids!
Have a good day.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Down a bit more

Good morning all,

It's the start of a rainy weekend here. We have nothing exciting planned, kids swimming lessons this morning which Paul now does solo! I'm going to stay in bed and do nothing whilst they're gone, I should really be at the gym but lets not dwell on that!
This afternoon we have yet another party! this must be the 12,000th this year, I hate them so! Still, I think that this will be out last before the kids go back to school in September and rumour has it that there will not be all class parties after that, I really hope not, it takes up so much time.

Scale down a little today 14st 6.6 lbs (202.6 lbs) so down 0.4 of a pound which will do, I really struggled with head hunger yesterday and really wanted to eat rubbish but I kept myself in control just about and only had a few small marshmallows and a tiny piece of my home made banana cake, it's Izzy's favourite and even though I quite like it I can't really eat it as it's so dense that it gets stuck.

Only need to loose another 7 pounds to make my July goal, 22 days left!

Have a lovely weekend x

Friday, 8 July 2011

I got a call and all I could think of is this blog!

Driving home from the school run this morning and I got a call, pulled over and answered it and it was Isobel's school wanting me to make an appointment to see the headteacher. All I could think of is me writing here yesterday how things seemed to be much better, I'd jinxed myself!
So, my mind was running wild, what had she done this time? We're they going to expel her?
I got Paul to call the head and it's just a review, they feel things are going much better and wanted a quick catch up before she breaks up.

Sorry, just a braindump there! I really wish I could assume that any call from the school was positive!

Scale was good today, 14st 7 (203 lbs) I'm trying to catch up with Amanda! The frustrating thing is that after my fluctuations I've only lost 1 pound in a week. Still, I'm down 8 pounds since my fill 3 weeks ago so it's not all bad. Could I manage another 8 pounds by the end of the month to make my goal? 23 days left? I think that I probably could, not sure that I will though!

My last day full day of freedom today, the kids break up on Tuesday for 8 weeks! 8 weeks, I ask you!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Nothing much to say, blah blah blah!

Thought that I would just check in although, I have nothing of note to say. I have a program on in the background called Food Fighters, it's about environmental health and stuff like that I think, am only half watching, they've just shown lots of pictures of very maggoty fish, I think that it's put me off food for life! This isn't a bad thing!

I had a little revelation, this won't last, don't be alarmed! I bought lots of salad vegetables yesterday, chopped it all up and stuck it in the fridge so that it's there to dip in to when I need some, this is working really well, I dipped in to at lunch and dinner time and my husband (who is not a salad eater at all) even had some last night too so I will keep that going I think.

The scale was good today, I originally got 14st 8 (204) and then managed to squeeze a 14st 7.8lbs, I like it but I'm not sure I can really claim it!

Was meant to go to the gym today but I haven't, bad Alison. To be honest, this is my last day but one before the kids break up and I wanted to get some stuff done at home without any "help" and make the most of some time to myself. I've cleaned out the playroom which is a workout in itself! I'm picking up George shortly and this afternoon I intend to clear and clean Isobel's room, this is like a triathlon! Her room is a pit! I'm taking the kids to the zoo after we pick up Izzy so that will be a good walk too so I don't feel so bad.

Talking of Izzy, I'm touching wood here! Things seem to have settled a little, she moves up a year in September and has a new teacher, the teacher is very strict and I'm really hoping that this will continue to settle her. We got her report yesterday, it's pretty good and positive, I'm very pleased with her.

Happy Thursday x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Natural rhythm pah!

I'm not liking my natural rhythm at all! Was all going well, enjoyed 3 days of a pound loss per day, next day stay the same which is fine, next day up a pound, next day up a pound, next day down a pound (today) So am 14st 9 lbs (205 lbs)
I've been good the whole time but it does really frustrate me, will carry on and hopefully loose some more.

Very excited about meeting Tina on Friday, my first blogger meeting! Will take pictures and if we both look stunning I may actually post them.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, 4 July 2011

This month I will

I have some goals for July that I thought I would add here to help me be accountable. This often doesn't work for me, I seem to rebel against myself but will give it a go!

Goal 1
Loose 9 pounds so that my weight begins with 13st, that would be amazing!

Goal 2
Sell all my unwanted items on ebay, I really need to create some space and some money would help too!

Goal 3
To get through the school holidays without seriously falling out with my children, to use different strattergies and keep my sanity!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Natural rhythm

Rhythm is one of those words that I struggle to spell, it just looks wrong and there are too many h's for my liking. My post isn't about odd words or birth control or dancing.

After 5 days of not loosing anything for the last 3 days I've lost a pound a day, I'm really liking this but I think that this is my natural rhythm, I think that I've been so consumed with stuffing my face because I don't loose on certain days that I've never really identified it before, I like it, I may need reminding of this post when I'm moaning because of not loosing.

Today I weigh 14st 8lbs (204 lbs) I think that this is my lowest (I changed my scale a few months ago from one that was wildly inaccurate to a super dooper one) I have lost 3st 10 pounds (52 pounds) I want to get to 12 stone so need to loose a further 36 pounds.

Today I am going to the gym, I'm going to walk back which is a 40 minute walk, I maybe walk there and back but because of the kids swimming lessons this probably won't work out.

Just watching footage of William and Kate (Catherine these days?) in Canada, she is very pretty but awfully thin.

Happy Saturday all!

A little voice and annoying dieters!

My husband is on a "diet", he is 5 ft 8 and weighs 169 pounds (12st 1) which I think is perfectly acceptable for him, he is in no way fat. All his dieting ways are irritating me, I'm the dieter of the family! What does he think that he is doing?
He whispered to me that he thought that it would help me, I wanted to respond by poking him in the eye but I just smiled sweetly and considered lacing his meals with butter!

