Monday, 31 January 2011

Scale woe's!

I'm up another pound today! Yesterday I was so grumpy and stressed (mainly about the scale) that I was so tight I pb'd almost everything I ate.

Have been thinking about it today and I think that I might get rid of my scale, I'm not sure that its actually very accurate and I'm on it far too much, its getting ridiculous. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and there is a scale there, I can use that when I need to. I had some really helpful comments (thank you) and I think that throwing away the scale is the best thing I can do. I think that I will aim for once a week weigh in but will see how that goes.
I got dressed this morning (long black skinny fit top, black skinny jeans and black uggs) and thought that I looked great, just goes to show that its not all about the number on the scale!

Had a very upset little boy going in to nursery today, most unlike him. Was really sad, I gave him a hug and then had to leave, I knew that he would be ok. I went to town with my friend Raquel, we sat down for coffee, took my coat off and found horrible snot stains down my black top so George was not forgotten! He's home now and fine.

As I've said before I'm doing my best to cut my spending, that didn't go well last month! I'm starting again now so today I parked out of town and walked and I only took some cash, no cards. I did much better without any temptation, I'm going to do the same again.

Really tight again today, have managed 2 thin crackers and 3 small bites of chicken.
Hope that everyone is well x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Grumpy post

Somehow this morning I am 3 pounds heavier, I knew that I would be as during my many scale visits through the day it was weighing me really heavy. I had an ok day yesterday I think, I did have some salty crackers and pretzels so that could well be the issue, I will drink lots today and I'm sure that that will move it, its very annoying though.

I dealt with the rats yesterday, it was hard work, not that rat bit but the digging out the compost, it didn't take much more than an hour and I only found one rat, poor thing was dead. Today my back is quite achy, not awful but I can feel it.

Gosh, I'm feeling very grumpy today! George woke me at 5am with a wet bed, this is despite wearing a nappy, he must save it up through the day! I'm very much a once I'm awake I'm awake kind of person so I'm very tired. Kids invaded our room very early too, I was reading and they're all over the place moaning and crying and shouting and generally being very annoying, I lost my temper, I can't start every day before 6am, it's killing me and not helping my general mood, coupled with the huge scale gain I'm quite horrible.
I'm meant to be going to the gym this morning, I've missed my slot and I'm not sure that I can actually be bothered to go, it closes in about 3 hours so I need to get myself together. Have just started watching the Murray tennis match, looks like its going to be a long one! Will try and prise my bum from the sofa soon!

Sorry for the grumpy post.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


I'm not being rude, honest. Beavers is like Scouts but for younger kids, you have Scouts in the US don't you? You can join Beavers from age 6 and its mixed although in my day it was boys and girls went to Brownies.
Isobel joined 3 weeks ago and loves it, its local to him which is great as she goes to school on the other side of town, she will get to know some kids locally which will be really good for her.

I am using you all and am here killing time, this afternoon I have an awful job to do. We have a compost bin in our garden and a couple of weeks ago we found out that rats were either nesting or eating from there, the bin has no bottom and they'd dug lots of the soil out. Paul has been putting poison down and hopefully they are now dead. Paul doesn't do rodents at all so its down to me to empty and dig the whole thing out, I don't really mind them, I don't want them touching me and would rather not see them dead but I can handle it. So that is my job for the afternoon, its freezing here but I don't want to wear my new coat for rat wrangling! said that cold is good and helps burn fat, I suppose that it makes sense, your body has to work harder to keep you warm so here's hoping!

I went to the gym this morning aswell as running around doing lots of chores, scale was the same which is ok, nothing very much to report really!

Lovely Vanessa was asking for photo's of me to show off my 49 pound weight loss, I'm not great with pictures, I think that I have one eye bigger than the other and as I don't stress about my weight quite so much I stress about looking old! So, when I finally loose 50 pounds I'll take and post some, I am the most unphotogenic person there ever was, I remain convinced that I am much more attractive than my photo suggests.

When my Dad and Janis were here last week we went looking around an antiques/collectables/load of old junk shop and I fell in love with this clock, they bought it for me and it now has pride of place in my kitchen, its lovely. Is it wrong that I removed a picture of my children to hang it up?

