Tuesday, 25 January 2011

feeling human again!

Good morning,

I had a good nights sleep and feel much better today. Thanks for all your comments on the school situation, I've been thinking things through and to be honest I am most worried about the fact that they want Izzy to see the Ed Psych, I'm not actually worried about her or any of her behaviour, sure, she drives me mad sometimes but I think that she's fine.
We are going ahead with the appointment, Paul is very keen, I guess that I am too, mainly to satisfy the school and maybe it will give them some direction too, I do think that she could do with more challenging work sometimes.

Thanks for the comments on the party photo's. I did wonder about using the hand washing cycle on the machine for the dress, its a really heavy material with a fine net over it, I think that the embelishments might tear it. It's a little big so I might get it cleaned and put it away until next Christmas when it will fit better.

Am having terrible trouble with my nails, I do take supplements and I'm not sure why they are so bad, they are peeling and cracking at the moment, I have worn varnish constantly for about 5 months changing it 2 or 3 times a week and I wonder if that has done it. I've just bought some OPI Nail Envy for peeling nails which hopefully will help, I've also just ordered some Mavala which is meant to be really good, they're really sore at the moment.

Scale not great today but I'm not sure that I actually trust it, 14st 11, (207 lbs) am really going to make a concerted effort from today, there are so many left over party goodies in the house that its hard but I'll be fine.

I had lots of comments on my weight loss this weekend, from family and friends who haven't seen me for a while, was very nice. I was wearing magic pants so that probably helped!

Hope that everyone is well, thanks for all your support, you're all amazing!


  1. Alison, I'm having exactly the same trouble with my nails at the moment. Not sure whether to put it down to lack of vitamins, etc, due to eating so much less or if in fact it might be the weather. I've noticed my hands are very dry at the moment and that does tend to happen when the weather is cold. Ho hum - another thing to add to the list of body parts that need attention!

  2. Magic pants or not, compliments are great NSVs!!!

  3. Compliments are always wonderful!! I'm glad you've gotten some rest - you've been through a lot! My nails are doing poorly as well... I'm thinking maybe it's that time of year.. I haven't had a mani & pedi in forever!!