Saturday, 15 January 2011

I Knew It Couldn't Last.

To quote my hero, Morrissey, I knew it couldn't last, I stood on the scale this morning and back up to 14 10 (206 lbs) bah! I'm ok about it, I knew that yesterday was a fluke and the iron tablets seem to be kicking in properly which means that I'm a bit constipated (TMI)

I bought some flax seed powder yesterday, am going to pop some on my breakfast shortly, it'll be interesting to see if it helps with weight loss, I'm sure that the extra fibre will help anyway.

So, yesterday went well, the girls went in to town, I parked a good half a mile away so that we could have a decent walk, hit the shops, I bought Izzy a beautiful woollen dress from Monsoon, it's grey and gorgeous and was reduced from £36 to £11, I would have quite liked the same in my size, will take a picture when she wears it. I treated myself to the flaxseed powder! Then we bought healthy snacks, we got grapes and blueberries, Izzy decided that she would rather have sweets than popcorn so we bought some toffee eclair things that she liked, the cinema was packed and my little girl ate her own body weight in blueberries and grapes, I had a fair few too, its interesting that as much as she likes sweets, chocolate and popcorn she was perfectly content to eat the fruit, its as much as a treat for her as the other stuff. We did have a few sweets too but not too many. We were so stuffed after the film that we skipped lunch and wandered off back to the car and came home.
A little later we decided to go to the library, we took Paul's little car which only really goes to the train station and back but Isobel loves it, its a teeny tiny Ford Ka, its bright blue and Izzy calls it Belinda. So we're half a mile from home on a bendy country lane and got a flat tyre, I had to drive a little was on it as I had to get us somewhere safe, I found a lay by, called the recovery people and Paul to come and get Izzy and sat in the cold and dark on the lane waiting for recovery, Paul offered to stay but as a lone female I get priority so I stayed, was quite happy with the radio and my Iphone with no shouty kids!

Am hoping to get to the cinema to see The King's Speech soon, has anyone seen it? I love Colin Firth and am very excited that Jennifer Ehle is in it too.

Today we are going on a family hike around a nature reserve, a hike sounds impressive, Isobel will run around, George will whine and moan and we'll have to cut the whole thing short but at least we know what we're getting! This afternoon I am finally taking Izzy to a library in town which is open, we will try and park a fair way away and have a walk. Before all this I have to go to the gym and get Belinda's tyre fixed.

My gym is packed at the moment, its a booking system but I'm used to wandering in and jumping straight on, not now, its packed with new members making me wait around, I'm not a happy gym girl!

Have a lovely Sunday all.


  1. I put ground flax in my oatmeal every day. I think it helps. Going to see The King's Speech today. Love Mr. Darcy in anything!!

  2. My sister loved The Kings Speech. Shell see it again when it's here. I want to too! Sounds like a lovely day with Izzy. I also love Mr. darcy! Let me know how the hike and the flax seed goes for you!

  3. I'm a firm believer in flax seed powder. It's made me regular and a believer!

  4. It's kind of funny that we would rather choose to sit alone in a broken down car in the cold just to get some peace and quiet. Cute. But we do what we have to do. I want to see the King's Speech too. It is getting rave reviews. Just need to find the time. I too love Colin Firth. He is such a great actor.

  5. Sounds like you and Izzy had a wonderful Mum/daughter day! And i loved how you chose to stay with the car - I get it! I hope all goes well on the hike! Wish I were going too!!

  6. Don't fret about the gym. In another month or two I bet those who made their resolutions will start to peeter out and you'll be able to get right on equipment again.