Thursday, 30 June 2011

It moved

The weather did broke and we only had one really really really hot day so I'm much happier. The scale finally moved today, it stuck for 5 days although I was eating well, I know that it was down to my TOM and rather than giving up and eating rubbish I stuck with it and was rewarded with a 1 pound loss, today I weigh 14st 10 lbs (206 lbs)

I've been up and down the scale for so long, I'm not doing it anymore, I'm going down now!

I've not been to the gym for a week! I have to book slots which I haven't done and haven't got around to, part of me thinks that I should have time to myself while I can get it as the kids school stops in less than 2 weeks, probably a lazy womans excuse! I will go back at the weekend.
My membership is up in August and I need to decide what I'm going to do, the place I go is much like a Curves, its not that hard, it only takes 30 mins and its not too expensive, I may go to another gym which is huge, has classes and a pool and I don't need to book slots which is a pain, I do think that this is the way forward but I need to think about it seriously, I do have a few weeks yet.

For exercise I'm just about to pack a picnic and take George to the zoo for the afternoon, it's huge so we normally walk lots when we're there.

Hope that everyone is having a good day, I'm very envious at all the Boobs talk, really wish I could come.


  1. I wish you could come too! Pricy though I know!

    I wish I could go to the zoo with you and George! I could use a day like that!

  2. Glad the scale is moving in the right direction! I missed the hot days- I only returned to London on Tuesday morning. I love hot weather when I have central AC in my home, but in London I have little patience for anything over 25:) I am so clueless when it comes to anything outside of London. Where is there a zoo?

  3. I did Curves once and I have found that I see much better results at a regular gym. I can go whenever I want and most of the big gyms here have a Kids Care kind of thing so I don't have to worry about my kids being occupied. I find I go more often and it works my body more. Just my 2 cents.

  4. I wanna go to the zoo!!

    Way to go with the loss! I'm thrilled the scale is finally giving you some good news!

  5. The zoo sounds like a great workout! I might have to steal that idea for my own.

    Glad to see you heading in the right direction. :)