Wednesday, 18 May 2011

so, I joined a slimming club

Have been struggling on, ok then not so good. So I had a brain wave and decided to join a slimming club, thought that a new way of looking at eating would be beneficial.

I joined a club called Slimming World which I think is only in the UK, I've done this diet before and it works if you keep doing it, there are lists of free food which you can eat in any quantity. Normally, this would be ok, having a band its kind of limited but I've kept at it for a couple of days and I think that I'm over my hump.

I will go back to the club next week to be weighed and may or may not carry on going, I wonder if having someone weigh me will give me the kick up the backside that I need. I just don't know but I do feel more in control and that can only be a good thing.

Haven't been reading many blogs, life seems to have got in the way! Will be catching up tonight, I really miss you all!! x


  1. I am behind myself dear!

    My sister in law had great success with slimming world. Good luck with it! If I could lose 2 flipping lbs I would be much happier. Then another 25..and then even another 25 after that! So yah.

    I am crabby.

  2. Too funny--I read it as joining a "sliming" club as in "slime". Good luck though on the slimming world. And hope you don't have to slime from eating too much with the band.

  3. I think accountability is so important...I love the name Slimming World...It's cute.

  4. Good luck to you! And don't stress about blogging/not reading...we're here and love hearing from you, but nothing to stress over!

  5. It sounds a lot like Weight Watchers. Is it similar? Any plan that gets you back on track is a good one. Good luck!

  6. Never Give Up :) and I know you wont. I kind of like the idea of slimmer world better than WW..did WW here but have a friend who did slimming world and the scheme sounded better.

    Good luck as always..and see you in July!!