Amanda was asking about George's potty training, it's going really well (hence the lack of moaning from me) whilst at nursery George noticed that Henry stood up to go to the toilet and so started to do the same thing, I know a few people here suggested that but I honestly thought that his bits were so tiny he wouldn't be able to hold it but I was wrong! Number 2's are all sorted pretty much too, I still make a huge fuss of him for it and he's very proud of himself. Isobel is great, if he is "trying" to go for a number 2 she will sit with him and make up stories for him.

The rats await, will report back later x

Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm hungry today

Afternoon all,

Having a hungry day today, I've made good choices but eaten a fair bit, not sure why I feel like this. I'm tired after yet another early morning with the kids, I went shopping this morning for about 3 hours whilst George was at nursery and walked much of this time (other than 20 minutes over a coffee mainly as I couldn't remember what I went shopping for!) I also took George out on a bike ride, this was quite short but he's very fast so I have to do a very fast bizarre looking walk to keep up with him! So tiredness is probably the reason.

Shopping trip was good, I bought myself a coat, its been so cold the last couple of days and my daughter is always the last out of school so I end up shivering outside, its a black parka type coat, I bought it in a UK 20, its quite tight, it zips but I'm not sure I could sit easily with it done up. I'm pleased with it and its very warm.

Scale was ok today, 14st 8 again (204 lbs) I did feel a little sad that it didn't go down but then realised that loosing a pound a day is just ridiculous!

Am just about to walk Isobel to her beavers class, hopefully the cold air will melt a little fat on me!

Have a good Friday all xx

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A new low

Edited to say that I'm so sorry for Barbara's loss, I read the news after I posted this.

Again, I'm convinced that my scale is the best scale in the world and 1000% accurate! Today it said 14st 8lbs (204 pounds) am very very happy with that, I'm so pleased to be away from 14st 10 - 14st 12 (206-208) have been playing around in that area for a good 2 months.

George was well enough to go back to nursery today so I managed to get to the gym, I did promise myself that I would go for a walk once home but I didn't, I did do some housework and then watched a program about overweight kids at Wellspring camp in the US, it's really interesting and a little sad.

Its really cold here again and the forcast says snow, as well documented here I hate it, mainly as my car is more like a sleigh than a road vehicle! We've had a few flurries so far and I'm keeping my eye's peeled, if it starts properly I'm going to collect Isobel, I am not getting stuck goodness knows where.

I'm having boiling in the bag cod in parsley sauce with cauliflower for lunch, not the most cheffy meal in the world but as I've said before, I'm not great with fish, this is 106 cals per pack and almost 10g of protein plus I'm getting some vegetable which I find very filling. This is the first time I've tried it, will report back!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Properly at my lowest low.

The scale said 14st 9lbs today (205 lbs) I have seen this once or twice but once I've weighed again its always gone up, today it didn't, I checked 3 times and still got the same number.
Isn't it odd that I 100% trust my scale when I get a number I like?

Yesterday was my 10 month bandiversary, as of today I've lost almost 3 and a half stone, 48 pounds, I know that its not as good as most but it will do for me, I would like to loose some more for my year anniversary, would be great to be 13 stone something by then!

I am about to book a fill for the end of next month (only time I can get there) I think that I can eat a little more than I ought to but the thought of being overfilled terrifies me so I'm ok for now, am looking forward to having a little more restriction but I don't think that I'm that far away.

Am still catching up, hope that everyone is well xx

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

feeling human again!

Good morning,

I had a good nights sleep and feel much better today. Thanks for all your comments on the school situation, I've been thinking things through and to be honest I am most worried about the fact that they want Izzy to see the Ed Psych, I'm not actually worried about her or any of her behaviour, sure, she drives me mad sometimes but I think that she's fine.
We are going ahead with the appointment, Paul is very keen, I guess that I am too, mainly to satisfy the school and maybe it will give them some direction too, I do think that she could do with more challenging work sometimes.

Thanks for the comments on the party photo's. I did wonder about using the hand washing cycle on the machine for the dress, its a really heavy material with a fine net over it, I think that the embelishments might tear it. It's a little big so I might get it cleaned and put it away until next Christmas when it will fit better.