The scale was great today, I was 14st 9! (205 lbs) almost 3 stone heavier than my husband! (This is most of my reason for being cross at him dieting!) I am 0.4 of a pound away from my lightest. I met my friend Nicky and went shopping today, she also has a band but has only had it a few months so she is a little behind me, it's so nice to talk to someone in the same situation as I am. I tried on lots of clothes and saw myself in the mirror a lot and I thought that I looked ok, I want to loose more but I look ok, I bought some jeans in a UK 18 (US 14- love that!) that I could have done with them being a size smaller but they didn't have any and they are in a loose boyfriend crop style so I though a belt would be fine.
And today, suddenly, a little voice in my head thinks that I might well be able to do it, I might be able to loose more weight and actually get to my goal. I don't think that I've ever really felt confident about it before but I think that I probably do now.

Just watching Murray at Wimbledon, oh dear. Right now he is British, the minute he looses he becomes Scottish again, amazing hu?

Thursday, 30 June 2011

It moved

The weather did broke and we only had one really really really hot day so I'm much happier. The scale finally moved today, it stuck for 5 days although I was eating well, I know that it was down to my TOM and rather than giving up and eating rubbish I stuck with it and was rewarded with a 1 pound loss, today I weigh 14st 10 lbs (206 lbs)

I've been up and down the scale for so long, I'm not doing it anymore, I'm going down now!

I've not been to the gym for a week! I have to book slots which I haven't done and haven't got around to, part of me thinks that I should have time to myself while I can get it as the kids school stops in less than 2 weeks, probably a lazy womans excuse! I will go back at the weekend.
My membership is up in August and I need to decide what I'm going to do, the place I go is much like a Curves, its not that hard, it only takes 30 mins and its not too expensive, I may go to another gym which is huge, has classes and a pool and I don't need to book slots which is a pain, I do think that this is the way forward but I need to think about it seriously, I do have a few weeks yet.

For exercise I'm just about to pack a picnic and take George to the zoo for the afternoon, it's huge so we normally walk lots when we're there.

Hope that everyone is having a good day, I'm very envious at all the Boobs talk, really wish I could come.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Cor it's hot

Not sure if its reached 30 (86) yet but it feels like it has! I really really don't enjoy it but am trying to be brave.

Disaster this morning for me, kids were awake at 5am, 5am! So I was awake too, I decided to colour my hair as it looks shocking, I've been home colouring for a few months as my hairdressers closed down and I haven't got around to finding somewhere else. So, I coloured my hair and my arms and my neck and the top of my back and half of the bathroom! I can't get it off my skin! I look ridiculous, especially my neck, it's about 30 degree's and I'm wearing a scarf, I look like a complete loon!
That is the last time I do it myself, I'm finding a hairdressers pronto!

Weight is still 14st 11 (207 pounds) it's been the same for 3 days now and I've been really good, my very late TOM came yesterday and I think that that's to blame for the scale not moving but that's ok. What is going on with my periods though? They're allover the place, I can't imagine that its band related, I was worried that I was heading in to the menopause, I'm 38! I'm due a check up soon so will mention it at the Dr's.

My band is quite tight right now, think that it could be TOM related or it could be from my fill. I can eat but not very much, just had some cucumber, a digestive with blue cheese and a oat cake with edam and I'm full. I like this!
When will I stop putting enormous portions on my plate though? You would think that I would have learnt by now!

My children break up from school in 2 weeks and 1 day, they are off for 8 WHOLE weeks, can you imagine? I can hardly wait!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I'm very happy

Good evening,

Things are going really quite well, I've lost 4 pounds since my fill, miraculously, I found out that you just need to stop eating crap! Amazing, who'd have thought it?

The other thing that has made me really very happy is that lovely Lisa (http://therestofmylifelisa.blogspot.com/) has approval and a date for her surgery, I'm so so happy for her, if you don't follow her you should, she's lovely and very funny and she has something like 16 bathrooms!

It's so hot here today, we're set to have 2 days at about 30c (about 86f) I don't do heat very well and it makes me moan a lot, I appologise in advance!

Hope that everyone is having a good weekend.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Amazingly, I don't think the fill has made any difference

Things aren't really going that well, why do I keep sabotaging myself? I seem to just be eating rubbish all of the time. I seem to have got a handle on it today so far (is 6pm here) but I'm finding that I'm getting really hungry really quickly.

Today I have eaten chicken breast when I've been hungry, 2 or 3 bitesize pieces have done the trick but I'm a bit fed up that I may need another fill soon. I know that my restriction may well change and I'll be posting about an unfill soon!

Was very proud of my lovely boy today, he had to have his pre-school injections, I spoke to him about it a couple of days ago and he was on the edge of hysteria! Talked about it today and promised a treat after and he was really good, wasn't very happy but didn't cry, thanked the nurse and off we popped for a treat, couldn't find anything at all that he fancied so just had lunch and came home, we then went off to his nursery for a strawberry tea, it rained really heavily on the way so everything was rearranged and done inside. The kids sang and did actions, it was so cute! He's quite shy but joined in really nicely.

Did anyone get an e-mail about 50 top bariatric blogs? Its a small article bashing Gastric Bypass and then goes on to list 50 of our blogs from a site called B12patch. It's most odd, I was very pleased to be number 2 but soon realised that it was in alphabetical order and felt an idiot!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Had a fill

Hello all,

Went in to London for a fill yesterday, all went well, I got 0.4. Am on fluids until Monday, it's going ok so far mainly as it's corresponded with me having an IBS flare up (the things that I share on my blog!) I have had it a few times but it's very rare, this bought has been really awful and painful.

My in laws are here to stay, Izzy had a karate demonstration in the park today so they came to see that and the regatta which is on in our village today. It was arranged that I would meet them from the station in London and get them to the right station to get the train out to Essex. I got to london, had about 20 minutes for a lightning shop when I got the sudden IBS pain so went for painkillers and went for my fill early as felt rotten. I'm glad (if you know what I mean) that the pain came before my fill or I would have blamed the fill and its not.
So, I was in London and didn't manage to go in to even 1 shop! This is unheard of but my bank balance is grateful!

