Thursday, 9 June 2011

Something miraculous happened!

I weighed in this morning and (somehow) had lost 2 pounds! So I now weigh 14st 11 lbs (207 lbs) I'd had a good day, I wonder if I have been holding water.

I don't have my red bag yet and am getting quite frustrated and aggressive with the postman (this is a bad idea as he lives next door!) It's been almost a week, I want it and I want it now!

Have been to the gym today, I also went shopping so did walk quite a lot, the kids have a million parties coming up so I needed gifts and gift bags, we have one Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

My daughter is still driving me insane, I bought the kids some bits yesterday, nice things a huggle buddy pillow thing each, a magazine each, a new bag each and I also got George a little Brum car, he's obsessed with Brum but its quite old and so merchandise is quite hard to come by, George and I dropped in to a car boot sale yesterday and got one for 50p, he's over the moon. Isobel has sulked ever since as George got one more thing than her! I know that she's 6 but she's so ungrateful! I even had Paul talk to her on the phone this morning as I was so cross.
This too will pass,

Have a good day all, lunch time here!


  1. Congrats on the loss!!

    Kids are like that, they see someone get one more thing or something they think is "better" and they don't appreciate what they do have. It will get better!

  2. Yep...all about volume with kids. I know it took my brother and sister awhile to get used to getting more expensive gifts but fewer as they got older while I still got more less expensive toys and stuff (good sized age difference between us). She'll get over it.

  3. whoooo hooo!!! 2lbs! Kick butt!

    I did that as a kid will pass!

  4. Alison ... I love reading your posts, I can almost hear your brit accent coming through.. well its good to know that no matter where kids live through out the world, they will all be the same

  5. I was holding the two lbs of fat sample model at my MD's office. Two lbs is great...and its great that your plateau is tapering off.

  6. wowowowow for two pounds!! Great for YOU!