Saturday, 21 May 2011

And soon I will have fit and shapely legs

I bought some fit flops yesterday, in fact that is a lie, my Daddy bought me some fit flops! I'm 38 but I still enjoy being spoiled by my Dad! Have worn them for a couple of small walks and no difference so far but I will keep you updated! The new shoes are highlighting my lack of pedicure so that will be a job for later.

Slimming world is going ok, I'm not loosing vast quantities of weight as you would expect which is annoying. I'm 2 pounds down after 5 days, it was 3 pounds but I seem to have fluctuated some how, the good thing is that it does seem to have helped me stop eating lots of chocolate so it can't be a bad thing.
Have just heard on the television that the awful hat that Princess Beatrice wore at the Royal wedding is being sold on ebay and currently has bid in excess of £80k! 80k! can you imagine? It looked like a pretzel! Shame really as her dress was lovely but completely overshadowed by it.

Not even 7am here, it's going to be a long day!


  1. I can't believe she wore that thing! And I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to pay that much for it... but it is going to charity, so I guess the more they pay, the better. There's no accounting for taste!

  2. I would never ever wear a hat like that but I appreciated it's craziness. LOL.

    I've wanted a pair of fit flops for a lonnnnnng time. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy them.

  3. At least the disaster of a hat is going to a good cause :o)

    I keep looking at the fit flops and keep wondering, let us know.

  4. Woo fit flops! Let me know how you like them. I'm interested in how they work to help shape up.

  5. What a sweet daddy! I think 2 lbs in a week is great. I barely do that ever. How are the kiddies?

  6. just keep focusing on the positive..I am guessing the flip flops are special ones? Here anything with a rubber sole and a bit between your big toe is considered a flip fop...they cost about 99cents a pair.

    I guess you will have to share a pic?