I'd put on 4 pounds since my last fill, they didn't shout at me and actually it was better than I thought. Am really hoping that this will kick start my weight loss, I bought a lovely Boden tunic the other day in my normal size 20 (US 16, like saying that as it sounds much better!) and it's skin tight, I look like a sausage! I think I need to loose 15 pounds in order to wear it.

Anyway, my lovely daughter is kicking off just for a change so I better go and deal with that!
Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, 10 June 2011

The new bag has landed!

Isn't it beautiful? It's huge though, I got Izzy (average size 6 yr old) to hold it so you can see how big it is.

I also got the other bag, I really like it, it does seem quite small and plain compared to the red one.

Other than bag news not much to report! Sadly I've regained the 2 pounds but my TOM is due and I think that could be the reason, I'm ok with it.

Hope that everyone is well, sorry for the boring bag post!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Something miraculous happened!

I weighed in this morning and (somehow) had lost 2 pounds! So I now weigh 14st 11 lbs (207 lbs) I'd had a good day, I wonder if I have been holding water.

I don't have my red bag yet and am getting quite frustrated and aggressive with the postman (this is a bad idea as he lives next door!) It's been almost a week, I want it and I want it now!

Have been to the gym today, I also went shopping so did walk quite a lot, the kids have a million parties coming up so I needed gifts and gift bags, we have one Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

My daughter is still driving me insane, I bought the kids some bits yesterday, nice things a huggle buddy pillow thing each, a magazine each, a new bag each and I also got George a little Brum car, he's obsessed with Brum but its quite old and so merchandise is quite hard to come by, George and I dropped in to a car boot sale yesterday and got one for 50p, he's over the moon. Isobel has sulked ever since as George got one more thing than her! I know that she's 6 but she's so ungrateful! I even had Paul talk to her on the phone this morning as I was so cross.
This too will pass,

Have a good day all, lunch time here!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I might have just bought another one.

Hope that everyone is well.

Why when I've been waiting for a fill for a couple of weeks do I suddenly get restriction? It's really very odd, actually my period is due soon so maybe that is why. I've eaten a tiny amount of chicken and carrots tonight and suddenly feel really full.

I'm down a pound today, 14st 13 lbs (209 lbs) I'm very happy about it and hoping that the trend will continue.

I'm a really rubbish cook, I've made Yorkshire pudding tonight (bet you guys have no idea what that is!) and completely messed it up, its like a huge pancake, my lovely husband ate it all, he's used to crap cooking!

Oh, my title, was looking at Mulberry handbags on ebay last night and found a gorgeous one that didn't go for nearly as much as I thought that it would so had a little bid and won it, it's a brown leather satchel and I can't wait to get my hands on it, think that it would be the perfect bag to use when the red one isn't in use (at least this is the way I'm justifying it to myself!)

Hope that everyone is well, big thanks to lovely LisaC who gave me a blog award, I'll pass that on shortly. Love to all.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Actually, I'm doing ok.

Seem to be back on plan, finally.

Have lost a couple of pounds, am dead on 15 stone (210 lbs) have my fill the Friday after next and despite the worst pmt in a long time I'm eating well.

I'm finding that I have quite good restriction but get hungry very quickly so I do think that I need a tweek.

I went a bit mad and bought a Mulberry handbag the other day, it's not arrived yet and it's red, I know, red. Not quite sure what I was thinking and it may have to go back. It's a Roxanne A4 tote for anyone who knows their bags so its nice and big and probably very red! I never wear red but I do wear a lot of black so hopefully it won't look too horrific.
I need to spend a ton of money shortly as George dropped my iphone and has cracked the screen, completely my fault as he was sat on my lap playing on it and I generally have a very strict no children touching my phone policy, they do each have access to an itouch so I'm not really that mean. It's still working ok at the moment, it has a crack at the top and the bottom. I'm very upset, it's like someone has damaged my baby!

Hope that Tuesday finds you well.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Sorry for not blogging for a while.

The kids have been off school and my Aunt has been staying with us, we had a great week. We went to Bewilderwood (http://www.bewilderwood.co.uk/) in case you're interested, it was a 2 hour drive from here but well worth it, the kids loved it.
We mainly just pottered around and did things locally, it was so nice just to have some company.
The best thing for me was that she looked after the kids last night and I went in to London to meet Paul from work, we went out for dinner at a place called Itsu (http://www.itsu.com/shops/paternoster_square/) the food was good, cheap and quite healthy, they also stock wasabi peas which are always great to find! We then went to see Wicked which was fantastic, we both loved it, so did the whole theatre, I got the distinct impression that most of the audience had seen it several times before.
My Aunt has gone home today, we are all sad, Isobel sobbed and sobbed and would have held on to the car if I'd let her!

Weight is up and down, still about 7 pounds over my lowest, am trying to gain anymore, really do need a fill, which is booked for 2 weeks time. Will be happy not to gain anymore but really would like a couple off. Feel like the staff at the clinic will shout at me for gaining which is ridiculous, if they shout I would shout back!

Hope that everyone is well, haven't read any blogs at all but am going to catch up tonight, Paul is watching the Britain's Got Talent final which I detest, it's so contrived it makes me want to scream so I have to distract myself or I feel my blood pressure rising!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Something happened

I just took a low fat chocolate mousse (60 cals) and a mini cadburys creme egg (50 cals) from the kitchen, put on an episode of Heavy that I had recorded, watched about a minute and put them back! Amazing, not sure that I've ever done that before.

I'm really enjoying watching Heavy, I remember bloggers talking about it when it was shown in the US, it's just started in the UK, I find it inspirational, I also like watching Thintervention, all the bitching makes me laugh, I'm not sure that it would have been possible to find a group of who are more horrible than this lot!

