Thursday, 6 October 2011

So, I went to the gym

and the man said that you actually have to attend and exercise in order to loose weight and get fit, just having a membership card being enough was a cruel joke.

I went today, paid my money and filled in 3,000 forms. As "Adam" guilted me in to it I went for a swim. I've not swam on my own for years and I've hardly swam for years although I've been in plenty of pools with the children. It was ok, the first 6 lengths were awful but after that it wasn't so bad and I did 30 lengths without stopping, this took me about 25 minutes, I'm not a fast swimmer at all but I am a plodder!

Not sure on my weight today as my biggest looser scales we're flicking around, I've ordered new batteries as I couldn't be bothered searching the shops for the right one, could only find a batch of 10 batteries but they were dirt cheap.

So, that's all there is to say, I'm still doing ok, I'm still peeing alot.

It's suddenly become Autumn here today, we had a scorching weekend and now it's cool and windy although still bright.


  1. Hey, signing up is a big deal. And yes, the going now is the hard part. Been there, doing that. lol

    Good luck.

  2. what? I have to go IN the gym?? Walking past it on the way to the frozen yogurt place doesn't count? damn. ;)

  3. Great job on getting to the gym! I know I couldn't swim that far...doesn't matter how slow.

  4. Well done! Sometimes all it takes is just to commit to it and then after time you realise it actually makes you happy! I don't know about you, but I'm glad all that boiling hot weather is over!

  5. Hmm, that must have been my problem when I had a gym membership too. They should explain the fine print when you sign up!

    Good work on the swimming, I hope you've found something you like doing!