Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I might have just bought another one.

Hope that everyone is well.

Why when I've been waiting for a fill for a couple of weeks do I suddenly get restriction? It's really very odd, actually my period is due soon so maybe that is why. I've eaten a tiny amount of chicken and carrots tonight and suddenly feel really full.

I'm down a pound today, 14st 13 lbs (209 lbs) I'm very happy about it and hoping that the trend will continue.

I'm a really rubbish cook, I've made Yorkshire pudding tonight (bet you guys have no idea what that is!) and completely messed it up, its like a huge pancake, my lovely husband ate it all, he's used to crap cooking!

Oh, my title, was looking at Mulberry handbags on ebay last night and found a gorgeous one that didn't go for nearly as much as I thought that it would so had a little bid and won it, it's a brown leather satchel and I can't wait to get my hands on it, think that it would be the perfect bag to use when the red one isn't in use (at least this is the way I'm justifying it to myself!)

Hope that everyone is well, big thanks to lovely LisaC who gave me a blog award, I'll pass that on shortly. Love to all.


  1. love love love yorkshire puds (was born in England and my mom's a brit :) )

    I'm going to have to check out these bags you're so enamoured with.

  2. I'm going to check out the bags too, my husband is just starting to realise that I am obsessed with handbags! My current one is red too, and I love it. I don't feel out of place carrying it around at all. Enjoy!

  3. Well you know I know what Yorkshire puds are! I'm married to a yorkie! I love em. I can make them but not well. So I'll wait till I am back at Christmas.

    Handbags are cool!

  4. First of all, I have always wanted an awesome red bag, but never buy one. I'm SO glad you did - take lots of pictures posing with it and then I'll buy one too(maybe not Mulberry b/c I spent my bag money this year on my Kooba).
    I always get tight around my period and when I have a fill coming up.

  5. I know what they are. They are my absolute favourite. I've only had them once with the band because I had a large unfill. Don't think I could get one down right now.