Have just treated myself to a summer tunic from Boden, it wasn't cheap and its in my size now but I felt that I needed something nice to make me feel better, I am down at least 2 dress sizes since last year, the tunic is cotton and I would have only worn stretchy clothes before so it shows how far I have come, it's a UK size 20 (US 16 I think) I also bought a cardigan.
in blueberry.

Weight still the same, am really trying but had to miss my gym session this morning as the car had a flat tyre, just what I need when both kids schools are miles away, I actually pumped it up myself with a footpump! Get me!
Will go tomorrow instead. I promise!
Kids are off again next week! It feels like my children are never at school! They go back for 4 weeks and then have almost 9 weeks off! Expect lots of moaning!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I need a fill, don't I?

I'm generally a bit crap, I don't really notice much mainly when it comes to myself. Like, I'll be miserable and snorting chocolate and want to kill my husband and think nothing of it, a few days later I get my period and smack myself on the side of the head as it was pmt.
All the I just can't seem to get going/lets join a slimming club posts on my blog have suddenly made me realise that I need a fill. Of course I need a fill! I've needed one for about 3 months, if not longer.

So, rather than thinking about booking a fill for 3 months I've actually booked one, the only date I could get was the 17th of June which feels like its 3 years away but at least I have it, conveniently it's on a day that George goes to nursery for a full day which means that I can slip in and out of London and be back in time for the boy.

Am just listening to Adele's album, how amazing is this girls voice? I think that she's beautiful, it saddens me that everything I read about her has to refer to her weight.

Monday, 23 May 2011

My fitflops

These are the ones I have http://www.fitflop.com/sandals/pietra-black/invt/pietra/ I think that they must do something, my legs felt a little achy last night, I did a lot of walking in them yesterday. Today, I put my gym shoes on at the gym and it felt very odd, I'm obviously quite used to them.

Scale still sticking at 14 13 (209 pounds, sigh) I'm doing ok, not great but a bit better than I was, the diet doesn't always get on with my band that well and I'm struggling mentally with eating more food and yet I know that if I eat more "good" food it will probably stop me hitting the biscuits, still I'm still down 2 pounds, I'm going back to class on Friday and hopefully will get rid of another couple by then.

Kids are ok, we finally got the report back from the Ed Psych, its very long, complicated and wordy. Basically says that Isobel is extremely bright but has a mild to moderate learning difficulty, doesn't really explain what this difficulty is. It states that she has a reading age of 10.6 and comprehension age of 10 (she's nearly 6 and a half) but has dyslexic traits although couldn't be described as dyslexic. We're having a meeting with the school in a couple of weeks, they're working through the report at the moment. She was student of the week last week which she's thrilled about and her behaviour at school is much better. At home its up and down, this morning was horrible and her jealousy of her brother continues unabated.
George is just lovely, he's so much more straight forward. We're going on a school trip to a nature reserve tomorrow and he's really looking forward to it. His school is full of praise for him, they tell me what a good boy he is all the time, seems so different to Izzy's school!

Hope that everyone is well, have an hour to read more blogs then school run time!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

And soon I will have fit and shapely legs

I bought some fit flops yesterday, in fact that is a lie, my Daddy bought me some fit flops! I'm 38 but I still enjoy being spoiled by my Dad! Have worn them for a couple of small walks and no difference so far but I will keep you updated! The new shoes are highlighting my lack of pedicure so that will be a job for later.

Slimming world is going ok, I'm not loosing vast quantities of weight as you would expect which is annoying. I'm 2 pounds down after 5 days, it was 3 pounds but I seem to have fluctuated some how, the good thing is that it does seem to have helped me stop eating lots of chocolate so it can't be a bad thing.
Have just heard on the television that the awful hat that Princess Beatrice wore at the Royal wedding is being sold on ebay and currently has bid in excess of £80k! 80k! can you imagine? It looked like a pretzel! Shame really as her dress was lovely but completely overshadowed by it.

Not even 7am here, it's going to be a long day!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

so, I joined a slimming club

Have been struggling on, ok then not so good. So I had a brain wave and decided to join a slimming club, thought that a new way of looking at eating would be beneficial.

I joined a club called Slimming World which I think is only in the UK, I've done this diet before and it works if you keep doing it, there are lists of free food which you can eat in any quantity. Normally, this would be ok, having a band its kind of limited but I've kept at it for a couple of days and I think that I'm over my hump.

I will go back to the club next week to be weighed and may or may not carry on going, I wonder if having someone weigh me will give me the kick up the backside that I need. I just don't know but I do feel more in control and that can only be a good thing.

Haven't been reading many blogs, life seems to have got in the way! Will be catching up tonight, I really miss you all!! x

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Chicken, chorizo and chickpea recipe

This is the recipe that I used, the only changes I made were skinless chicken breasts rather than thighs and dry white wine rather than Sherry.
It's really tasty!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

1 down

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post, it's lovely to have so much support.

Things are going ok, have lost 1 pound so am now 14st 12lbs (208 lbs) I would have liked it to be more but I think that is down to impending TOM.

Have exercised every day, walking and/or gym, have been to the gym this morning and George and I will be going out for a walk soon. Funny weather here just now, was v hot but has suddenly gone very grey.

Have eaten really well, last night I made a chicken, chorizo and chickpea stew and it was amazing, I didn't manage that much so have some in the freezer for another day which is great, I am much better when I am more organised.

Really boring update! Hope that everyone is well, off to read some blogs!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Things really aren't going that well

I've had an awful couple of weeks, bloody awful. It's completely down to me and the 10 tonnes of Easter chocolate we have in the house, why do we get so much? (Why did I go and buy more when it was reduced after Easter and scoff all that too?)

