Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I need a fill, don't I?

I'm generally a bit crap, I don't really notice much mainly when it comes to myself. Like, I'll be miserable and snorting chocolate and want to kill my husband and think nothing of it, a few days later I get my period and smack myself on the side of the head as it was pmt.
All the I just can't seem to get going/lets join a slimming club posts on my blog have suddenly made me realise that I need a fill. Of course I need a fill! I've needed one for about 3 months, if not longer.

So, rather than thinking about booking a fill for 3 months I've actually booked one, the only date I could get was the 17th of June which feels like its 3 years away but at least I have it, conveniently it's on a day that George goes to nursery for a full day which means that I can slip in and out of London and be back in time for the boy.

Am just listening to Adele's album, how amazing is this girls voice? I think that she's beautiful, it saddens me that everything I read about her has to refer to her weight.


  1. Get that fill Alison! It will help get you out of this plateau.I love Adele too - I think she's gorgeous.

  2. Yup..but just think you will get better and better at figuring this stuff out over time. :)

    I hope you get your fill and it changes everything!


  3. Yes, I think there is a definite learning curve associated with the band...I'm 8 months post surgery and I'm still learning humbling lessons. You know I think Adele is beautiful and talented too...but the critques she gets just show that our society is so visual and judgemental about weight. I think this is one of the motivators for my surgery...I don't want people to overlook me and my special qualities just because they see the fat first.

  4. I agree, I love Adele! I hate that everyone's ragging on her for her size, she's not as big as I am! =/

    I hope you get in for a fill. :)

    (Oh, and I ALWAYS forget about my time of the month until it's right upon me. I'm very, "I wonder why I'm SO bitchy..." but it never even connects until a day or two before. LOL)