Am having terrible trouble with my nails, I do take supplements and I'm not sure why they are so bad, they are peeling and cracking at the moment, I have worn varnish constantly for about 5 months changing it 2 or 3 times a week and I wonder if that has done it. I've just bought some OPI Nail Envy for peeling nails which hopefully will help, I've also just ordered some Mavala which is meant to be really good, they're really sore at the moment.

Scale not great today but I'm not sure that I actually trust it, 14st 11, (207 lbs) am really going to make a concerted effort from today, there are so many left over party goodies in the house that its hard but I'll be fine.

I had lots of comments on my weight loss this weekend, from family and friends who haven't seen me for a while, was very nice. I was wearing magic pants so that probably helped!

Hope that everyone is well, thanks for all your support, you're all amazing!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Party pics

Thanks all for your comments on my blog earlier today, I'm so tired that I can't quite think straight, it all seems so ridiculous, will be better after some sleep.

Thought that I would post some pictures from the party, you have had to listen to me go on about it for weeks!

Izzy blowing out her candle,

Close up of the cakes, I made the cake and Paul did the icing, I think that they would have been more effective in white icing but Izzy insisted on pink!

My beautiful boy, George.

Izzy in her new dress posing in front of the magic lolly pop tree! The dress ended up covered in goodness knows what, I've just found out that its dry clean only! Who dry cleans their children's clothes!

bit of a brain dump.

Sorry I've not been around much, everyone has left so I'm back now.

Weekend was good, was lovely having my Dad and Janis here, kids fell in love with her even more than the were before, George who is a mummy's boy was asked by Janis if he loved his Mummy and he replied I love you! I think I've lost him!

Party was a bit of a disaster, I hired the village hall (which has 2 halls ) I asked for the large hall, apparently they decided that I meant that I wanted the small hall, we picked up the key, set everything up when another party turned up and we had to move everything to the small hall, was ok, just not how I anticipated it being, it was very cramped, Izzy still had a good time. I checked and double checked everything, never thought to check the hall.
According to the administrator this was my fault and she charged me the small hall rate, I have no idea how much the halls are, and wouldn't know from the price alone. Is done now, nothing can be done to change things, I have 2 kids and there are lots of parties ahead of us, I will never ever book the hall again.

We have had on going issues with Isobel's school, they want her to see an educational psychologist as they feel that she is very bright, I think that this is true but I also think that they think there is another issue, I don't believe that there is, I have gone on and on about this in my blog before, sorry, its boring. Anyway, school gave us a number for ed psych, we spoke to her, she can't do it as busy, she wants to wait until she's 6 and other excuses have been made. Her form teacher gave me another number last week, which I guess means that they're giving me a prod. I spoke to the new ed psych on the phone, she sounded ok. Spoke to Paul, just called her to book, she asked me some questions and decided that Isobel is dyslexic!!! I really want to swear by won't, she is being ridiculous, two of Izzy's real strengths is reading and spelling, she had a spelling test once a week and always gets 12/12. How can she say that from a few questions? I can't help but think that I'm handing £500 over to a complete loon!

I would honestly like to go to the school, tell them that I'm not doing it and if they have an issue I'll move her, I really don't want to give an ultimatum but I've really really have had enough. I don't believe that there is an issue.

Oh yes, the band! Everything seems fine, seems to be a bit looser just now, have eaten out a lot, haven't eaten huge amounts but have managed more than I'm normally able to.
My scale is really playing up, stood on it today, got 14st 9 (205 lbs) then about got 14 10, then got 14 9 about 6 times, 10 minutes later got 14 11!!! Would really like another scale but can't find anything with decent reviews, is it too much to ask for a steady reading?
So think that I'm doing ok, am too angry to eat just now which is helping!

Sorry for all this, I never thought that motherhood would be so hard.
Going to spend a while catching up before the school run, hope that everyone is well xx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Good morning all,

Sorry for my absence, there hasn't been much to say and I've been madly busy with relations arriving and planning for Isobel's party.

I'm still on my plateau, 14st 10 (206 lbs) today, I know that I can try harder, I know that I can do better.

I think that I could do with a fill, I live a fair way from my provider and have to get the kids looked after to go that I need to plan in advance, Paul has a week off towards the end of February so I'm going to book one then.