So as of yesterday I'm going to DFDI (just f***ing do it) I'm so fed up with messing around and sabotaging myself.
I was going to go for a fill but in all honesty I don't think that I really need one. My portion sizes are pretty good, I can't eat very much really unless its crap.

I've gained about 7 pounds, currently I'm 5 pounds over my lowest at 14st 13 (209lbs) this is on my mean new scale too. My TOM is due any time which could be causing me to hold on to a little.
I'm going to really up my exercise, I walked to and from the gym yesterday and took George out to the park in the afternoon so must have done 3 hours walking as well as a workout.
I'm just about to go for a walk in my shape ups in a minute.

Sorry for not updating for ages, I've been hiding away scoffing chocolate and its got to stop, will throw the rest away once I get back from my walk.

Hope that everyone is well, sorry for being a crap blogger!

Monday, 25 April 2011


Happy Easter Monday everyone.

I stumbled upon a new mainly British WLS forum last night, haven't been on there before, its a few bandsters but more RNY, DS and bypasses. There is page upon page upon page of terrible stories, I read for about an hour and thought that I must have made a huge mistake, lots of the stories were band failures and revision surgery to bypass, port problems leading to unfill leading to all the weight gained back!

It was terrifying but I've calmed down about it now, the main reason for opting for the band was that if it went wrong it could be removed and I would pretty much be back to normal, I generally err on the side of being a little too loose rather than too tight so hopefully I won't cause any other problems.

I also learned about a new procedure called a Wrap, they basically fold the stomach in half and the sew it together, it's basically like the sleeve but with no cutting.

Anyway, I don't regret getting the band for a moment, and I know that people post these forums when they have problems, when everything is fine they don't have any reason to post saying so!

I did eventually give in to the Easter Bunny, I had 1 egg, it was within my calories for the day, I'm not sure that I really enjoyed it though, once I started it I didn't stop until it was gone!
I am hungrier today, I think that I might be completely controlled by my hormones, I go on a cycle though the month doing and feeling the same way. I'm making good choices though, if I'm hungry I'm eating proper food rather than snacks, snacks and more snacks.

The family has been back for 24hrs, it's like they've never been away! Amazing how quickly we all fall in to our normal roles hu?

Enjoy the day xx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope that everyone has a great day. I've managed to resist the eggs so far!

Just waiting for my babies to come home, they drive me crazy but I've so missed them.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

A new low, I think

Thanks for all your kind wishes regarding my Grandma, the funeral is on Thursday, I'm really not looking forward to it.

As the title suggests, I'm at a new low, I think. The I think is because I'm on my new scale, it was 14st 8lb (204 lbs) today, my other scales are between 3 and 4 pounds lower than these and my lowest on the old scale was 14st 6 (202) therefore I think I've lost a pound or 2 extra. I still have the old scale but I'm not going to check on there, that would be madness!

Paul is away with both of the kids so I'm getting towards the end of my second solo day, I've not done anything at all other than relax, its been fantastic, I've just watched television. I'm missing them all now, especially Isobel, I've not seen her for a week! This is the longest we've ever been apart.
They come home tomorrow, on Monday we're taking them in to London to see the sites that they will see during the Royal Wedding on Friday, we're going to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the along Regents St as they have union flags up and down it, we're then going to do a river boat cruise on the Thames and I think that the kids will have had enough by then! Will try and take some photos and post them, the weather is glorious here just now.

Hope that everyone is having a nice long weekend xx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lots of stuff.

Firstly, sadly, my Grandma died on Tuesday, it's very sad but she had no quality of life at all and in a way I'm happy that she has finally passed. I have a feeling that the funeral will hit me hard, we have always been very close. I got to see her twice last week which I'm really pleased about (she lives about 180 miles away from me)

I went to see my friend Nicky who also has a band yesterday, its so nice to speak to other bandsters face to face, she had her band fitted about 6 months ago and is doing well, she's lost almost 40 pounds. On the way home I ate about half a packet of sugar free mints, that was a huge mistake, oh my goodness, I'll say no more!

Nicky made me a bagel for lunch, I was thinking that there was no way at all that I would be able to eat it as I struggle and generally avoid bread, she assured me that it would be ok and it was! I was amazed, I didn't manage the whole thing, most of it but only stopped as I was full rather than stuck, its a revelation.

The scale has been up and down this week, a bit of water retention and a little too much chocolate I think, was a good day yesterday and after the unfortunate incident with the sugar free mints my weight was 14st 9lbs today (205 lbs) not sure if I trust my new scale, its really quite mean!

Am just making a lentil bake, have never made anything like this before but my Aunt made it for me when I was there last week, it was lovely. I just embarrassed myself as I couldn't open a jar of mango chuntney and had to acost a workman who was working over the road for help!
Will share if its any good.

Off to catch up and eat my bagel!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

no title

I really struggle with titles! After looking at the screen for 10 minutes I decided that I wouldn't bother with one!

Hope that everyone is well today, its almost 10am on Sunday morning, I would so love to be going back to bed! I had a great sleep just not enough of it, I changed the bed clothes last night and it was so nice to be in my own bed with lovely clean sheets. Think that I've been holding some water as had to visit the bathroom twice, I'm terrible at drinking water, am going to try and drink lots today. George woke me at 620, too early but ended up with a little boy snuggled up to me singing Miss Polly and doing the actions, lovely!

I coloured my hair last night as my roots were shocking, it seems slightly too dark, I have very pale skin and look like I'm trying to be goth! Hopefully it will calm down soon, I really need to find a new hair salon, the one I used closed late last year and I've not managed to find anywhere else.

I used my new scales this morning, I compared them against my old ones last night and this morning, it looking like they are weighing me between 3 and 4 pounds heavier than my old ones, my old ones are so inaccurate its difficult to say, my weight now is officially 14st 9.6 lbs (205.5) as Tina pointed out I've still lost the same amount, I can't be absolutely sure but I'll call 205 50 pounds down and will start from there.

