Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I did good

Alison in "blogging twice in one month shocker!"

Hello, hope that everyone is well today.

I have stuck to all my resolutions, I didn't buy any chocolate. I ate well and I called the gym and am going in tomorrow to re-join. Just as I hung up the perky young man said "don't forget to bring your gym kit or your swimming gear so you can work out after doing the paperwork" yeh, great, thanks for that I thought! Does not just owning a gym membership card mean that you loose weight, tone up and get fit? I feel cheated!

I liked my scale today, although I think that it's going a bit biggest looser on me. I'm pretty sure my weight is 14st 5lbs (201 lbs) but when I stood on the scale for confirmation it dropped down a couple of pounds but first showed about 3 different weights! I think it could need a battery, will see how it performs tomorrow.

I'm noticing since being "good" that I keep peeing, I must have retained gallons of water!

Thank you for all your kind messages on my last blog, it means a lot!


  1. Actually, sleeping with your gym membership card beneath your pillow is a fab way to lose the weight!

  2. My scale has been acting up too - must be the weather! So that's the secret?? Owning a gym membership card?? Who knew????

    Gotta try it!