My Dad and his girlfriend are here at the moment, Janis (the gf) arrived on Thursday afternoon, she lives in Scotland so I picked her up at the airport, my Dad lives in Bournemouth on the South Coast so he arrived last night, Janis and I did some party shopping yesterday morning and baking yesterday afternoon, most of it is done other than the final things to do tomorrow morning, I can't wait for it to be over! So much to think about!

My Aunt arrives at my Mum's today and is over for the party tomorrow too, its going to be really busy. Oddly, I hardly ever see my family and then they all arrive at the same time!

Hope that everyone is well, haven't had any time to read even, will have a little catch up now. Have a good weekend all xx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Power plate

This is a Power plate, maybe they're called something different in the US?

I think that they basically vibrate and you do different exercises on them, don't really have much idea but would get a little coaching on it.

Not sure I'm ready to see my wobbly bits vibrating madly!

Welcome to Plateauville, England.

I am a scale addict, whenever I am near them I tend to stand on them! Yesterday I had a shower after the kids were in bed, stood on the scale and it said 14st 9 (204 lbs) great I thought, I might even get a 14 8 in the morning, I didn't eat anything after this and had some water, stood on the scale this morning, 14.10!
Had a very busy morning, went to change before picking up George, stood on the scale, 14st 9! I've hardly drank anything this morning, I know that that's the reason. It's so frustrating though.

We have lots of bad food about at the moment, Isobel's 6th birthday party is on Sunday, it's at the village hall so I need to do all the food in advance. I've spent a fortune. I'm just doing a trial run on the cakes at the moment, I'm doing cup cakes which look like ice creams, put cake mix in flat bottomed cornets, bake, cool then ice with butter cream so its swirly, add hundreds and thousands and pop in a flake. They look amazing once done (we did a practise run of the icing yesterday with the cones stuffed with bread, today I'm doing the cake. I will obviously have to test this just in case!

Have also made a batch of this soup this morning,
it was posted on a blog last week, I can't remember who's, I'm sorry. I'm just letting it cool and will blend it as I'm not good with lumps in soup, it tastes good.

Was woken at midnight again by the car alarm, it went on until at least 2 when I feel asleep, Paul has had a word with the people this morning, I have a friend who is an environmental health officer and she is saying that I can report it.

Went to the gym this morning, they've just got a power plate, but, they want to charge members extra for using it which I think is ridiculous, is it that good that I should just pay for it and stop moaning?

Back to my cakes, have a good day all xx

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I Knew It Couldn't Last.

To quote my hero, Morrissey, I knew it couldn't last, I stood on the scale this morning and back up to 14 10 (206 lbs) bah! I'm ok about it, I knew that yesterday was a fluke and the iron tablets seem to be kicking in properly which means that I'm a bit constipated (TMI)

I bought some flax seed powder yesterday, am going to pop some on my breakfast shortly, it'll be interesting to see if it helps with weight loss, I'm sure that the extra fibre will help anyway.

So, yesterday went well, the girls went in to town, I parked a good half a mile away so that we could have a decent walk, hit the shops, I bought Izzy a beautiful woollen dress from Monsoon, it's grey and gorgeous and was reduced from £36 to £11, I would have quite liked the same in my size, will take a picture when she wears it. I treated myself to the flaxseed powder! Then we bought healthy snacks, we got grapes and blueberries, Izzy decided that she would rather have sweets than popcorn so we bought some toffee eclair things that she liked, the cinema was packed and my little girl ate her own body weight in blueberries and grapes, I had a fair few too, its interesting that as much as she likes sweets, chocolate and popcorn she was perfectly content to eat the fruit, its as much as a treat for her as the other stuff. We did have a few sweets too but not too many. We were so stuffed after the film that we skipped lunch and wandered off back to the car and came home.
A little later we decided to go to the library, we took Paul's little car which only really goes to the train station and back but Isobel loves it, its a teeny tiny Ford Ka, its bright blue and Izzy calls it Belinda. So we're half a mile from home on a bendy country lane and got a flat tyre, I had to drive a little was on it as I had to get us somewhere safe, I found a lay by, called the recovery people and Paul to come and get Izzy and sat in the cold and dark on the lane waiting for recovery, Paul offered to stay but as a lone female I get priority so I stayed, was quite happy with the radio and my Iphone with no shouty kids!