Off to read blogs whilst George plays playdoh, I'll enjoy scraping bits off the kitchen floor later!
Have a good day all xx

Saturday, 16 April 2011

I'm back with new scales.

So nice to be back and reading blogs properly again, I tried to keep up on my iphone but it was hard on my eyes!

The week was ok, not exactly a break but better than I thought. I got back with the children at about 7pm last night, am very tired today but its just been George and I today as Paul has taken Izzy to stay with her grandparents so its been a pretty nice and easy day.

My Aunt said that I had lost weight since I last saw her (January) the scale hasn't really changed much since then but perhaps I am more toned. She also said several times that I didn't eat much, I thought that I did pretty well but its difficult when someone else is cooking for you and they don't know about the band! I didn't have chocolate all week, when I got home I just had to have some, I was like a mad woman!
Anyway, the scale was kind today and I've lost one of my TOM pounds so I'm 14st 7lbs (203 pounds)
My new scale arrived whilst I was away and I've just unpacked it, its very nice and I've moved it around the room and stood on it several times and it appears to be accurate as its not changed at all. But (this is a really big but!) it weighs me at about 4 pounds heavier than my old scale! That's just not fair is it? Will do an accurate weigh in in the morning but its looking like I will probably be reporting a 4 pound gain, will I ever see onederland?

I'll live, off to do more blog reading, the boy is watching Dora, does she need to be so loud?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Happy Tuesday

Morning all,

Second week of the school holidays and it's going well, have only felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown for the last 2 days so not bad at all! The stress is worse as we're driving over to the Cotswolds to stay with my Aunt (when I say we I mean the children and I, I think that my husband is allergic to taking time off of work!) My Aunt, bless her, adores Isobel and she quite likes George, she thinks that me going to their house with the horrors is a break for me, a break! It's great taking the horrors to a whole new house to mess up and fight in and not sleep in, I can hardly believe my luck! Plus this is my Aunt of the baby Fox story and I'm not entirely sure that she's terribly stable.
On top of this, my Grandma is in a care home a couple of miles away from my Aunts, I love my Grandma but she's not at all well and I find it difficult to see her like that, I will of course visit everyday. Just now she has a very low blood count and they want her to go to hospital for a blood transfusion, she's 94, blind, suffers with depression, can't walk and doubly incontinent, despite this she knows her own mind and said no which I think is the right thing to do, the poor thing has such a low quality of life and British hospitals aren't great places and she doesn't need prodding and poking. We've been told that if she doesn't have the transfusion its just a matter of time. My Aunt felt the need to call the Dr the next day (after the refusal) and reassure her that they weren't Jehovah's witnesses!
And, I'm on day 2 of my period which is always heavy and horrible and I want to stay at home (on my own if poss!!)

My weight is up 2 pounds, this isn't deserved and I'm pretty sure its a TOM gain, I'm sure that it will be off by the time we get back, especially if my band keeps tightening due to stress!

Gosh, I am a misery aren't I? Please, don't make me go!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Fighting weight

I'm not actually fighting, well no more than usual! I back down to my lowest weight of 14st 6lbs (202 lbs) (and 3/4's!) I think it will take a couple of days but I'm really hoping to see 14 5 soon.

Taking the kids to a large outdoor play area today, the weather is great again, very odd for England! So, today will be lots of walking and if I'm brave enough I may even get on the equipment myself, its all adult sized and at weekend there are more dads on it than kids! We're taking a picnic so I can control what I eat.
I'm hoping for a low spend day, I need to buy water for me and just pay for parking and a couple of ice creams and 2 pairs of shoes, it might be pricey after all.

Both children seem to be going through huge growth spurts, Izzy doesn't stop eating just at the moment and has just discovered a love of toast! George is really tall and suddenly all of his tops are too short, I had lots of summer clothes but it looks like I'm going to need to replace most of it.
I like buying clothes for me, not them! Mean Mummy!

Need to pop in to Clarks on the way to get the kids some summer shoes, there is an outlet near the play area so we'll try and get some for each of them. Izzy wore some sandals on a long walk we did the other day and now has huge blisters, she's having to wear uggs today so they don't rub! She's going to look, erm, great!

Hope that everyone is well, going to have a quick read before going.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It came!

The sun that is, was a lovely day yesterday and today is bright and sunny so far, (its almost 8am so time for things to change!)

I didn't take any photographs, some of the friends arrived an hour early and I'd not put on make up or done my hair and looked quite shocking so probably best!

Had a good day yesterday, came in at around 1200 calories, I need to up my vegetable intake quite seriously. The scale said 14st 7 (203 lbs) 1 pound higher than my lowest. Really hope that I'm back on track now, should have my new scales tomorrow, I'll cry if they decide I am actually 10 pounds higher than I think!

Had a dreadful nights sleep, was up with George 3 times, then Paul's alarm goes off at 6am, he then uses half a bottle of aftershave which chokes me, wakes the children up and the day starts, its the holidays and we're all up at 6am, its ridiculous!

Hope that everyone has a great day x

Here comes the sun!

The sun is shining, its meant to be 19c today (66f) I've swept the decking, I've got cushions out, I've turned off the heating and opened the French doors, I'm just about to go and change my clothes, wool tights are not needed today! I might even shave my legs (only might mind!)

Thanks for your comments on the horrors, I'm finding keeping them apart is really helping! I like the idea of leaving them to work it out but I honestly think that they'd fight to the death!
I'm trying to tell them to come to me to work it out rather than knock chunks out of each other.

My scale gave me 3 different weights today, 14.7, 14.9, then 14.8 (204 lbs) I left it there and will take that as an average! I'm just about to order a new scale from Amazon, mine has been sensitive and a bit rubbish for ages.

