Friday, 21 October 2011

I did it!

I stood on the scale this morning and it said 14st 3.2 lbs (199.2 lbs) am elated, this is my lowest low in such a long time.

To celebrate I went to my favourite horrible toilet (m&s) and took a photo. It's rubbish as it was busy and someone caught me just as I took it so I had to do the "what an idiot pressing the wrong button, who would take a photo in the toilet?" look.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I can feel it coming

I think that I might see Onederland tomorrow, I might not but I've been very good, have been exercising (gym is killing me, seems so much harder than it used to, must be getting old!)

Today I weighed 14 st 4.4lbs (200.4) it might a couple of days but I think that it's coming.

I've had lots of comments about my weight loss recently even though I'm back at my lowest and have gone up and down by 7 pounds for the last 6 months, maybe the gym is toning me up, I don't know.

So, things are going well, kids are off for a week next week and I won't get to the gym, will try and do extra this week to compensate. George doesn't normally go to nursery on a Wednesday but has to go in tomorrow for an hour and a half to have his school photo taken, I'm going to run to the gym in this time and have a swim, I plan to do about 30 minutes.

Hope that everyone is well

Friday, 14 October 2011

I felt quite good today

I wore some new bright pink tights with a black dress and black knee length boots. I tried to take a photo of myself in my favourite scabby Marks and Spencers toilets to share with you all but got caught in the act!
I did embarrass myself, when I've worn this dress in the past I have always worn leggings with it, I kept forgetting that I didn't have leggings on, leaning over to undo the kids car seats was interesting, pulling the dress right up to pull up the tights was a complete mistake!

The gym is going well, I've been a few times, will go back on Sunday as I'm busy tomorrow. I still ache from my visit on Thursday.

Weight is holding steady at 14st 5 (201 pounds) my period came this week so I seem to be holding, am hoping that it will start to go down very soon. Right now I feel ok about everything, I'm looking forward to seeing 14.3 (199, onederland!) I am desperate to see 13.13 (195 lbs) have been 14 something for ages.

I'm happy to say that for the first time in a while I feel less stressed, school issues seem to have calmed right down, I've even been for coffee with some of the Mum's this morning. We still may well move Isobel but will probably leave it until the end of the academic year. I do have a very frustrating eBay issue going on but if that's all I have to worry about it's really not the end of the world.

Again, I'm sorry for not commenting that much, I do read, I just feel I have nothing of value to add.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

So, I went to the gym

and the man said that you actually have to attend and exercise in order to loose weight and get fit, just having a membership card being enough was a cruel joke.

I went today, paid my money and filled in 3,000 forms. As "Adam" guilted me in to it I went for a swim. I've not swam on my own for years and I've hardly swam for years although I've been in plenty of pools with the children. It was ok, the first 6 lengths were awful but after that it wasn't so bad and I did 30 lengths without stopping, this took me about 25 minutes, I'm not a fast swimmer at all but I am a plodder!

Not sure on my weight today as my biggest looser scales we're flicking around, I've ordered new batteries as I couldn't be bothered searching the shops for the right one, could only find a batch of 10 batteries but they were dirt cheap.

So, that's all there is to say, I'm still doing ok, I'm still peeing alot.

It's suddenly become Autumn here today, we had a scorching weekend and now it's cool and windy although still bright.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I did good

Alison in "blogging twice in one month shocker!"

Hello, hope that everyone is well today.

I have stuck to all my resolutions, I didn't buy any chocolate. I ate well and I called the gym and am going in tomorrow to re-join. Just as I hung up the perky young man said "don't forget to bring your gym kit or your swimming gear so you can work out after doing the paperwork" yeh, great, thanks for that I thought! Does not just owning a gym membership card mean that you loose weight, tone up and get fit? I feel cheated!

I liked my scale today, although I think that it's going a bit biggest looser on me. I'm pretty sure my weight is 14st 5lbs (201 lbs) but when I stood on the scale for confirmation it dropped down a couple of pounds but first showed about 3 different weights! I think it could need a battery, will see how it performs tomorrow.

I'm noticing since being "good" that I keep peeing, I must have retained gallons of water!

Thank you for all your kind messages on my last blog, it means a lot!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Right, time to get my arse in to gear

I've been pretty bad recently, sort of holding at the same weight but not loosing anything at all. I've had some kind of epiphany this week, after gaining 3 pounds over the weekend (think that salt was to blame as much as anything) I realised that it's time to get on with it. So this week I'm joining a new gym as my old membership has ran out. This week I'm not buying any chocolate, this week I'm following the bandster rules. From now on I'm going to blog, I need the accountability.

Weight today is 14st 7lbs, a day of being good has got rid of the excess.

Just stole this from another blog, thought that it could be a good reintroduction

A _ Z

A - Age 38
B - Bed Size - King size
C- Chore You Hate - Ironing but actually most of them!
D - Dogs - I used to have 2 shih-tzu's but I like most dogs
E - Essential Start to Your Day - Coffee, although I'm drinking more tea recently
F - Favourite Colour - Tricky, depends what for, I'm just about to decorate my lounge grey, I wear a lot of black, blue and lots of stripes just now.
G - Gold or Silver -Silver
H - Height - about 5.5-5.6
I - Interests - Reading (have just finished The Help and loved it), movies, walking. I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks going to the gym will be my favoured hobby!
J - Job Title - Housewife and mother
K - Kids - 2, girl 6, boy 4
L - Live - Colchester, Essex but originally from South Yorkshire
M - Mother's Name - Penny
N - Nickname - Lots, Ali, Alice, Liz, Muuuuuuummmmmm is a current favourite.
O - Overnight Hospital Stays - 2 nights of each birth, 1 night for my band op.
P - Pet Peeves - Other parents at my daughters school, bad drivers, strange villagers, rubbish trains.
Q - Quote From a Film - You're terrible Muriel.
R - Right or Left-Handed - Right
S - Siblings - Brother 40, sister 35 and brother 24
T - Time You Wake Up - often through the night with the horrors, alarm goes off at 6am
Underwear - Whatever is in the draw! Have just had to buy new black knickers from M&S as I was wearing a dress the other day and everytime I walked I could feel my knickers falling down!
V - Vegetables You Hate - sprouts
What Makes You Run Late - I'm very rarely late, always super early.
X - X-Rays You've Had - Dental and band
Y - Yummy Food That You Make - I don't find anything that I make that good, I'm an ok cook, not great though. Am just about to make leek and potato soup.
Z - Zoo Animal - Aardvark