Am hoping to get to the cinema to see The King's Speech soon, has anyone seen it? I love Colin Firth and am very excited that Jennifer Ehle is in it too.

Today we are going on a family hike around a nature reserve, a hike sounds impressive, Isobel will run around, George will whine and moan and we'll have to cut the whole thing short but at least we know what we're getting! This afternoon I am finally taking Izzy to a library in town which is open, we will try and park a fair way away and have a walk. Before all this I have to go to the gym and get Belinda's tyre fixed.

My gym is packed at the moment, its a booking system but I'm used to wandering in and jumping straight on, not now, its packed with new members making me wait around, I'm not a happy gym girl!

Have a lovely Sunday all.

Morning lovelies,

Was rudely awoken this morning by a car alarm going off at 5am, it went off every 2 minutes for about 2 hours, needless to say I didn't get any more sleep and I'm looking mightily attractive! I have a sunken eye and eye bag effect, didn't think that it was possible!

Izzy and I are going for our girls day out today, we're off to the cinema to see Alpha and Omega and then off to lunch, Marks and Spencer's is favourite, Isobel thinks that its the most exotic place in the world!
I am going to try my hardest to be very good in the cinema, in fact I will buy some grapes before we go, Izzy loves grapes too, we'll have grapes and popcorn, yum!

Scale news! I can't really claim this but I have! I weighed in at about 5am, scale said 14st 10 (206 lbs) I sighed but actually considering how the start of the week was its pretty good. Anyway, an hour or so later I managed another thimble full of urine so decided to weigh again (this is often my undoing, somehow despite eating or drinking nothing I can gain half a pound!) Anyway, the scale rewarded me with 14st 9 (& 3/4's) (205 lbs) I know that I am barely there or was barely there at 6am but I have got down to 14 10 about 6 times and no further, I'm really hoping that this will continue.
So I will claim it, I really hope that I see it again tomorrow, fingers crossed for me!

I notice that a few people blog from iphone, if you do which app do you use? I downloaded blogpress, I can write from there but I really want to be able to read from there, any ideas?

Friday, 14 January 2011


I'm pretty sure I've had PMT this week, when I have PMT I don't realise until its over and then I think, of course I did, I hated my husband, ate as much chocolate and biscuits as I could shove in my pie hole and cried at shaving adverts, of course I did.

The above pretty much sums up my week, expect yesterday it was all ok again, I was back to eating well and felt much better, bloody hormones!

It actually wasn't until I got a text from my best friend this morning saying that she was stomping around eating party rings (kids biscuits) trying to stuff down the rage that I realised that that's what had been my problem (we have very similar cycles)

Despite eating lots of chocolate the scale didn't go up, I'm not sure how this happened, I deserved a gain. After one day of eating well yesterday the scale is back to my lowest low of 14st 10 (206 lbs) I would kill to see 14st 9 tomorrow!

Isobel has been quite unwell, she had a gum infection that flared up on Wednesday, we saw the dentist yesterday, she has struggled in to school and done well, she brought her spelling book home yesterday on which she'd written, poopoo don't look at me! Which I think sums up her mood on Monday, I've had to cover the book (again) to cover up her charming statement! She did come home with an award from one of her teachers yesterday, its a plastic credit card saying "my teacher thinks I'm fantastic" and has her name on the back, she is thrilled with it.

George has discovered youtube on the itouch, he loves it, I type in whatever he wants to look at Tom & Jerry or Brum, he has just discovered the Gummy bear song, its very possibly the worst song in the world, its making my brain melt and slowly trickle out of my ear!

Hope that everyone is well, any exciting plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How many times has thank you been my title?

Just wanted to say thanks for the sympathy and advice yesterday.
I have had a big talk with Isobel, she says that she made the killing herself bit up herself as in she knows that sometimes people kill each other. She is feeling a bit victimised, she says that I don't love her as I shout at her a lot, she's right, I do, mainly over the fighting with her brother. I do tell her that I love her at least 10 times a day, she admits that she knows that Paul and I love her.
So, I think that she's ok, she's fairly perky but her cough is horrible, we have more medicine now.
We are going to do something alone on a Saturday, Izzy fancies swimming this week but we might do that the following week due to her cold.