After lunch we have some of Isobel's school friends coming over, my friend Raquel who has been here before and another 2 sisters and their Nanny who I'm good friends with, they live in an enormous house, goodness knows what they will think of my house!

I am making an effort to eat a few more carbs, I don't have many at all and feel that my diet has been a bit rubbish, high protein and high sugar! So i'm trying to eat things like pita bread, I had to be really careful but can manage one and feel satisfied. Had a good day yesterday, maybe that helped.
No gym at the moment as I have the horrors, we have been out walking and doing things, we do go at a snails pace and both insist on holding my hand, Izzy is much faster than George so I walk at an odd crab type angle, I'm sure that its no good for me!!

Will try and take some pictures today, although sky has suddenly gone grey so maybe I'll be keeping my tights on!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Rubbish blogger

Sorry for not updating for a while, again, there is nothing going on! I'm not loosing weight but I'm not really gaining either (phew!) although I feel I ought to be! I don't seem to have much time to do anything, haven't read any blogs in a week, not sure what is filling my time though, seem to be in a daze!

Today is day 2 of the holidays, I think that by Friday I will be selling tickets to children's boxing matches, they are just awful, constantly needling each other, George seems to have taken this to a whole new level and will hit quite a lot, Isobel is insanely jealous of everything he has/has done/any attention he might get, everything. I really don't know why they just can't try and get on just for a bit. It's exhausting, I feel like a referee, maybe I'll buy a bow tie?

It was Mothers day here on Sunday, I told Paul not to buy anything as he takes the kids and they normally pick out pot pourri in gaudi colours and scents! He bought plant pots for them to paint complete with lily bulbs inside which is lovely. We had my Mum over for lunch and I spent the day cooking, was ok, I ate lots and am amazed I didn't gain weight, maybe I have worms? Nice thought there.

Anyway, going to go and read some blogs whilst shouting at the children, I am so enjoying the holidays! Can't believe that I only have 3 and a half weeks left of it!!
Right now they are arguing over who loves Jerry (from Tom and Jerry) the most, sigh.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sort of NSV

Thanks for all your kind comments on my anniversary post. Isobel is fine, she actually really enjoyed the drama once the swelling went down at least! We do have Epipens but it didn't get bad enough to use it this time. It has taught her a good lesson about eating things when she has no idea of the contents, she's generally very good but like her Mum she likes chocolate!

I was picking Izzy up from school yesterday when the Grandma of one of the girls arrived, I've known this woman for about a year but she lives in Spain so I don't see her often, can't remember the last time I saw her but probably before Christmas, she is from Yorkshire, we are in Essex. Yorkshire accents can be loud and sound very different and noticeable when you're elsewhere. She shouted at me from about 60 feet away how I had lost weight and looked really good (very nice of her to comment, quite embarrassing!) I said, as I generally do, I'll probably pack it back on soon (I don't really know how to respond and try and play it down!) she shouted at me in her very loud and strident voice that I mustn't for my health, I'm really embarrassed now. Then she asked if I was pleased as though I'd woken up one day 50 pounds lighter! I replied that I had worked hard but I was happy. There were other things said, she was being very kind although very very loud but in my head I was shouting at her f off, was bloody awful.
So that's my NSV, it was mortifying! What does one say to people like this?

Weight is staying the same, seem to have lost a little motivation, I'm still exercising, just eating a treat or 2 too many, probably need another fill. I'm hating my upper body so really do want to loose more, I'm very flabby with skinny legs, would kill to be the other way around.

Kids break up on friday for a MONTH!! A whole MONTH. I'm steadily making a list of things we can do, we have about 8 things on it so far. 8! Will you all e-mail me when I'm in the funny farm? Paul can't take time off work as he's an accountant and its year end.

My washing machine has stopped working, am waiting for a man to come out this afternoon, I really hope that it can be repaired today, we produce so much that needs washing that its not funny, I may have to go to the launderette!

Off to catch up on blogs whilst waiting for the washing machine man.

Almost forgot, Isobel really really made me laugh today. Sorry if you're my friend on facebook as you'll have already seen this.
Me to Izzy, Don't go near Daddy as he's sleeping and isn't very well. Izzy to me, Does he have manflu again?

Friday, 25 March 2011

It's my anniversary

A year ago today I was banded.

In the last year I've lost 51 pounds, I feel so much better about myself and I've dropped 3 dress sizes.

Was planning a better post but have had a nightmare with Isobel being in hospital after eating a sweet given to her by a classmate who is Polish, the sweet was peanut, Izzy doesn't speak Polish so had no idea (She has a peanut allergy) so her and Paul have spent the afternoon is hospital. She is ok, very puffy but has had steroids which have really helped. I feel frazzled and stressed as I wasn't with her and had Paul dithering and calling me asking stupid questions when he just needed to get his arse to the hospital with her.

(Feeling sorry for myself bit) It really does seem to be one thing after another just at the moment, wish we could have a break from problems.

Am celebrating my anniversary tomorrow with a solo shopping trip, can't wait to have some time alone!

Sorry for my moany post. Hope that everyone is well.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Finally back to my fill weight

Sorry for my absence, there has been very little to say to be honest!

As my title suggests I am finally back to the weight I was 2 weeks ago when I had my last fill. Didn't have a great weekend but am now back on track and actually loosing weight, yay! I'm back at 50 pounds down, have until Saturday to loose another 4 pounds to make my onderland goal for my year anniversary. Not sure it can be done but I would like to be another pound or 2 down by then.

We have nice sunny weather, it's finally spring and its just lovely here. I even put on a skirt! Actually I had to change it as the first one I put on fell down which was a lovely NSV but would have been embarrassing at George's school!
I was even inspired to clean the inside of my windows and am now sat in my lounge looking at terrible smears! Should never have started, I'm going to try and do them again now.

