Thursday, 26 May 2011

Something happened

I just took a low fat chocolate mousse (60 cals) and a mini cadburys creme egg (50 cals) from the kitchen, put on an episode of Heavy that I had recorded, watched about a minute and put them back! Amazing, not sure that I've ever done that before.

I'm really enjoying watching Heavy, I remember bloggers talking about it when it was shown in the US, it's just started in the UK, I find it inspirational, I also like watching Thintervention, all the bitching makes me laugh, I'm not sure that it would have been possible to find a group of who are more horrible than this lot!

Have just treated myself to a summer tunic from Boden, it wasn't cheap and its in my size now but I felt that I needed something nice to make me feel better, I am down at least 2 dress sizes since last year, the tunic is cotton and I would have only worn stretchy clothes before so it shows how far I have come, it's a UK size 20 (US 16 I think) I also bought a cardigan.
in blueberry.

Weight still the same, am really trying but had to miss my gym session this morning as the car had a flat tyre, just what I need when both kids schools are miles away, I actually pumped it up myself with a footpump! Get me!
Will go tomorrow instead. I promise!
Kids are off again next week! It feels like my children are never at school! They go back for 4 weeks and then have almost 9 weeks off! Expect lots of moaning!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I need a fill, don't I?

I'm generally a bit crap, I don't really notice much mainly when it comes to myself. Like, I'll be miserable and snorting chocolate and want to kill my husband and think nothing of it, a few days later I get my period and smack myself on the side of the head as it was pmt.
All the I just can't seem to get going/lets join a slimming club posts on my blog have suddenly made me realise that I need a fill. Of course I need a fill! I've needed one for about 3 months, if not longer.

So, rather than thinking about booking a fill for 3 months I've actually booked one, the only date I could get was the 17th of June which feels like its 3 years away but at least I have it, conveniently it's on a day that George goes to nursery for a full day which means that I can slip in and out of London and be back in time for the boy.

Am just listening to Adele's album, how amazing is this girls voice? I think that she's beautiful, it saddens me that everything I read about her has to refer to her weight.

Monday, 23 May 2011

My fitflops

These are the ones I have I think that they must do something, my legs felt a little achy last night, I did a lot of walking in them yesterday. Today, I put my gym shoes on at the gym and it felt very odd, I'm obviously quite used to them.

Scale still sticking at 14 13 (209 pounds, sigh) I'm doing ok, not great but a bit better than I was, the diet doesn't always get on with my band that well and I'm struggling mentally with eating more food and yet I know that if I eat more "good" food it will probably stop me hitting the biscuits, still I'm still down 2 pounds, I'm going back to class on Friday and hopefully will get rid of another couple by then.

Kids are ok, we finally got the report back from the Ed Psych, its very long, complicated and wordy. Basically says that Isobel is extremely bright but has a mild to moderate learning difficulty, doesn't really explain what this difficulty is. It states that she has a reading age of 10.6 and comprehension age of 10 (she's nearly 6 and a half) but has dyslexic traits although couldn't be described as dyslexic. We're having a meeting with the school in a couple of weeks, they're working through the report at the moment. She was student of the week last week which she's thrilled about and her behaviour at school is much better. At home its up and down, this morning was horrible and her jealousy of her brother continues unabated.
George is just lovely, he's so much more straight forward. We're going on a school trip to a nature reserve tomorrow and he's really looking forward to it. His school is full of praise for him, they tell me what a good boy he is all the time, seems so different to Izzy's school!

Hope that everyone is well, have an hour to read more blogs then school run time!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

And soon I will have fit and shapely legs

I bought some fit flops yesterday, in fact that is a lie, my Daddy bought me some fit flops! I'm 38 but I still enjoy being spoiled by my Dad! Have worn them for a couple of small walks and no difference so far but I will keep you updated! The new shoes are highlighting my lack of pedicure so that will be a job for later.

Slimming world is going ok, I'm not loosing vast quantities of weight as you would expect which is annoying. I'm 2 pounds down after 5 days, it was 3 pounds but I seem to have fluctuated some how, the good thing is that it does seem to have helped me stop eating lots of chocolate so it can't be a bad thing.
Have just heard on the television that the awful hat that Princess Beatrice wore at the Royal wedding is being sold on ebay and currently has bid in excess of £80k! 80k! can you imagine? It looked like a pretzel! Shame really as her dress was lovely but completely overshadowed by it.

Not even 7am here, it's going to be a long day!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

so, I joined a slimming club

Have been struggling on, ok then not so good. So I had a brain wave and decided to join a slimming club, thought that a new way of looking at eating would be beneficial.

I joined a club called Slimming World which I think is only in the UK, I've done this diet before and it works if you keep doing it, there are lists of free food which you can eat in any quantity. Normally, this would be ok, having a band its kind of limited but I've kept at it for a couple of days and I think that I'm over my hump.

I will go back to the club next week to be weighed and may or may not carry on going, I wonder if having someone weigh me will give me the kick up the backside that I need. I just don't know but I do feel more in control and that can only be a good thing.

Haven't been reading many blogs, life seems to have got in the way! Will be catching up tonight, I really miss you all!! x

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Chicken, chorizo and chickpea recipe

This is the recipe that I used, the only changes I made were skinless chicken breasts rather than thighs and dry white wine rather than Sherry.
It's really tasty!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

1 down

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post, it's lovely to have so much support.

Things are going ok, have lost 1 pound so am now 14st 12lbs (208 lbs) I would have liked it to be more but I think that is down to impending TOM.

Have exercised every day, walking and/or gym, have been to the gym this morning and George and I will be going out for a walk soon. Funny weather here just now, was v hot but has suddenly gone very grey.

Have eaten really well, last night I made a chicken, chorizo and chickpea stew and it was amazing, I didn't manage that much so have some in the freezer for another day which is great, I am much better when I am more organised.

Really boring update! Hope that everyone is well, off to read some blogs!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Things really aren't going that well

I've had an awful couple of weeks, bloody awful. It's completely down to me and the 10 tonnes of Easter chocolate we have in the house, why do we get so much? (Why did I go and buy more when it was reduced after Easter and scoff all that too?)

So as of yesterday I'm going to DFDI (just f***ing do it) I'm so fed up with messing around and sabotaging myself.
I was going to go for a fill but in all honesty I don't think that I really need one. My portion sizes are pretty good, I can't eat very much really unless its crap.

I've gained about 7 pounds, currently I'm 5 pounds over my lowest at 14st 13 (209lbs) this is on my mean new scale too. My TOM is due any time which could be causing me to hold on to a little.
I'm going to really up my exercise, I walked to and from the gym yesterday and took George out to the park in the afternoon so must have done 3 hours walking as well as a workout.
I'm just about to go for a walk in my shape ups in a minute.

Sorry for not updating for ages, I've been hiding away scoffing chocolate and its got to stop, will throw the rest away once I get back from my walk.

Hope that everyone is well, sorry for being a crap blogger!