I am going to do my best to do better, I spend so much time on my own with the kids and I'm sure that I could do better, I'm also going to try to stop shouting, I'm far too shouty.

Scale was good today 14st 11lbs, (207 lbs) 1 above my lowest, would really like to get under it, not sure when I'll get to the gym with Isobel being ill but I'm not that worried.

I really like all of my new clothes, the size 18 dress fits ok, its woollen so a bit stretchy, I really could do with some spanks to go with it though, the "roll" under my boobs is awful! The top is ok, the size 16 leggings fit really well. All the clothes I bought were black, a reflection of my mood maybe? I did buy a long silver necklace with silver leafs on it to break it up, its lovely.

I bought a new handbag, a soft black leather satchel style bag which is gorgeous but the adjustable bit seems to be broken, have used it this morning for the first time and it's almost down at my knees! I can't find the receipt either which is a pain, will try and take it back and see how it goes.

Have a happy Tuesday all!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Anything but the band post.

I'll apologise in advance, everything is getting on top of me at the moment.

This morning I went shopping with a friend, bought a new bag, a dress (size UK 18! Bit tight but nice) leggings (size UK 16!) a top (size UK 20 - boo!) and other bits, was really nice. Picked up George from new nursery, I asked if he'd been good and they said that was he ever anything but good? It's true he is a good sweet boy.
Got home, got a call from Isobel's school (problems at Izzy's school have been ongoing for the last year and a half - the whole time she's attended) its the second day of term! They are concerned about her, her behaviour has been awful today (to be fair she seems to have developed a bad cough this morning) but they are alarmed by what she has said, she was told off for something or other and burst in to tears and said that everyone hates her and she was going to kill herself. She followed this up by saying that she hates her brother (this is a regular thing apparently) and she is going to cut him and told a couple of her class mates that she was going to cut them too. WTF do I say to that? I went to the school early and spoke with her with the teacher present (izzy was really angry as me being there meant that she wasn't going to a school friends house for tea) I didn't get very far with her, I think that she was feeling rotten and was just hitting out but she is 6! just 6! She knows about death but how does she know about killing oneself? Have no idea where she has heard this, she is a very bright girl but still.
I feel dreadful, what a bloody awful mother I am. I had a horrible miserable weekend and maybe that has rubbed off on her, I'm just at a loss as to know what to do.
What I did think that I could do was spend a few hours with her every Saturday, just her and me, Paul can do the same with George and perhaps Paul does something with Izzy on a Sunday or we all go out together. I keep writing here how much the kids fight, I just don't know what to do.

Feels better to write it down, I just have no clue, my Mum things that I'm blowing it out of all proportion and shouldn't dwell on it!

No need to reply, probably best ignored!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Thank you

I read the other day that this weekend was generally a miserable flat weekend after all the festivities, that is proving true here.

Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday, its nice to have someone listening! Things are better now, Isobel has a bad cough and that seems to have slowed the fighting down, thank goodness!

My band was really tight yesterday, I couldn't eat much at all and did have a few sliders and a little ice cream, the scale said 14st 11lbs (207 lbs) today, only 1 pound over my lowest, which makes me think that there must be something hormonal making me gain a little a few days ago which is now coming off, its very odd, the same thing happened a few weeks ago. My period isn't due for a couple of weeks.

Today I am going to do some more exercise, I can't go to the gym as they have a strict no more than 2 visits in a row policy, silly if you ask me, its only a circuit 30 minute gym, not the most taxing workout in the world. Will go for a long walk around the village with the kids on their bikes, will do me good to get out. I might look at going swimming too, I haven't swam properly (without the kids) for years, I'm not a fantastic swimmer but can generally keep going, will have a look to see when the local pool is open and if its viable for me to get there tonight.

Hope that you're all having a great weekend.

Aren't families irritating?

I'm not a happy camper today, had an argument with Paul last night and I'm still sulking now, I won't bore you with the details, its very boring! Basically he told his parents that he would get a copy of a picture for them, I know that he won't take it anywhere to get it done and I'm the ones who will get the daily phone calls about it! It infuriates me.
Kids as always are also still constantly battling, its just awful, I think that I might give up and leave them all too it.

Have just got back from the gym, would have stayed out longer if I could have thought of somewhere to go!