I'm saying this quietly as things might all change tomorrow but Isobel is getting on much better at school, we don't have the ed psych report yet but everything seems to have settled quite well, she's still a very stroppy 6 going on 16 at home but I don't think that thats that (lots of thats there!) unusual.

There has been an enormous family crisis, my Aunt has spent a week in complete melt down, the reason? Her son's girlfriend had a baby and they called it Fox, ok, not my choice of name but you have never known such an enormous over reaction in your life, lots of "after all I've done for him" and "I've never liked her, I hope that he leaves her and she takes the baby away" its most odd, I've had loads of emails like this. Can't help but feel sorry for my cousin and his girlfriend, she seems to be very jealous but I can't imagine why. Anyway, little Fox was only called Fox for about 2 hours and is now a more respectable although still not to my taste, Rufus!
The children and I are going to stay with my aunt next month, I hope that she will have calmed down by then as I don't want to be in the middle of it all.

Have I mentioned that my children are off ALL NEXT MONTH bar 1 day? ALL NEXT MONTH! Expect lots of moaning!

Hope that you're all well xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1 down!

Thanks for all your comments on my running post yesterday, I think that I am going to download one today, I have found one that you can use your own music on, just need to work out how to get my music on to my phone! Its all currently on my itouch, I'll try and sort that out this afternoon.
Might pick some new music too.

My title signifies that I have lost 1 of the 6 pounds I want to loose by the 25th, so only 5 to go!

I've having a clear out and selling some of my quality used items on Ebay, its such a faff but I made myself do it. I've sold a large Jo Malone candle that I was given by my inlaws (it was an unwanted gift to them) I don't mind candles but with 2 fairly young kids I wouldn't use it and I'm not keen on the fragrance, so popped it on ebay for 99p and its sold for £123! I can hardly believe it, I know that they are expensive but that is ridiculous, I'm now worried that the buyer will complain when it arrives, although I put every detail that I could find on my listing. My credit card company will be very happy, would prefer to put it towards my bag though!

Am at home with George today, I'm trying to coax him out for a bike ride but he's not interested so far. Hopefully we'll get out at some point today.

Have a good day all xx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I hate to run

So why am I considering downloading the C25K app on my phone? I don't mind walking but it feels a bit pointless, I wonder if I'm doing the program if it will motivate me to get out and do it. Or will it sit on my phone mocking me and making me feel bad?

Those of you who have done it, how did you find it? Which app did you use (is there more than one? I have no idea!)

I'm going to the gym today and went yesterday but I really feel that I need to do more just at the moment, my weight is holding pretty steady, not surprising as I'm having periods of not eating too well. My birthday celebrations are all behind me now and I have no excuse but to get on with it.

It's my 1 year anniversary on the 25th of March, I would really like to be at 199 lbs by then, you know that I'm not very good at meeting my goals but I'm putting this out there now! Thats 10 days from now to loose 6 pounds, I can do it. Maybe the C25K would help.

Sorry for the ramble!

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Urgh, early morning, George woke me at 6 and I went to sleep at 1am, today isn't going to be nice! For some reason, as I get older I just can't sleep past 6am, have no idea why, its very frustrating.

Hope that everyone is well, I went out last night for my birthday dinner with 4 girlfriends, couldn't help but think how nice it would have been to have some lovely bandsters there too! Why do you all have to live thousands of miles away?
Only 2 of the group know about my band, I ate really well, salad with blue cheese, prawns and bacon for main followed by the most divine Eton mess. Got some fabulous presents, my favourite was a Cath Kidston iphone cover, its just lovely.
My friend Alyson who I've not seen for about 2 months kept telling me over and over how great I looked which is very flattering, Sarah who I see a lot but not for at least a week was telling me how my face looked much smaller and streamlined which was lovely to hear! I looked amazing in the large mirror in the bathroom, I even tried to take you a photo as I know that you enjoy my bathroom pics! But the flash spoiled it. I wonder if it was one of the mirrors that slimmed you down? I'm sure I don't normally look like that.

Have a bit of a sad NSV, I have some large sunglasses which are prescription, they took me ages to find and were very expensive, my face must have shrunk as every time I put my head down they fall off! I've tried tightening them but it doesn't seem to help.

Had my hair cut yesterday, George has asked me every day for almost a month if I'm having my hair cut, I started to get really paranoid so booked one! I really like it, will find a public loo and try and share it with you all!

Have a great Sunday everyone xx

Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan earthquake

How awful is the footage, I can hardly bring myself to watch it, so sad. I'm thinking and praying for all involved, must be scary being in a country and knowing that it is most probably coming. I know we have a couple of bloggers in Hawaii, I really hope that their safe and its not as bad as predicted.

The book reading last night was really good, it was a guy called David Baddiel who is quite well know in the UK but probably not elsewhere, he started his career as a comedian and still is, this is his 4th book. He did a talk and then a reading which was great, he asked for questions and no one in the 200 strong audience put their hand up, I felt bad for him so asked a question. I'm not very good at public speaking but I got my question out (he did a huge gig with his then comedy partner almost 20 years ago, the gig was groundbreaking as comedians had never played this venue before, I happened to have been there, at the time there was lots of talk about comedy being the new rock and roll) So I said I was there and was comedy still the new rock and roll? Cheesy I know but I felt bad for him! He was lovely, asked my name and replied, when we left the stage he said hello to me as he walked by. I bought and had a book signed and he knew who I was and put "thanks for sticking with me" in his book, it was lovely, I may have a school girl crush!
I'm a little worried that I come across as a stalker! To be honest I went to the gig all those years ago and saw him last night and I've not really paid much attention in between!

The scale was good today, am back to daily weighing (big sigh!) it said 14st 8lbs (204 lbs) so hopefully on the way down for good!

I have a very grumpy boy who is in bed crying, he insisted on going to bed, I think that he's over tired, hope that he drops off soon and wakes up his normal lovely self.

Hope that everyone is well xx