Monday, 23 May 2011

My fitflops

These are the ones I have I think that they must do something, my legs felt a little achy last night, I did a lot of walking in them yesterday. Today, I put my gym shoes on at the gym and it felt very odd, I'm obviously quite used to them.

Scale still sticking at 14 13 (209 pounds, sigh) I'm doing ok, not great but a bit better than I was, the diet doesn't always get on with my band that well and I'm struggling mentally with eating more food and yet I know that if I eat more "good" food it will probably stop me hitting the biscuits, still I'm still down 2 pounds, I'm going back to class on Friday and hopefully will get rid of another couple by then.

Kids are ok, we finally got the report back from the Ed Psych, its very long, complicated and wordy. Basically says that Isobel is extremely bright but has a mild to moderate learning difficulty, doesn't really explain what this difficulty is. It states that she has a reading age of 10.6 and comprehension age of 10 (she's nearly 6 and a half) but has dyslexic traits although couldn't be described as dyslexic. We're having a meeting with the school in a couple of weeks, they're working through the report at the moment. She was student of the week last week which she's thrilled about and her behaviour at school is much better. At home its up and down, this morning was horrible and her jealousy of her brother continues unabated.
George is just lovely, he's so much more straight forward. We're going on a school trip to a nature reserve tomorrow and he's really looking forward to it. His school is full of praise for him, they tell me what a good boy he is all the time, seems so different to Izzy's school!

Hope that everyone is well, have an hour to read more blogs then school run time!


  1. Thanks for the update about the fit flops! Neat feeling a bit of ache, must mean they are working!

  2. I am a Fit Flop fanatic and have several pairs. They're incredibly comfortable!