Scale not great but a pound less than yesterday at 14st 12lbs (208 lbs)

Gosh, I'm miserable today, might have a bath and a nap and see if I wake up in a better mood! Will read your blogs to cheer me up first!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New school day

Thank you so much for your comments on my last entry, I was really really stressed, is so nice to pour it all out here and then stick a stepford wife style smile on my face!
Thanks for the turkey idea's, Susan. Will have a look for powdered onion soup, I'm sure I'll get it or something similar.

My big boy started a new pre school today, I was a bit worried as it took him a long time to settle in at his last school and he was very attached to his teacher there. I shouldn't have worried at all, he was completely fine, no issues at all, we were shown to his peg and then a teacher invited him to go and play with the sand and he was gone!
This is him in his new school uniform, not a great picture I'm afraid, he's so fond of gadgets that he won't stand still for very long as he can't wait to get to the camera! He was most impressed that he got a biscuit for a snack, he's his mother's son!

My band tightened yesterday and I've not been able to manage toast, awful! I've been eating toast most mornings for about 3 weeks, tried again today and no go! I've not made great choices today, this is partly down to not being organised and the band being tighter. I also gained another pound, again, I feel this is unjustified, I seem to think that this happened a few weeks ago when I got down to the same weight, I don't know what the problem is, am not going to worry too much.

Izzy is back at school tomorrow so will be getting back to the gym which should hopefully help.

Off to catch up, hope that everyone is well xx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Gah, I've somehow gained a pound! How? how?? I know that it is probably hormonal or something but this is a real danger area for me, my head decides that there is no point trying to loose weight as its not working therefore I'll eat whatever I please and gain 10 pounds!
Obviously, I won't do this.

Kids are awful this morning, constant fighting, I can't stand it. It seems that Isobel default setting when it comes to her brother is to be rude and horrible, she's upstairs crying at the moment as I've just told her that we're not going to meet her school friend as we'd planned, I don't know what else to do to get through to her. It's like living in a constant war zone.

I've also realised that I hate minced turkey, it's fowl! haha! I used some to make meatloaf the other day - yuk! I made some in to bolognaise yesterday - horrible. I also detest the protein bars I bought, gosh, I'm very fussy this morning aren't I?

No point replying, just moaning to try and loose some frustrations so I can go and deal with Isobel, count to 10, deep breaths etc etc!

Have a good day all.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mini plateau

Hope that everyone is well and enjoying 2011 so far.

Paul has gone back to work today, George goes to school on Thursday and Izzy is back on Friday, its so nice to get back to normal, with Izzy breaking up from school on the 13th of December it seems like Christmas goes on forever.

My weight is still 14st 10lbs (206 lbs) have been very good, eating around about 1200 cals a day, I've been the same weight for 5 days so its not a major plateau, would like to move on a bit now. Haven't done much exercise which hasn't helped but did park near town rather than in town today (part of my money challenge, would have been around £5 to park in town!) and we must have walked a good half a mile either way, not that much fun with a 3 year old so used his pushchair, Izzy jumped and skipped along.

Have bought Izzy a beautiful dress and shoes in the Monsoon sale today, she will wear it for her party, I bought a size bigger than she is so it will last longer! So its money saving! Will post a picture of her in it soon, It's midnight blue velvet with sequins and sparkles! I'd quite like one myself.
Sorry for the nothing update, normally when I don't post I'm off somewhere eating the wrong things!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011

Here's to another year! Hope that everyone who was celebrating had a good time.
We stayed in with the kiddo's, ate curry and a protein bar, I know how to live!

Scale said 14st 10lbs today (206 lbs) total of 47 lbs lost, 13 lb's to get to my mini goal by 25th of March. Am very happy with that.

We've nothing much planned today so have taken the kids to the cinema to see Tinkerbell and the fairy rescue, was ok, I was expecting it to be worse! George loved it and demanded to see it again straight away! I bought the kids some popcorn which George didn't eat so I ate for him! Surely that's classed as a vegetable!

Am just making turkey meatloaf, I could only get cubed turkey which I tried to mince in my food processor which didn't go overly well, will see how it is once its cooked, will eat it with either spinach or broccoli.

Have a lovely day all xx